Amber prevents Mikmik from using the telephone | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit

Ponce, coordinate security
in the village. Don’t let Michael Villaluna in. …Zack, call the precinct. Tell him to come here. Sorry, but I need to take this. Mommy, where are you?Where are you? Something’s happening here. I think the bad guy’s
coming here. I’m scared. Lola, what’s happening? I heard from the guards. Don’t be scared. We’re safe. I won’t let anything bad
happen to you. It’s Daddy’s killer, isn’t it? The one who’s friends
with Mikmik. Yes. He wants to take Mikmik
away from me. The same goes for Ruth. So, come here. I need you to be strong. Help Lola make sure that they won’t get
anywhere near Mikmik. Do you understand? But why? Just let her go with them. Amber, it’s too complicated. I’ll explain later, okay? But for now, just make sure
Britney and Mikmik will behave. No phone calls, okay? Yes, Lola. Good! Good girl! I’m counting on you, okay? Yes. Don’t they ever need to
go to the toilet? We haven’t been here long
but I already need to pee. He’s not even moving. He’s like a robot. – Sir? Yes, sir!
– Look, he’s leaving! – Finally.
– They’re gone. Let’s go! Keep it down, Mikmik.
They might hear us. – They’re not here anyway.
– Just hurry. Are they picking up? Hello? Hello, Tita Ruth? I can’t hear them. Hello? What? Plug it back in, Amber. – Yes, Ate.
– No! Lola said you can’t
use the phone. But we have to talk to
Tita Ruth and Tito Benjie! For what? So you can warn them? Don’t bother. Lola will make sure
they will go to jail! Take that back! My parents aren’t criminals! – Stop it! Joseph!
– They’re not bad people! – How could you say that?!
– Cut it out! – That’s enough, Joseph!
– Let me go! Tighter, Joseph!
So she won’t be able to move! – Go, Joseph!
– Joseph! – Joseph! Please stop!
– Get off me! – I’ve had enough of you!
– You started it! No, you did! That’s enough!
They’re arguing outside, too! Please stop! – What’s going on?
– I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… Ate Barbie… What’s going on outside? Where’s Mikmik? I’m here for my daughter.
Where is she?! Let her go! Go home, Michael! I’m not leaving until
I see my daughter! Mikmik! Mikmik! Tito Michael?

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