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ANA Economy Flight Review – IS IT WORTH IT?

ANA Economy Flight Review – IS IT WORTH IT?

It’s speaking in Chinese, so cool! Staff: Do you have [boarding pass]? *moment of relief* Now, that was a bit scary. Couldn’t find my boarding pass for a second, but we found it. Now, we’re on our way. *music* Staff: Welcome abroad! *music* Cool, they’re giving out pillows! I got a pillow. Look, so nice! She’s giving cold medicine to a passenger, so nice! So the plane is actually pretty good I’m impressed. We [weren’t] able to fit our bag in the upper luggage compartment, and a lady took it to the back for us, and said that if we ever needed it, she would get it for us, which is really, really nice. It’s just super friendly overall, so I have to give it a five. And for amenities, you get a blanket, pillow and earphones. Just basic for economy So I give it a three *music* *music* *thumbs up!* You know, when we first walked in, they had a business class [and] have a proper seat that have a screen, they have charging for [your] AC outlet, but then we went to the economy side and they had screens. They had a USB charger. The headphone jack, it was not like two headphone jacks, where you have to use your special headphones. You can use actually use your iPhone headphones(earpods), which is pretty nice. For economy seats, it’s quite spacious and comfortable, so I give it a five. *music* *music* Paolo, pointing: Can I get this one? It’s soft and juicy. It’s pretty good. *music* Paolo: What kind of beers do you have? ??? Great beer options, actually tasty food, nothing to really [to] complain about but I’m just going to give it a four, since I’m hoping there’s a five out there somewhere *music* Touchscreen, newest movies, also they have multiplayer games. Michael and I enjoyed playing [tetris] together on this flight. Mobile phones are okay to use as well It’s got everything, and I have nothing else to ask for, so I’m going to give it a five Economy doesn’t offer the lounge access, so I’ve skipped it for this review. Now, overall looks like a pretty good experience. The staff are pretty friendly, no complaints even in economy this time around. I haven’t flown ANA in a while, but I think even for these short flights [like] three hours and 50 minutes [Economy’s] pretty good, so I’m definitely recommending *many thanks* We’re off! Think we’re like the last people off of this Our stuff got stuck at behind to go anyways no worries. They’re made in the philippines Now we got a catch an uber and get to the hotel.

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  1. Thanks. In a few months, it'll be my first time flying as an adult, so seeing how some of this works is awesome.

  2. I travel to Thailand   from JFK New York  every 6 months  for the past 16 years , From my personal  experience as a  6'3  hght. with  broad shoulders  American,  that has  flown American Airlines or  United Airlines  to get a connecting  flight  ANA or JAL at   Narita to BKK  always  sitting in the exit row Economy class ,  The seats are pretty  damn Narrow and not that soft It's  just My Opinion  based on my experience  
        They are mainly  Built for Smaller Asian customers , who are the Majority served, Thai Airways  seats were Just SLIGHTLY MORE comfy.  
       So  If you are 6'ft tall + and over 200 lbs   Those economy class  seats for  long haul  international flights are not recommended,  Even  doing  Cathay Pacific  HonkKong  route the past 5 years   they too have gotten progressively  worst  as far as Comfort  and room is concerned ,  
      I haven't tried the  new economy Premium class Yet to see if There is a difference in the LEG ROOM which is mighty damn important for me This why i always paid  extra for the Exit row  Isle seat exclusively .  But at this time I'm shopping for BUSINESS CLASS  Prices  on All the Airlines For  Seat Comfort roominess  for  $$4k  or less the food isn't that important .
        Ive often passed by the Economy Premium seats  on Cathay   and  have not seen the difference in  the width and padding leg room    The seats   Leg room  compared to the Exit Row in Economy class .have deterred me .

  3. Hi ! LAX to Narita Japan connecting Flight to Japan to MAnila , I need your Help where I Pick up The Baggages ? sorry 1st time a connecting flight ANA Airline.

  4. i told my mom to fly ANA on the way back to Los Angeles but it was too expensive even for Economy class >.< but then if i were flying to Japan for one way i'll pick ANA for sure!

  5. Excuse me, can you tell me the title of the song in the video? btw, uselfull and detailed video 🙂 hopefully my next flight will be using ANA

  6. 0:28 – I've only been to Narita once in my life… and I remember that exact same Check-in counter staff on another ANA flight on my trip a year ago.. LOL.

  7. 0:28 – Great video.. and ANA is Amazing.. I dunno what to make of YouTubers/Vloggers Filming the crew doing their job.. that too with a Large camera, though..I always tend to notice their Uncomfortable, Awkward Glances 0:45, 1:05 (not just yours, in many trip reports) when they see the Camera recording… maybe use a GoPro?

  8. I have found ANA to be the best overall flying from either Seattle or San Francisco to Narita. Very professional, kind, and always with a smile, they really love their job, I guess; it sure shows every time.

  9. I flew back from Narita to Bxl with ANA in Nov 2017. OUTSTANDING SERVICE in ECO. And a brand new Dreamliner, the fly was a Delight. 6 STARS company and the Japanese mind = TOP

  10. HANEDAからはb787-9です。 ビジネスクラスは左 右窓辺りの方が1人席です。真ん中辺りの方が二人 1人席です。テレビ画面大きくて 見やすいです。エコノミークラスは3-3-3の詰め込み仕様機 プレミアムエコノミー2-3-2です。

  11. ビジネスクラスを使いの方に報告します。 787-8 ですと、 離着陸時 地上 では荷物が前の座席の下に置けなくなるので787-9の方が便利だと思いますよ。 787-9はHANEDA たまに787-8のときがあります。 787-8 成田 成田はnh819 羽田はnh869

  12. エコノミークラス787-9 USBで充電できますが、 ヘッドフォン で テレビ などが見れます。 もちろんタッチスクリーンです。

  13. That plane food looked amazing for economy class. I think it deserves a five on your rating scale for just the amount they give you, the fact that it's not a sad piddly microwavable dinner and doesn't taste like cardboard. In comparison to other airlines *cough*Air Canada*cough*, this looks like first class quality.

  14. I was treated well from Hokkaidō to Narita. Wheelchair all throughout the flight. Narita to Manila was comfortable too

  15. 日本人ながら、ANAの国際線に乗ったことがなかったので、とても参考になりました。ありがとうございます!

  16. Dear Paolo, I like your video. I hope that one day you're going to make a review of Garuda Indonesia. Thank you 🙂

  17. Hey Paolo. Thanks for the video. Now your flight was to Manila. Would you recommend from Narita to Singapore….that’s 7.5hrs In economy given your experience? My other option is Emirates via Dubai!

  18. ANAの闇。離職率めちゃくちゃ高い。車椅子の利用者を虐待している。ペットを何匹も死なせている。低学歴が多いのでとんでもないバカがいる。警察が移送のために犯罪者を飛行機に乗せてる。ペルー人の猟奇殺人犯を飛行機に搭乗させていた。コネ入社が当たり前、障害者差別当たり前、外国人差別当たり前、私は、元社員です。実際に見ました。正社員でした。では、ANAの元社員しか知らない情報を書きます。Aの保安検査場は、アルファ、Bは、ベータ、cは、チャーリー、Dは、デルタとグランドスタッフは、呼びます。しかも、ANAエアポートサービスは、子会社だから、本社の社員みたいに出世出来ないよって、存在する価値なし。下手くそな接客しか出来ない。皆さん、こんなサイコパスが経営している会社なんて必要ないと思いませんか?私は、必要ないと思います。

  19. FYI – Not all ANA short haul flights use the exact same aircrafts. Rotate from 787 (newer plane) to 767 (older plane)

  20. あいつ良いやつかどうかは日本人でも分からねえぞwww

  21. Yes- Pretty amazing although I'm from Singapore. Once a ANA pilot buttered so hard that it broke the Boeing 767.Probably the plane's last landing.

  22. Any Airline is better than the U.S one. The U.S Airlines lack any type of customer service. Asian Airlines are the best IMO.

  23. Since they added the premium economy seats in their planes, their normal economy seats turned stiff. I mean you can't recline it anymore. You can only move the bottom part of your seat forward. Worst flight ever! After flying ANA for 12 years, we changed to Asiana whenever we fly to Japan from Europe. Too bad ANA…

  24. Last year at this time I flew ANA for first time, and I have to say it is the best air service that I have flown with.
    When I was late getting through immigration in Jakarta the flight attendants picked me out of a crowd of people and personally handing me my bag, they even greeted me by name. I was so happy I almost cried. So kind.

  25. Short and sweet! creative sand bottles representing the star grading…lol…fun fun! I actually want to give ANA a try since its reputation has always been gooood! Again thx a lot for the flight review.

  26. ANA was great! Just flew from LAX to Narita economy plenty of leg room, great food, wine and old school hospitality from our sweet flight attendants

    LOVED Japan!!!! Can’t wait to go back

    Tokyo, Nara, Magome, Osaka, Hiroshima back to Tokyo..3 weeks of Heaven

  27. Thanks for the review of ANA. We flew on them recently and it was the best flight we have ever had. Great service, food, and so very clean. I love the flight attendants.

  28. Japan From Vietnam their airplane is so beautiful they are so kind to us and gave us sushi

    19 hours of flight total with other flights

    This is a beautiful airplane I watched new movies but it’s very hot for me and but from the flight it was kinda cold

    My lips were dried a lot so you need a blanket

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