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  1. Yeah but most unbiased reviews are incredibly boring because all the reviwer does is waste time on specs saying "OHH, IT HAS A SIM CARD SLOT" BLAH.

  2. I really love your comparison. You make subjective preferences a draw and only declare winners on objectivity and facts. I can not express how refreshing this comparison is. "Common sense is so rare it is a super power"

  3. Thanks PivotXL1,
    I appreciate the kind words and I'm happy that you like my review style. Thanks for watching our Wirefly videos and for taking time to leave comments.
    -Scott at Wirefly

  4. All great comments Shayesta Miah!!!
    It would be nice to be able to store apps and games where ever you would like.
    -Scott at Wirefly

  5. Dude, u just showed up things that are only for android . nothing about the apps or the buit in features..!! Tiles are better than widgets since it can be seen in one single page rather than scrolling to the next page. the connectivity is always better since its bluetooth and NFC is good than android. The camera is lot more better since its has better support in windows than in android. the android is expensive , but windows is cheap..!

  6. Who like widgits better than live tiles?! There are WAY more live tiles than widgits and they don't drain battery life like widgits. It's not even a competition

  7. um they don't drain battery, trust me there are far more widgets for Android because Android is a older os. And widget are far more customizable and powerful. You can interact with widgets, you can't with live tiles. The only thing I will give live tiles is its design consistency.

  8. You have to scroll down for live tiles versus swiping side to side, its really same actually. And the camera app lack features compared to other oem camera apps, like htc video photo capture or sony's hdr video. And both Android and windows phone have both cheap and expensive phone. And Bluetooth is the same for both platform while andriod has better integration with nfc, since there are other Android peripherals the uses nfc, like sony smart watch or Samsung smart tv.

  9. Maybe Wirefly can answer this for me. Why will Google support the iphone but not windows phones. I read they said it was because it was a competing OS but that doesn't seem to hold water because isn't the iphone a competitor too? If anyone can explain this to me I'd appreciate it.

  10. Hi invaderhim23,
    I don't have any official word, but my guess would be that supporting iPhone is a necessary evil because of the popularity of the phone (and yes it is a competing OS). Their lack of support is a way to keep the Windows OS down so it does not claim any market share from them. People are less likely to leave their iPhone or Android phone if they can not get the apps that they are used to using on the Windows OS.
    -Scott at Wirefly

  11. when you accidently delete an app on the Windows Phone, how do you get it back especially if you forget what you deleted.

  12. Hi Mahmud Chowdhury,
    If it was an app that was pre-installed on the phone, I'm sure you can find a list of those on line and download it again from the app store. If it was on that you downloaded from the app store, I believe you can pull up a history in the app store to view what has been downloaded before.
    -Scott at Wirefly

  13. I've had all 3 and for entertainment the androids win. Ease of use goes to iphone. Windows phone gets the I dont care about my phone or what it does, so long as it does the basics awards. The apps on WP are less maintained than the other 2, and due to limitations of the OS the apps work less fluidly. So here it is. Iphone for tools, old people, and kids. Android for phone geeks. Wphone for people who use smartphones as a phone, and should probably use a very basic flip phone instead.

  14. Hi Nicholas Marshall,
    Great comment!!! Thanks for watching and for leaving your opinion on all three operating systems.
    -Scott at Wirefly

  15. Hi, Windows phone do not need a notification area separately. It appears on the tiles itself. You do not need to slide a bar down which is an extra step in android. Notifications which are important to you can be kept at the top. All apps and the basic phone stuffs(Calls, messages and mails) are open in the very beginning. The UI is fantastic, clean easy to use. Doc file edit is the best feature in Lamina. It is a proper business phone.

  16. I agree, but people are greedy and want everything. They were originally going to put a notification center but did not have enough time.

  17. Come on, Windows phone 8 offers things that Android cannot at this stage. The awesome integration that is offered by windows cannot be matched by Android. You may be able to download an app for this, but there will be apps for windows that will do that windows cannot do, what Android does now.

  18. i have used an android and a windows phone. in my opinion windows is far more greater than android. windows is more faster and safer than android

  19. haha oh my. Like what exactly? The only thing windows phone offers over android is less choice and less apps.

  20. Oh, plz use a WP phone before u reply, the amazing speed with which I can work with WP8 has me shifted from Android. And I don't see why less app is a disadvantage, they will sure to rise soon. and ofcourse, they got more apps in shorter period as compared to android.

  21. well, if you like Android, then stick with it, I'm merely pointing that it is much easier to use Windows than Android. That is why "I" prefer Windows, why is that any problem to you.

  22. It's not a problem it's just when you said "Windows phone 8 offers things that Android cannot at this stage" I disagreed.

  23. well, there may be a lot of things where Windows is behind, I agree. when it comes to integrating with my work and social, Windows provides a more decent platform, which I think is better even than iphone. I want to integrate my computer and my phone together, I have no taste for mac, but m looking forward to chrome OS. This unified platform is the best thing that I like, now at least Apple has a full competition.

  24. having had 2 htc one x's, 3 samsung galaxy s3's and 3 sony xperia t's in the last 10 months i can safely say android is unstable and unreliable. so i wanted something stable and have decided to try wp8. lets face it, it cant be any worse than android. plus it looks much better

  25. Hi James Downes,
    Make sure to stop back and let us know which one you like better after using the WP8 operating system for a few days/weeks. It is always nice to have viewers leave their personal feedback.
    -Scott at Wirefly

  26. after a week of having my lumia 820 i have to say i thought i would miss tge range of apps and freedome that comes with android but i dont. i think its too much freedom to the point where you don't know what to change next. the only thing i really miss is swype.

  27. In the last three years, I've had 15 Android phones, and 7 iPhone's. So thought I would try a Windows phone. I bought the HTC 8S, and even tho the phone isn't bad, there's too many apps, and also otions I miss from both Android and iOS. So for me, the Windows phone I bought will only be used as a seccond spare phone, besides my HTC One V, and my iPhone 5..

  28. wp8 is way better…SPEAKING EXTREMELY TRUTH…ive used iphone 5 for a month ,note 2 for a month ,@nd now using a ,lumia 920!…must say coz of lot of reasons i experienced …..WP8 IS WAY BETTER DAN BOTH OTHER OS

  29. Are the only background colours available black/white? Or is it possible to use custom colours/pictures for your background? (I'm looking for a new phone and I'm really on the fence about whether I should get android or windows 8 phone.) Also I was thinking about getting the 920, do u ever have problems with the phone freezing and if so how do you fix it since the battery can't be pulled out.

  30. Hi Alex A,
    krx619 is more than welcome to answer your questions as well, but I wanted to get you an answer as soon as possible. The only background color options are white and black and you can not select a picture for the background. I have not had much time with the 920, but I did not have any issues with it freezing up. Normally there is a group of buttons that you push (ex. volume down and the power button) and that will reboot the phone like pulling the battery.
    -Scott at Wirefly

  31. Hi elton69,
    Those are important things in a smartphone since they need to last you the full length of your contract with your carrier. This video was just on the these two different operating systems. I normally talk about build quality in the full review or a phone vs. phone Schmackdown.
    -Scott at Wirefly

  32. no of apps doesnt matter but the quality matters, there are some apps in gplay which are useless and some apps like superuser which microsoft will nvr allow

  33. The only thing I love about Windows Phone is the Live Tiles. Otherwise, I really do love my experience on Android.

  34. i am using windows phone from around an year and i am totally satisfied..its stable and a whole new experience…i have an android phone and the only thing in which android is better is the app store in number of applications but i prefer 150000 usable application rather that 600000 application out of which only a few are usable,WP8 have all the applications i need…also i have the noki music store with lumia which allows me to download songs immediately in mp4 format and that too free of cost

  35. si may i know wich os is best becoz im confused im planning to buy a phone in a range or 20000rs so please suggest sir

  36. Hi princeraz007,
    I'm not 100% sure which phones would be in your price range. I would recommend the Android OS over the Windows OS.
    -Scott at Wirefly

  37. That's about £240 right? I would say that any android phone for that price might have a fair bit of slowdown and frustrate the users who want a sleek UI, even the cheapest Windows Phone is as smooth as butter. That said you will have a much more computer-like experience on an Android phone, it all boils down to whether you want speed and simplicity (WP) vs versatility (Android).

  38. It's obvious for young people android is the word. However being able to pull thousands of apps that have have little to no quality control is not for me a benefit. Rather a liability. I purchases the new S4 and after two days of frustrating jamming/random rebooting and simply not working I returned the unit for refund. I'm decided what next – android for me at least is an unstable OS. I guess it's windows or the trusted apple os for me.

  39. haha 1. rule: dont listen to people who like justin bieber. secondly: of course you can uninstall apps, you really dont know anything about the os you're talking about. and all this shit with clear app caches because the device will get slow otherwise is absolutely not a problem on windows phones

  40. no no and no !!!!!! windows phone is an incredible os, you have the best of the 3 greatest os (ios,android,blackberry), it got a stunning interface and its a very personal smartphone kind of a computer…. android is a OS just for apps, no personal things, it got the ugliest interface and it sucks….

  41. if you want a smartphone just for playing stupid games off course android, if you want a good smartphone with a good interface and games and other stuff –> windows phone is the way

  42. Milfermon says android its boring !!!!!! Hahaha …. you can customize everything in android screen lock launchers roms etc….. and share apps…. windows phone its so stupid and prehistoric os

  43. I love nokia but hate windows…… microsoft only make software for pc and games…. but why make os for mobile devices…. its so horrible os ….. i love windows 7 but i hate windows 8 …..

  44. This is OS = software comparison. When it comes to durability and quality, you compare specific devices = hardware.

  45. But who agree's that you should be able to go to a new screen with a wallpaper of your own. Because so far its just white and black plus which should I get nokia lumia 520 or sony xperia e

  46. he forgot the best part of Windows 8…….the DESKTOP MODE! im positive that would've tied the two operating systems

  47. I have the same feeling about windows 8 and 7. When I'm using the 8 version seems like I'm on a smarphone without. The 7 one it's more pc classic style.

  48. I migrated from Android to WP8 and honestly, WP is surprisingly precise. The crashes are scarce, whereas my Android smartphone kept crashing a LOT. I like this tile system, too. The lack of apps is a little restricting though.
    Also, with the new WP8 update, my phone storage has increased (the 'other' storage kept filling up b4 the update).
    Overall, WP8 ftw imo 😀

  49. Does WP8 allow you to set a ringtone from any mp3 file loaded on your phone? I heard that it doesnt but it might have been changed over time. thanks

  50. there is an app for it, where you can edit song and than set it as a ringtone, or use it without editing.. but generally, you have to put you mp3 into special folder in the phone, ringtone folder, and every mp3 you put in that folder can be set as a ringtone..

  51. well generally it is not necessary, cause WP8 is so incomparably more stable than Android, that you dont need to put there any custom ROM, but I'm not sure about availability of custom rom for WP8. I own one, but I didnt consider to put there custom rom.. I had custom rom instaled on Android, but as I said, it is not necessary in WP8

  52. well, one thing, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are completly different… if you want to compare WP8 and Android, android is pretty like Vista and WP8 like MacOS.. VIsta can do everything, but its crap, slow, falling all the time.. But MacOS is fast and good working.. so is WP8, fast and very very good working.. android is crap ( I owned android, so it my own experience, now I have WP8 lumia 820)

  53. hoy about talk about performance 🙂 android wants higher cpu and great big ram while wp8 is so smooth on 2cores even 1 core and half the ram of an average android 🙂 how is that 🙂

  54. Out of all the windows phones, you picked the worst one. Samsung's windows phones are COMPLETE TRASH! you might want to try out Nokia's Lumia's, cause that phone brand… Nokia knows what they're doing. Nokia Lumia 925 is my favorite phone.

    Perfect OS, Pefect look.

  55. silverhunk.. u dnt knw abt OS.. it plays almost all video formats.. n for sending doc files it has separate app which is free.. n it is very useful having separate volume controls for gaming n media..

  56. I used both android and wp i had an android phone which was the optimus black after that i switched to windows phone lumia 900 i loved the phone but still wasn't satisfying enough and now i switched to nexus 5 and now I'm sure android is better anoustly

  57. Android is getting better day to day however Windows eco-system is much more cohesive than Android in respects of the reliability of the Android OS.

  58. According to me the windows phone are much mkre better than the android as android phones are slow and windows phone are faster than android and wp have nice features like the kids corner and it is easy to use. And i know that android 600000 apps while window phones have 150000 apps but windows phone have started to increase their apps and i am sure that one day it will cross the android phone.
    So for me wp are the best…… 🙂

  59. Windows Phone 8.1 update includes a notification bar.. And you can even customize what is in the notification bar example: WiFi, Bluetooth and screen rotation etc. so i think windows phones is better in so many ways.

  60. I currently have a Windows Phone with OS 8.1. This one has a slide-down menu wich is very similair to the android. The windows phone hasn't original apps for instagram, tinder, snapchat and youtube etc. this is for me the biggest downside and I really want to go back to android

  61. On the windows phone, the own wallpaper has all the notifications (calls, messages, and emails) you received. This has been so since windows phone 7.5. Then you swipe the wallpaper away, and it's up to you whether your calls, messages and emails are right in front of  you (on the first tiles and together) or not. You also have one calendar which basically merges all of your calendars (Google calendar, Yahoo calendar, Windows Live calendar, etc in just one calendar, so whenever you write a memo in one of these three calendars, on your PC, it will be on your one calendar on your Windows Phone) right next to those. I'm just describing Windows Phone 7.5 because 8.1 is already different.

    Now the advantage of Android is obviously the fact that it has more apps. If some new app becomes available that is not mainstream, the chances are, you will only have it for android and not Windows Phone. That's the main Android advantage. But there are advantages for Windows Phone as well.

    Windows Phone, being a Microsoft OS, has Office integrated and also integration in other ways that android doesn't. For instance, it merges your contact's information across several platforms (email, telephone number, facebook account, windows live account etc, all in one place). Basically when you click someone's profile, you have access to all that information (and more) in just that person's one page. This is a very neat feature that I don't believe Android has.

    Also, when it comes to finding apps on your app list, this video doesn't mention the fact that, on Windows Phone, you can search for an app alphabetically. When you swipe to the left (the apps list), you just have to press one of the letters (A, B, C, etc) and it will bring up a screen with all the letters. According to the letter you press, it will send you right to all the applications starting with that letter. This is very practical to find a specific app fast.

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