Android Touchscreen repair software | Touchscreen Calibration | Fix issues with touchscreen software

Hey guys welcome to android always today i will be teaching you how to fix the touchscreen on your android device I developed this app a long time back because i was facing touchscreen issues with my android device a lot of people have mailed me about how to use the app in the right way and some people have also had problem with using the app so today i will be going through the steps of using the app the first step is obviously to download the app go to the play store. I will be sharing the link in the description and also somewhere in the video but you can also go to the play store and search for touchscreen repair the first result is the app. It is developed by RedPi Apps It has 1 million downloads. You can click on install and then open the app it will show you help about how to use the app. i will be telling you how to use the app. But before I start you will see a few ads in the app That’s because i don’t work for a company. This is how I get paid The first step is to click on start Close the ad and the help. It will tell you to tap How the app works is it will take touchscreen response times from 4 areas in your touchscreen touchscreen response time means the time the time when you touch the screen and the time when the hardware registers the touch That is the response time. So when I click on tap It says that the response time is 50ms there are a couple of mistakes that people do here Don’t drag along the screen. It will show an error or don’t tap and hold for a long time what you need to do is give a very gentle tap on the screenI am done with the first sample here. I have 2 more samples to takesorry about the video quality by the way. I am recording my phone screen through a software and it is messing up my recordingsi am into my 3rd sample right now this app works better if you “phone” is rooted. (not necessary though) i will put a video about how to root your phone the right way so stay tuned (meaning SUBSCRIBE to my channel :D)i am done with the 3rd sample right now once it gets all the 3 samples it will calculate the calibration values and fix your idc filesas you can see my touchscreen was my touchscreen response time was reduced by 5ms which is a good improvement. You may not observe the 5ms change but when you are typing something this is a huge difference! i also recommend that you restart your device That it ! If you have any queries you can mail me at [email protected] but i suggest that you leave it in the comments so that everybody gets to see it also subscribe to my channel because i will be releasing a lot of tutorials and regarding android. So stay tuned!

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