100 thoughts on “Apple agrees to pay users for slowing down old iPhones”

  1. apple is trying to behave it's hard for technology companies always was , I am so softhearted that I am done of people saying bad things about liberal companies they are just doing what they are ask to do , papa murphy's was so patient now they get to expand but with out me probably by the poltical process rate it's so slow I do not want to move out of utah because then the Mormons would get worse , and the state would be a bisness target for all the bad companies

  2. Apple uses slave labor to make their products and if you buy the products then your are complicit in aiding slave labor.

  3. "Android is trash" "Sorry I don't speak broke" well you know what iphag I don't speak sheep at least we aren't being tricked by a corrupt company to think our phones are cutting edge and forcing us to buy new ones by slowing the older ones down

  4. Some one from apple should go to jail for this in addition to fine. Wait we are America this will not happen to corporate leaders.

  5. 500 million? What a joke. So they probably still made money. And are ready to do it again. This is why I have never bought an Apple product in my life.

  6. Oh goody, $25 whole dollars. How about a new phone or better yet a total refund in today's money with late fees and penalties like we'd have to pay.

  7. Don’t buy Apple products!
    If you love your families life don’t bring in the Coronavirus into your house!

  8. I’ve been a loyal Apple customer since Apple 5. I’ll trade the $25 for a new Apple 11. Or an Apple laptop.

  9. Apple can get away with this because they make so much money off idiots who spend 1000s of dollars on overhyped phones! 🤣🤣🤣
    25 dollars is a slap in the face and they know it!

  10. So again our court system let's the citizens down. Try giving every user a free phone and maybe that would be something. Anyone who thinks judges are not bought and paid for need their brains examined.

  11. JESUS IS COMING BACK SOON 💯✅👍🏻❤️😁🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  12. My phone cost 190 (iPhone 6s plus with a ton of deals codes + tax) and I know they are even slowing down the iPhone 8 Plus which is still 400 dollars…. so I get 25 dollars? Ha what a joke. At least 50$ from a multi billion dollar company. I don’t like being greedy but come on guys, we all know this is ridiculous

  13. See what happens when you have a market cornered. How greedy can you be? Apple should give all iPhone users new phones.

  14. be like that obama crap where everyone gets 600 bucks. court are as corrupt as obama.

  15. I remember, that is the day when I switched from Apple to Samsung. It has been so long since I switched. Your loss Apple, keep your $25

  16. Why did the computer sell my data? Why does it call folks I don't want to call at the bar? My boss thinks I need time off now, thanks.

  17. So are they going to turn the phones back to normal speeds again? Or just give you 25 shekels and still make you buy a newer iphone?

  18. i have 5s, i had to upgrade cause the battery i got an se now do i get 50 dollars? and how exactly do i get this money? or will it be a coupon to be used to buy apple products?

  19. Keep buying apple products sheep, you only use it for Facebook WhatsApp Instagram and tiktok you fking sheep.

  20. If they cancel stuff ask if they also didn’t get a flu shot. Most people reading my comment didn’t get their flu shot probably never do. Yet millions die from it each year. Coronavirus is not going to STRIKE the USA. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.

  21. South Korea has tested 65 thousand people or more by now. U. S only 600 people in a population of 327 million.
    What a joke. U. S should be declaring war against China and it's crime against humanity.

  22. 0_o Ya know if I robbed a bank for $300 million, got myself caught & a judge just slapped me on the wrist & gave me a $2 fine, I'd run back out as quickly as possible too rob more banks! F*** You APPLE! You're products are garbage & your business model is strait-up f**** EVIL! Won't own ANYTHING Apple! Strait in the trash where it belongs!

  23. really 25 dollars spent 800 dollars and it don't work .. wait I'll give you 25 dollars for it tho! Apple who, people will still buy there crap tho.

  24. APPLE IS not good…didn't you see the Logo? there is already a bite taken out of it…remember Genesis 3?

  25. This is an unjust decision by the courts, a total joke because there is no incentive for apple to do the right thing as they only have to pay a small fine. They’ve done it to my phones in the past and I’ll never get any compensation for their sabotaging them. The reason they gave for doing it was pathetic..Apple has no integrity

  26. It costs €50 to fix a battery that exploded (yeah we pay for that).
    A TRILLION dollar company pays $25? Pathetic.

  27. After my issue with my 6plus literally bending & not working & the Apple store saying it's a issue with their tech & I would have to buy another one I switched to the Pixel. No complaints since

  28. Oooohhhh a whopping $25!!!! They have 207 BILLION in cash reserves. Clearly the cost of doing something unethical, at the time, outweighed the paltry consequences that might come later. QUIT DOING BUSINESS WITH AN UNETHICAL COMPANIES and MAYBE you won't have these problems. There hasn't been any innovation at apple for many years now, anyway.

  29. Including Austin and also reveal ft big tech companies, this just goes to show you that the left wants to make this a scare campaign.

  30. Well I don’t care if it’s only $25 I will be filing suit. Just tell me what I need to do. It’s money.

  31. Was thinking about buying a new iPhone. Now i realized that iPhones just gives you the clout. The real deal is in androids

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