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Apple Intentionally Slowing Down Older Phones, Lawsuit Claims

Apple Intentionally Slowing Down Older Phones, Lawsuit Claims

For those of us who don’t rush out and buy
the latest iPhone model every single year when they come out, we’ve all tended to notice
that every year or so, once our phones get a little bit older, they start slowing down. And to be honest, some of that is expected
with older technology, but according to recent investigations, including admissions from
Apple itself, those slowdowns we’re experiencing might actually be by design. Joining me now to talk about this is Scott
Hardy with Top Class Actions. Scott, this is the kind of story you’ve seen
people talking about it for years saying, why is Apple’s gotta be doing something to
slow this down? It’s a two year old iPhone. It’s still pretty good, but for some reason
it’s just not working like it used to and according to the latest lawsuits, Apple is
doing that intentionally. At least that’s what the plaintiff’s claim. Lay this one out for us. Sure. It’s exactly like you said, is that people
have always said, hey, what’s going on with my phone? I, you know, I just bought a new one but I
gave this one to my kid. Or, you know, somebody is using this phone,
it should still be working. These things are 1000 bucks new. We should get more than a year or two’s worth
of use out of it. Well, according to this class action, Apple
is intentionally slowing down these phones and they may be doing it for what could be
deemed good reasons because what the class action states is that the longer you have
an iPhone, the battery tends to degrade over time. We know this, this is something that happens
with lithium batteries, so you get less time out of your battery the more you use it. So after a few years, the class action states
that Apple to make your battery last longer, even though it has degraded over two, three,
four years, they power down the phones. They kind of, they, they end up ramping down
the performance of the phone so you’re not pushing the battery as, as hard. So your battery life still lasts as long as
it did when you first got it. But because your battery has degraded, it
can’t pump out the power that it used to and you have this slower performance. And so that is why the plaintiffs are saying
Apple is slowing down your phones. In theory Apple isn’t doing it to make you
buy a new phone. But in practice the class action is saying
that’s what happens. Right. And you, you have had a lot of people over
the years who do say like, oh well they’re just doing this because the new ones came
out, they want me to get a new one. But typically what happens with Apple is those
big new software updates come out when the new phone comes out. So there is that correlation. It’s not necessarily causation, it’s just
the new operating system rolls out at the same time as the new phones. If you get pushed to that, if you, you know,
accidentally click the yes install now instead of the install later button, which I have
done plenty of times, then yeah, you’re going to get this new software, you’re going to
get the alleged updates that are supposed to help your battery life. But at the same time it’s going to really
slow your device down. And when we talk about the lithium ion battery
degradation, these batteries are also used in laptops. You know, they’re used in tablets, but we’re
not seeing that same kind of degradation amongst those devices. At least not to the same degree. So personally, I don’t know that I buy Apple’s
excuse of, well it’s a lithium ion battery. They just degrade over time. This is what happens. Okay, but it seems to be happening a lot more
frequently and faster in your devices. Something doesn’t quite add up with that in
my opinion here. Right, exactly. It’s one of those things that, well, what
you’re telling us, Apple, kind of makes sense, but you know, these aren’t the nickel cadmium
batteries of the 90s and the early 2000s. That you knew after a year you’re going to
have to get a new battery, that battery’s going to die. One of the wonderful things about lithium
ion batteries is that they don’t degrade like their predecessors do. Sure there is some degradation, but it shouldn’t
be to this extent. And when we see these big software updates
get pushed out by Apple, like you said, we see it all the time, a major software update. All of a sudden we get flooded with submissions
from people with older phones saying, my phone just got bricked now, or now it’s restarting
more often than it used to. All of a sudden I had 30% battery life and
I looked down at my phone and boom, it’s restarting or it powers off. And those are all allegations within this
class action. I mean, this affects, you know, these phones
are, aren’t that old. It’s the iPhone 6 models. It’s the iPhone SE, the iPhone 7 and the 7plus. So these phones aren’t that old that are experiencing
this issue that the class action is referring to. And so for anybody who has these devices,
has experienced these problems, it’s always a good idea; I know I’ve got a drawer filled
with these right now and I know one of them happens to be a 6-S. So I’m going to be looking
forward to seeing the progression here. You know, in the event there is any kind of
settlement, because on that phone, again, just me personally, anecdotally, before I
got a new phone, and the reason I got a new one was because you could watch the battery
level on that phone and it was almost like it was just counting down. That’s how quick it would go. In real time, just boom, boom, boom. So anybody who has one of these phones, I
encourage you, follow the link in the description of this video. Head on over to Top Class Actions, get all
the information and of course while you’re there, make sure you sign up for their weekly
newsletter, Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions. Thank you very much for talking with us today. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time, Farron.

100 thoughts on “Apple Intentionally Slowing Down Older Phones, Lawsuit Claims”

  1. I know people who actually had to go and buy a new iPhone because their batteries would not hold charge. Only to buy another iPhone. I upgrade every Time a new one comes out. Is it a con probably..

  2. This is why I never buy any Apple product.
    If they can do this openly then I won't be surprised if they spy on us or do anything else covertly.

  3. Fuck apple I own a 5 year old LG tablet and it works like the first day I have not seen any performance changes, battery holdsπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜ Apple is full of shit.
    all the major cell service providers also slow down your phone performance
    . My girlfriend and I had the exact phone from Samsung, Galaxy S6 edge plus, i had Verizon she had Sprint, her phone would act erratic, she would get pop ups randomly and it would freeze. She replaced the phone for another Samsung edge 6 and guess what, same shit. It's the software they tinker with it, which I'm sure is very easy for them to do, my Samsung never gave me an issue only reason I replaced mine was because the charging port stop charging. Verizon throttles your internet speeds they all suck ass to meπŸ₯΄

  4. They are also making it that you can not change the battery yourself. If you use a replacement 3rd party or OEM battery, it will tell you there is a battery problem. They have made it so you have to take it to service center and they send it out which it will take a week. Lets not get started with their laptop batteries.

  5. Apple thinks everyone can afford to buy a $1000+ phone every year. I have an android phone with a lithium battery for 3 years now and it's still fine.

  6. So why is Safari incredibly, ridiculously as slow as dial-up or AOHell on my older iMac, while Chrome is lightning fast?

  7. This is literally what just happened to me. My new one is exactly like my last one but the battery lasts. I was told outright about the apps and getting a new battery wouldn’t really help.

  8. I had a MacBook. Wouldn’t download the newest operating system so stopped running some programs. Called apple support who flat out told me it was too old ( still worked fine) and only option was to buy a new computer. I did. It was a PC and never buying MacBook again.

  9. Totally wrong. Batteries degrade over time and can't produce the voltage needed to push your phone hard (like a video game might need). You have two choices, let your phone crash every time it needs voltage it can't get from the battery or slow down your phone so it stays on. That's it. Percentage indicators need the user to use up the battery so the system knows what 0 is and top it up again so it knows what "100" is because batteries degrade over time which makes the percentages inaccurate (iPhones also intelligently change the percentage if you are using the phone more).

  10. What really amazes me more than anything is watching these poor pathetic mental midgets on T.V. news sleeping on the sidewalk by an Apple store just so that they can be the first to purchase the latest iPhone for exorbitant prices. Then some of these very same assholes go home and wonder why they can't pay off their college loan. Just goes to prove that there are more horses asses in the world than there are horses.

  11. I had the phone key pad froze on me numerous times and couldn't make a call until restarting the phone, Imagine at that moment you had to dial 911, Not only they should be prosecuted but they should make them stop this practice.

  12. I had 3 or 4 androids prior to getting a 5S. The 3 androids all basically shut down completely within a week after activation, while my 5S lasted a good 2-3 years before I had to replace it for battery problems entirely (it expanded and split the frame).

    I get this is a problem, but so far, I don’t see any issues with my 5S 2 years later now.

  13. 1 hour of 100% CPU power vs 5-7 hours of 70% CPU power.

    People would still complain if their iPhone lasted only 1-2 hours a day vs slower over more hours.

  14. How ironic this video came out today!! I did an update on my phone just yesterday and now my battery is trash!!!!! It worked perfect before that update!!! Now it does in half the time and take twice as long to charge!! Been on the charger the last hour and I’m at 18 percent!!! Fuck you apple!! Cunts! It’s an 8 plus too!! DO NOT DO ANY SOFTWARE UPDATES PEOPLE!!! It’ll just ruin your phone!

  15. This is actually old news but glad to hear there is a lawsuit for it.. I guess. Corporate America never really pays the price for deceit.

  16. I don't doubt this is true, but i guess I haven't noticed. I've had an iPhone 5s for going on for at least 5 years, maybe longer…Maybe some slight decrease but still runs fine other then the mentioned battery life decrease.

  17. People need to stop downloading the new software that comes out. There is no need for it and that is how they are slowing down your phone

  18. Every morning I walk by the apple store in my local shopping center and there are long lines waiting to get into the apple store. I always walk by with my Samsung Android phone and laugh. Apple is a joke.

  19. Ive said it for years apple is fuking junk and a Donald trump scam company……i will never buy a apple product.

  20. Kyrocera got caught years ago sabotaging the internal charger in their older phones to encourage new phone sales. Bought two batteries before realizing this.

  21. This has been know about for years . And has been reported on that they were doing it intentionally YEARS ago . Why are you reporting on old news ?!?

  22. People would also buy a new battery instead of a new phone therefore eliminating the need to ever slow a phone down.

    It's total BS

  23. My android phone updates every single day. Only two years old, and the battery only lasts a couple hours. "Durable goods," my ass!

  24. And ???
    Thought this was a well known fact that Apple deliberately slow downs older phones "to save battery life".
    What more proof do you need that Apple is a CON.
    … …
    It should be my choice of;
    (a) battery life
    (b) performance.
    … …
    My old Android phones get passed on to be abused by kids with zero notable performance issues with them playing games.
    … …
    Have an old Sony Xperia 3 laying around the home to control google home; still has great battery live, youtubes a charm, plays kids games. … And how old is that phone now, 5-ish years.

  25. I’m pretty sure this is old news but still relevant for ppl who don’t know about apples forced obsolescence.

  26. This guy is full of bullshit. Apple says it's because of batteries that they slow the phone down??? Take an old phone and install a new battery it is still slower so battery theory is nonsense.

  27. I thought we had been all thorugh this a year ago. I got a $29 battry replacement for my iPhone 6s and one for my wife's. But as long as thy omit the headphone jack, I can't update anyway, I use the phone to play backing tracks for live music performance, and cannot trust a dongle adapter, they always pull out at the worst possible moment. I have not noticed any degradation in performance in the last year, FWIW…

  28. They all slow down, not just apple. You have a choice, you can refuse to update and your phone slows down because it's not using the current software. Or you can update, and you get the built in slowdown in the updates. Plus, eventually your phone no longer can handle the new software, which causes slowdown.

  29. I’d rather keep the processing speed and just use my portable charger to keep the degrading battery charged.

  30. Duhh
    Any person with a brain that isnt iPhone bias already knows they do this

    Been telling my wife this for years now. Samsung shits on iPhones and it's not even close

  31. Buy Huawei, it is a lot cheaper. The fact is that the technology devolves and that your device does not have the ability to update to the new technology. If you develop all the the time this happens with every device. It also happens with Samsung and other brands. I buy Huawei because the phone does not cost you so much and is better quality for a much lower price. My smartphone never costs more than somewhere between 100-200 Euros (110-220 US dollars).

  32. The next case I’m telling you if you get a third party repairer to put a brand-new Apple certified battery in it after phone , because the phone tells u the battery needs replacing it will still say your battery still need to be replaced and you will think that the third-party repairer replaced that battery for you didn’t do anything or ripped you off even though they put a brand-new battery. Apple do not want third-party repair people to fix the phones and they even started glueing the battery into the phone for no reason at all just to make it harder to replace. for more information

  33. Did that guy really slow down his talking speed as he was explaining the issue? I found myself with the exact same feeling of "Just hurry tf up! Why are you slowing down!?"

  34. apple is full of shit. one big reason is they glue in your battery so it is hard or near impossible to change it. so if the phone is being slowed due to battery degradation then make the phone have a battery that can easily be replaced. new battery solves that problem,right?
    then you have all the bullshit coming from apples genius bar when people bring a computer or mack book in for repair most times the repair costs almost as much as a new unit,why? because apple believes you will just go buy a new one then.
    go look at Louis rossmanns channel. he repairs apple products and has tons of stories on how apples genius bar is not there to help you…

  35. Apple should make it easier for end users to replace the battery. I have an iPhone 6 and my phone was dying after one day after charging it, and I had everything non-essential (bluetooth, location services, etc.) shut off or on manual. I found a battery replacement kit for $20.00 on Amazon (link below). I replaced it after watching the video a few times, and now it works like new. Unfortunately, not all products are manufactured so that the battery can be replaced easily. My point is that they should be.

  36. Thanks to years of updates and chips that are way ahead of the competition iPhones are the longest lasting phones out there. Combined with high resale value they're also among the cheapest.

  37. I don't have an Apple phone and never will. Arrogant company. I a Samsung phone & too Samsung pads. Love android. When you buy things from a company that thinks it's God's gift to the universe what do you expect.

  38. That's expected under capitalism. Capitalists can't market things and toys legitimately to people infinitely, like capitalism expects, so those in charge need to cheat and steal.
    Yay, capitalism! A culture of pure greed! It's doing wonders for the planet!

  39. Mine isn't slowing down so much, but the touch pad is hard to work AND
    The battery life is only about 2 hours now.
    It use to be for a day or two.

  40. Apple cheats their customers, and they keep coming back for more. Search Louis Rossman in NYC for insight.

  41. I love dunking on Apple as much as the next guy, but, wow is this old news. I think I read about this lawsuit on slashdot two years ago.
    Oh yeah, I did:

    For awhile they were offering to replace batteries relatively cheap as well, but, since most people probably forgot about that policy by now they've probably stopped it.

    Also, guys, come on. iPhone 6S Plus's original maximum retail price was $750, not over a thousand. And that's if people actually bought them for full retail instead of getting them via carrier subsidized which I'd wager how the majority of them were sold. That doesn't excuse Apple for using shitty batteries in the slightest, but, don't exaggerate the story by assigning the current model's pricing to the older model.

  42. They bricked my iPhone 5S a year ago. It worked out well until an update when it refused to work at all.

    They shouldn't push the battery so close to the limit if they need to slow down your phone.

  43. Every Android I've purchased still works. I can still use my 2007 ATT 8525 running Windows Mobile (although there is minimal support since Windows Mobile is no longer supported). I have a 2004 Vision phone with Windows Mobile that still boots (although I haven't tested it thoroughly because I don't have Verizon service anymore)

  44. Simple solution to a BS argument of battery life. Offer batteries for older phones. And do adds about new batteries to keep your phone's running at optimal levels.

  45. the batteries don't last even if replaced regularly. I have my phone paid off. I have to keep chargers and power banks so that it will last a few hours. I have an i phone 6s.

  46. They admitted that already a few months back. I thought they stopped. My backup phone is a 6 and that thing battery is nonexistent.

  47. Not defending Apple, but your cell phone does go through more charge cycles than your typical Laptop Battery. I think Apple Charges too much for new batteries and they should be legally required to make parts available to the general public instead of forcing customers to pay labor charges for repairs they could do themselves.

  48. I started my certification for multi-platform infrastructural support in the IT field.

    Long story short… Its easy to do. As easy as inputting a command and pressing enter or they set it up in their algorithm to do so. Its not hard at all especially with a Wi-Fi network.

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