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Apple iPhone SE 2 – Here It Is!

Apple iPhone SE 2 – Here It Is!

the iPhone se 2 is coming very soon and
I’m going to be sharing the details right after this if you’re new here won’t stay up to date
with the latest tack please hit subscribe followed by the bow so we’re
getting plenty of leaks and renders surrounding the upcoming iPhone 12 but
more importantly we have the release of the iPhone se 2 just around the corner
in my last video we refer to the device is the iPhone 9 what many people are
arguing that that’s the name my sources advise that the iPhone is gonna be
called the iPhone se 2 or maybe even the iPhone se Pro and it’s gonna be coming
very soon people were speculating that the iPhone SE 2 could be launched in
Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in 2020 but we have new news of the
iPhone se 2 being launched in an event on the 31st of March which is of course
next month there were previous reports of an early launch and this does make
sense as Apple are then able to get plenty of sales from the a13 powered
iphone SE 2 before they launch their flagship in September
interestingly enough the original iPhone se was also launched on the 31st of
March way back in 2016 now when it comes to the iPhone se 2 what many are
disappointed at its resemblance to the iPhone 8 and describing it as a cop-out
in terms of a release well this is essentially the case it’s actually much
more than that and I think the iPhone se 2 is a benefit to both Apple and its
consumers the iPhone se 2 will cut costs by adopting a similar design to a
previous model but it’s also going to be containing the a13 Bionic chipset so
this allows Apple to deliver a true budget alternative to their high-end
Apple phones without compromising on the performance we’ve already had plenty of
leaks surrounding the device including the design specification and pricing so
today we’re going to be covering it all we need to remember that while it
doesn’t look like the latest iPhones the iPhone se 2 is incredibly cheap in
comparison and a good choice for those that want a less expensive phone thanks
to on leaks in the Igeeksblog we already have full 360 renders of the
iPhone SE 2 and these were based on CAD data for the iPhone se 2
for those who don’t know on leaks has also been incredibly reliable lately so
there’s little doubt that this is of course what the iPhone se 2 is gonna
look like the iPhone se 2 is going to measure in at 138 point five by sixty
seven point four by seven point eight millimeters and if we include the camera
bump on the rear the thickness is eight point six the iPhone se two has thick
bezels both above and below the display and of course looks very similar to the
iPhone eight we get a 4.7 inch liquid Retina display with an aspect ratio of
16 by 9 now we do need to remember however that liquid retina is simply
just an Apple marketing term with no actual meaning so it’s essentially just
a 4.7 inch LCD display we’ve got a dedicated home button on the front in
this will of course feature the touch ID sensor but it’s thought that it’s not
going to feature the 3d face unlock on the right hand side we’ve got the power
button with the alert slider on the left and we of course have a lightning
charging port at the bottom on the rear of the device we’ve got a frosted glass
panel which does differentiate itself a little bit from the iPhone 8 we’ve got a
single camera in the top left corner accompanied by an LED flash we of course
have the Apple logo centrally on the rear which is slightly different from
the iPhone 8 the iPhone se 2 is going to be coming with the Apple a 13 Bionic
chipset which is the same chipset found in the latest 11 models the iPhone se 2
is going to come with three gigs of RAM and a choice of 64 or 128 gig storage
and it will of course be running iOS 13 it’s reportedly coming with the 2050
milliamp hour battery and it will include at the usual features such as
Wi-Fi Bluetooth and GPS now what many complain that the battery capacity is
small we need to remember that it’s a small phone it’s marginally bigger than
the iPhone 8 and of course it contains the a13 chipset which means the iPhone
se 2 is actually going to be more efficient than previous models Ming
Chico is estimated that the launch price of the iPhone se 2 is going to be $400
and many other sources are agreeing or people are going to slate the iPhone se
2 for its outdated design and camera functionality that’s
not really what the phone’s about especially in 2020 with iPhone prices
being so high releasing a budget phone like the se 2 allows more people to
purchase iPhones well it doesn’t look the most innovative and doesn’t have the
best display it does of course have the latest chipset meaning the iPhone se 2
is gonna work with the latest software versions and run all of the latest apps
without any issues in using the body of a previous iPhone that they’ve saved a
huge amount of money with production as well as their research and development
meaning they can bring a phone to the consumer and a much cheaper cost from
Apple’s point of view the more people that have iPhones the more money they
can make in services and with the success of the budget-friendly iPhone XR
in the past we can expect the iPhone se 2 to perform just as well in sales when
it comes to naming the phone it seems like a very bad idea to be calling it
the iPhone 9 but many still believe this is going to be the case I personally
don’t see this happening and with Apple being so good at marketing it’s gonna be
interesting to see what they actually do my source is claiming the name is the
iPhone se 2 but saying there is a chance it could also be the iPhone se
Pro there are also rumors of the iPhone se 2 plus or maybe an iPhone se Pro Plus
but leaks are pretty few and far between right now all we have is rumors of a
five and a half inch display and if the iPhone 8 releases anything to go by then
it means that the iPhone se 2 plus is gonna have dual cameras and a much
larger battery capacity probably closer to 3,000 milliamp hours as I stated
earlier the iPhone se 2 is expected to launch next month and we already had
reports that the assembly of the devices had began wish to incorporate
Ron Corp and Han high-precision are reportedly hired for the assembly and
the process has already started there have already been many delays due to
recent outbreaks in China and while Apple have officially announced a
reduction in their q2 revenue they haven’t mentioned any specific delays in
the iPhone se 2 and the outbreak will of course affect both the production of the
iPhones as well as the air pods of course as any more solid information
comes to light about the iPhone se 2 then I’ll be sharing it with you guys
straight away but as always I’d like to your thoughts in the comments who are
there is waiting for the iPhone se 2 do you think the launch of a budget phone
is a good idea and what do you think the final name will be called but thanks for
watching the video if you liked it smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs
down twice and I’ll see you guys in the next one

100 thoughts on “Apple iPhone SE 2 – Here It Is!”

  1. You'd think apple would already quit on 64:gig storage but apparently they like it. It's outdated. At least have a minimum of 128.

  2. Yeah I was hoping the SE2/9 would be around the size of the original SE. I thought that was one of the biggest Pro’s for people besides the price was the smaller size.

  3. I think it looks quite nice, the colours look good, but this is for my mum and not for me. Appreciate the leaks and the video as always! Have a good one mate.

  4. iPhone SE2 WoW 👍
    CHEAP, OH YAH, I'm up with that! 🙂
    4.7 Display, no 3D though.
    iOS 13, that's good right?
    Outdated 😕 Not to those who have never had one!
    Great review TT. 😉
    Keep up the great work 👍

  5. How the hell do people dislike I believe they don't even watch the video,they just dislike just because it's us but they will soon become subscribers 😍

  6. Makes sense.. iphone cameras are decently good..(use clip mod for wide angel.. :p )
    Processor is top notch..
    If main camera is really good it will compete with pixel a range.. and if rumours are true about $399 price tag.. than i dont see many reason to not go for this..

  7. ᴵᴹ ᴴᵞᴾᴱ ᵀᴴᴱ ᴴᴼᴹᴱ ᴮᵁᵀᵀᴼᴺ ᶜᴼᴹᴵᴺᴳ ᴮᴬᶜᴷ ᴵᴺ ᵀᴼᵂᴺ

  8. No audio jack bad Weather app Bad note app.Bad screenAlmost everything is bad by Apple I’m stuck with pixel after six years

  9. Lol imagine you get this phone and someone asking what iphone is that and you say it’s iPhone and they’re like what? I have the iPhone iPhone LMAOO

  10. They should have kept the timeless iphone 5 shell, but reduce the bezels by giving it a 5" screen, swap the battery for a high cap 2200mah battery.
    It's been like 8 years since that design came out and it's still pleasing to the eye.

  11. Instead of taking a step forward. They taking a step back. Same old shit. Nothing new. They can't even make a new design. If only Steve jobs was alive. I'm switching to Samsung

  12. Huge bezels and front fingerprint scanner that takes A LOT OF SPACE. Single camera. 3 gb ram and 2050 mah battery in 2020! Don't be sheep, go with a nice almost bezeless midrange android, like Xiaomi

  13. I actually miss the home button I hope they do bring it back I have a 10r I just can’t get use to it and that notch to makes things worst and it’s very heavy

  14. Iphone 8 at launch cost apple 247$ to make and this is going to be even cheaper with less premium materials so i don't see this as a really affordable at 399$ price. Xiaomi for one has had only 5% profit on their phones so apple could really sell this at a really lower price to get people into their eco system.

  15. 1:24 “while this is essentially the CASE…” Pun unintended. 🤣

    Explanation: iPhone se2/iPhone 9/(just)iPhone will have the same CASE body as iPhone 8. Having to explain it probably ruined the joke 🤦🏾‍♂️😅

  16. My ip SE still work perfectly fine as my main phone, no screen protector, no case, falling a lot, but no cracks, only small scratch, all the hardware still fine 😂 i wonder if the 2nd edition is the same strong as this one

  17. I really hope the se2/9 will have another version with duo camera like the 7+ and 8+ because I love that. It would be pretty sad if they dont release both at the same time because I actually can't wait to change my iPhone 7

  18. think that this year Apple will remove the model number of the latest iPhones as they have done with the iPad. This Year's iPhones will be called iPhone Mini, iPhone, iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. The full names to avoid them being confused with 2021 iPhones will be iPhone Mini 2020, iPhone 2020, iPhone Pro 2020 and iPhone Pro Max 2020.

  19. Screen size should be at least 5.5 ! 4.7 is very disappointing. Over all those years apple is not able to introduce individual app lock, not able to increase battery size and also not able to provide turbo charging technology when people are spending thousands of dollars for their devices. What a shame. I have iphone X and redmi note 8 pro, and I will not switch to any new iphone until apple introduces those things

  20. Everyone year people talk about IPhone SE 2 but it never drops. I don’t think Apple will come out with a smaller phone again. It would be cool if they did and fit the whole screen in the small body.

  21. Idk why apple makes such high price for its phones. Like creating a phone costs like 30% of their price. If they make normal prices sales will go up double for sure

  22. Am i the only one looking for a 3.5mm headphone jack? I used to have an SE but it stopped working when Iphone 7 was released. I switched to iphone 7 and I just hate having a jack thats for both charger and headphones. Not a fan of bluetooth headphones. Also, i’m glad this one still uses touch id.

  23. Why is it bigger? Why is the camera sticking out?
    If I wanted an iphone 8 I'd just go buy one…

    We haven't been waiting for iphone se 2 because of the price (although this is nice). We've been waiting for the size (and for me I also don't like the camera sticking out)

  24. From iPhone xs max I didn’t like the experience without the home button so this is a game changer for me.

  25. Your very behind my friend, Filip from Everything Apple Pro was spilling this info in January. The phone is expected to be just called iPhone, no 9 or SE. Catch up to stay relevant bud.

  26. Hello,I have few questions for you. I really need your guidance to clarify my doubts before choosing to buy between an Android and an apple!

    So here are my questions.
    1. If I buy an apple phone let's say iphone X or XR then do i get updates from apple like an Android phone does?
    2. How long I can use this phone? I mean if updates stop coming to the iPhone let's say after 3 years then is apple X or XR going to be useless after 3 years unlike an android?
    3. Also since phones are mostly for connecting with people, does iphone X and XR has Volte performance? How good is the connectivity for iphones? Does Volte matter?

    Please please please help me mate!

  27. Apple should give their customers what they want. Most people do not like the phones with notches. If you going to make that for certain customers make a device with a button for and no bitch for others that do not like the notch. They should even make iPhone plus too to give people choice otherwise people are going to be moving in to Samsung or other phones

  28. Well if does look like that then I will gladly buy one for sure. It will give me a reason to get back into Apple product. I hope it has headphone jack and red colored option. Right now these newer iphones are stupid looking. I don't like ugly ass technology. Lol

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