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Apple iPhone X commercial | iphone x 2017 | iPhone 10 emoji

Apple iPhone X commercial | iphone x 2017 | iPhone 10 emoji

IPhone 10 is the first phone which has no home button or touch ID more of a controversial than a best feature Apple has dropped the home button which H has been present since the original iPhone and was used to control many aspects of the iPhone Including unlocking it with the embedded fingerprint scanner Instead the iPhone X uses gesture controls to unlock Several functions of the home button such as activating Siri will be relocated to the lock switch Users can control the phone through swiping up from the bottom or just by tapping the screen Apple’s true depth camera system lets users to unlock their phone by simply looking at it Facial recognition technology replaces touch ID as a way to identify users through an infrared camera Base ID will only unlock if the users eyes are open Apple said there is a one-in-a-million chance that someone else could unlock the iPhone using the technology Face ID will also work with Apple pink and other apps that worked with touch ID the iPhone X is the first iPhone to come with wireless charging Which is already available on the Apple watch and rival Samsung Galaxy s8? Apple will also release a wireless charging pad called the air power that will be able to charge multiple devices at once It will be released next year Apple’s chief designer sir Johnny, I’ve long made it his goal to create an iPhone that looked like a single sheet of glass The iPhone X has realized this design with a 5.8 inch edge to edge display that covers the entire front of the phone safe for a tiny notch at the top It will have a 2 4 3 8 X 1 1 to 5 resolution display with 458 pixels per inch and an O LED display the iPhone X has been used to showcase some of the augmented reality Experiences that Apple debuted with it’s a arkyd software released at this year’s WWDC augmented reality allows iPhone users to superimpose virtual images of games and videos onto real-world Objects and is a field where Apple has truly taken the initiative from rivals such as Google The X can also use 3d tracking capabilities from its selfie camera to impose masks using AR for apps such as snapchat Hamaji are a new form of moving emoji that can be customized using facial recognition software Users can scan their face and the an emoji will match their expression in a short animation The feature will only be available on the premium iPhone X as it requires the 3d camera the iPhone X will follow the iPhone 7 plus and have a 1/2 MP dual lens camera But it will also be kicked out for augmented reality The selfie camera will be 7 MP and also be able to function for 3d tracking Or all the new features of iPhone 10 is really impressive to you Leave a comment below in our next video. We will talk about all the hidden features of iPhone 8 8 + and 10 Thanks for watching

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  1. The edges scratch easily because of the material used which is stainless steel>>> that is a big difference to the masses of other phones using an aluminum frame. My stainless steel Apple Watch is also scratched up. A solution I saw for the watch was to polish it with some sort of stuff I don't remember, maybe that helps with the iPhone as well. I also heard this wouldn't be an issue with space grey / space black.

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