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Apple iPhone X: Unboxing & Review (All Colors!)

Apple iPhone X: Unboxing & Review (All Colors!)

What’s going on guys? This is Mike the DetroitBORG. And today, we finally get a look at the brand new iPhone X. This is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. And I think it’s safe to say that this is the most significant iPhone to come out in its ten year history. It’s a major redesign that also changes the way you use the phone. We’re gonna take a close look at that. So there’s a lot of firsts on this iPhone. This is the first with an OLED display. The first without a home button. This is the first iPhone with a mostly edgeless display. And it’s the first iPhone with facial recognition, replacing Touch ID. So before we get to the details, let’s get to the unboxing. And first up, we have Space Grey. They make it really easy for us to open these up. We have a plastic tab that allows up to take off the plastic shroud. Now once we lift up the lid, the first thing, again, we see is the paperwork. So the phone is actually hidden behind that. So the paperwork is pretty basic, but it is specific to the iPhone X. Because the iPhone X has such a unique interface. So you want to take a quick look at the instruction booklet, or just continue watching the video to find out how to use some of the new features. So moving on to the phone itself, it sorta reminds me of the Jet Black iPhone 7. In fact it has the same glossy finish throughout. From the glass to the frame, everything has got a really nice smooth and mirrored finish. But, of course, in this case, it’s not aluminum, it’s stainless steel and glass. So the back of this phone is glass, which enables wireless charging, just like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. In terms of the accessories, again we have the 5 Watt power adapter, but this phone is capable of fast charging if you buy the right power adapter. Apple does sell a 29 Watt USB-C Power Adapter, so this will charge the battery up to 50% in only thirty minutes. We also get a set of wired earpods, along with an adapter if you want to use your own set of headphones. So again, we do not get the wireless AirPods included with the iPhone X, you have to buy those separately. Also included in the box is a standard lightning to USB cable. Moving on to the Silver iPhone X, the unboxing experience is identical, the only difference is the color. So as soon I pop open the lid, of course you get some paperwork. But the phone itself facing forward, looks identical to the Space Grey phone. And that is because we have a black bezel instead of a matching white bezel like we got with previous iPhones. But the back of the phone is white or kinda silvery. It actually has a very pearlescent look. So it’s a bit more reflective than the silver white on the iPhone 8. And of course we have that polished stainless steel frame, which is quite a bit more premium than the aluminum on the iPhone 8. The set up process on the iPhone X is very simple, thanks to IOS 11. And assuming you have another iPhone running IOS 11, you could easily transfer that information to your new phone. So it transfers all your accounts and Wi-fi settings. Of course the big new feature within the setup process for the iPhone X is Face ID. Now because we don’t have Touch ID, this is the only biometric authentication you can use. So it will coast you through the process of setup. And basically you just move your face around in a circle, so it can map your face in realtime. After that, you’ll be prompted to restore or setup as a new device. You can also enter in your Apple Pay information. And if you have an Apple Watch, you can go ahead and set that up here as well. And of course we have hands free Siri, so this will train it to your voice. Just like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, we also have a true tone display. Now the best way for me to demonstrate what the true tone display does is to turn the lights to a more warmer color. So when you activate true tone or turn off true tone, you can really see the difference. But basically it reflects the color tone within the room, so it’s easier on the eyes. Generally speaking, I really like the feature on the iPhone 8. Now both Silver and Space Grey have a stainless steel frame. But the big difference here is that Space Grey has a coating on top of that stainless steel. Which I think should be a little more durable than the raw stainless steel, which will scratch over time. Now I’m basing that off mostly on my experience with the Apple Watches. So the stainless steel Apple Watch scratched easily, while the Space Black Apple Watch held up pretty well. Now if you’re worried about scratching the stainless steel, a perfect solution is a D-Brand skin. We have a new skin for the iPhone X that completely wraps around the edges. But if you want to show off the stainless steel frame, and want something a little easier to install, they have one that covers just the back glass. And the good news here is that both styles are shipped in your order, so you can decide later what you want to do. The skin also provides much more grip to the phone, which is otherwise just smooth glass and stainless steel. It also keeps those fingerprints at bay, especially on that Space Grey model. And the good thing about the skin is that it keeps out dust and grit that might grind against the stainless steel if you had a case on it. D-Brand has a huge selection of colors and textures to pick from. And you can choose whether you want the Apple cutout or not, and if you want to protect the camera lens. So make sure you check them out. I’ll leave them linked in the description below. So the camera module on the back of this phone is different than what we’ve seen from other iPhones. So it’s arranged vertically instead of horizontally. And that’s probably because of the true depth camera on the front, which takes up some space at the top of the phone. So there wasn’t as much room to orientate this horizontally. But that really doesn’t affect the way the camera works. Now everything has been combined into this one module. So that includes the Quad-LED flash, the Off-Center microphone, and of course the bezel surrounding the camera does protrude quite a bit, but it is stainless steel, which keeps it nice and consistent with the rest of the design. Now unfortunately, with that camera bump, the phone does rock around on a flat surface. Because we lost the home buttom, the side buttons have been updated with some new functions and some new names. So for example, the power button is now the “Side Button.” It’s also bigger. That’s because it picks up some new responsibilities and we’ll get into that. We still have the volume controls along the left side, along with our mute switch. Towards the bottom edge, just like the iPhone 8, the lightning connector does support USB 3.1 fast charging We have a microphone on one side, a speaker on the other side, and a matching grill insert that matches the color of the frame. Very nice detail. Also extends to the screws flanking the lightning connector. And just like the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8, the earpiece and the botton speaker work together for a stereo speaker. And they sound fantastic. And they’re louder and deeper than they were before. Of course Apple spares no attention to details, so even the buttons and the SIM tray is also polished stainless steel. And if you eject the SIM card, you’ll see there is a water gasket around it. So just like the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8, this is IP67 water resistant. So really the big news with the iPhone X comes down to the display and the way they’ve adapted the interface to make use of it. But getting to the display hardware, this is also the first iPhone with an AMOLED display. This is really big news. Now Apple’s is calling this a “Super Retina HD Display.” This is 5.8 inches with a resolution of 2436 by 1125, good for 458 ppi. That’s the highest pixel density on any Apple device. And because this is an OLED display, we have a contrast ratio of 1,000,000 to 1. And that’s because OLED is an emissive display. Each pixel is responsible for emitting the light, rather than a backlight like an IPS display. So if the pixel is off, it’s completely black. This also improves the energy efficiency of the display. This also supports the wide color gamut of DCI-P3 like other Apple devices and just like the iPhones before it. And this is still just as bright, if not brighter, than the LCD displays of the iPhone 8 with the maximum brightness of 625 nits. iPhone X is also the first iPhone to get an HDR display. And that’s thanks to the AMOLED technology. With an AMOLED display, you get those deep blacks, which are needed for that high dynamic contrast. Although the iPhone X did not pick up the promotion display of the iPad Pro with the 120 Hz refresh rate, they’ve increased the touch sensitivity from 60 frames per second to 120 frames per scond. Which might not be noticeable but it does improve input latency. There’s no question that this is a really good looking display. And with OLED, that notch at the top of the phone mostly disappears in most aspects of the interface. Anytime it’s noticeable is if you have a white background that fills up the entire screen or the home screen. Otherwise, I think it’s pretty smartly integrated into the design of the software. Although OLED has many strengths, there are a few drawbacks. One of them is the blue shift, which is pretty common to OLED panels. So when you tilt the phone off axis, you might see some color distortion. Not it’s not too bad on the iPhone, it can be bad on some phones like the Pixel 2. In terms of size, although we have a larger screen: 5.8 inches versus 4.7 and 5.5 on the 8 and 8 Plus. The footprint of the iPhone X is much closer to the iPhone 8. So it’s really compact for its screen size, but it’s important to keep in mind that the screen on the iPhone X is narrower than the one on the iPhone 8 Plus. So, in some situations, the iPhone X screen can look smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus screen. Especially when it comes to watching videos. The iPhone 8 Plus has a very conventional 1080p 16 by 9 aspect ratio. But the iPhone X is taller and narrower and, of course, we have those rounded corners and notch at the top so that means videos usually have to crop down to fit the usable area of the screen. Otherwise if you go full screen, the notch and the rounded corners will make themselves known. Although the display doesn’t wrap around the edges like a Galaxy S8. It essentially looks like its painted right onto the glass. There is no gap between the glass and the panel. And with the rounded corners and curved glass, the effect is especially pronouced. It’s a really neat design. The iPhone X really isn’t the first phone to push the display to the edges like this, but it’s really the first one to sorta push it towards the corners. So that means for the most part, the bezel around the entire display is symmetrical. There is no chin or forehead. And it creates a really impressive look. That is until you get into the notch. But that notch is also necessary because it’s replacing one of the features we had before, which is Touch ID. So Apple is calling this technology “True Depth.” We still have a 7 Megapixel front facing camera with an f/2.2 aperture capable of recording video at 1080p. But this is combined with other sensors, such as a 3D mapping sensor, which basically casts a grid on your face using infrared. So unless you have a twin or a really sophisticated 3D model of your face, you won’t be able use Face ID to unlock it. Now those flashes you’re seeing from the notch are actually the infrared LED. Now you won’t see this in normal use, this is only visible because my camera is picking up the infrared light. But this means Face ID can work in any lighting conditions: pitch black or bright daylight. Now with my infrared camera, I can acutally see how this works. So first it’s scanning for my irises, so it was checking to see if my eyes are looking at the device. Once it determines that, it actually flashes the grid right on my face. So if I slow it down, you can actually see the dots, it actually works pretty well. So Face ID replaces everything Touch ID was used for. That includes Apple Pay, iTunes and App Store purchases, and even bringing up your passwords. So instead of bringing up a Touch ID prompt, instead it scans for your face. There’s also a couple new settings under Face ID. One of them is require attention for Face ID. So basically this means you need to be looking at the phone with your eyes open in order for it to work. Otherwise, you could just scan the side of your face and unlock it pretty quickly. But another feature you can turn on is the “Attention Aware Feature,” which, very similar another phone, keeps track of your eyes so it knows whether you are looking at the display or not. And will prevent it from going to sleep. So, again, that’s kind of a nice feature. So for me, Face ID has been extremely reliable. It works even better than Touch ID. And the great thing here is that it requires no involvment for me. I just wake up my phone, whether I lift it up or tap the screen, it unlocks. I didn’t even have to touch the fingerprint sensor at all. The only time I miss Touch ID is if the phone is laying flat on a table. In that case, it’s not looking at my face, so it can’t unlock. Perhaps the most talked about feature of the iPhone X is “Animoji,” which, again, takes advantage of the true depth camera. And you can find “Animojis” within the messaging app. Now each face animates very specific details of your face: from your eyebrows to your lips to your ears to the motion of your face. And it’s really remarkable how well it keeps track of every single detail. Now each “Animoji” actually has different espressions. As I raise my eyebrows here, on the alien, it actually raises up my hairline a bit. If we go to the fox, same thing here, the ears respond if I raise up my eyebrows. But you see it keeps track of my lips. So I can parse my lip. I can scowl. I can smile. Or I can just shake my head. So if you want to record an “Animoji,” you have a record button right here. So you can just talk like you normally would, it records your voice. It records up to ten seconds. And will keep track of every single motion and expression. Pretty cool, huh. So next up, let’s walk through this interface, which has changed quite a bit. So we do we have “Raise to Wake,” so it waked up the lock screen so we can take a look at it. And it unlocked for me right away. So you can see it’s pretty responsive here. So if you take a look at that lock, it unlocked. It saw my face and I’m ready to go. So I can swipe up to the home screen, but before I do that, I want to take a look at this lock screen. So we have 3D Touch actions on the lock screen. So you can 3D Touch to get to the LED flash or our flashlight. You have 3D Touch again to turn that off. And same with the camera app, you can 3D Touch here to activate the camera app. Or you can also just swipe on the screen like we’re used to, to get to the camera app. Now if you swipe to the right, you still get the “Widget Panel,” with all of our widgets, which you can modify. And then we have our date and time up top. We do have 3D Touch on this phone. In fact, we have 3D Touch Dynamic Wallpapers here. So if I 3D Touch on this wallpaper, you can see that it animates for me. Also from the lock screen, if you swipe up, you get to your notifications. And then if you swipe from the bottom, you get to the home screen. And it can be a little tricky until you get used to it. So taking a look at this homescreen, the first thing you need to know here is that the homebutton is now a swipe up gesture. So again, pretty basic. Now, personally, one of my favorite changes with this interface is the swipe action to switch between previous apps. And it works extremely quickly and reliably. To me this is a much more natural and quick gesture compared to what we had before. Now to get to the classic overview, just swipe up and hold until it pops them out. And now we can swipe through them. So we can go ahead and activate one of the apps we want here, or if you tap and hold, you can edit this and swipe up. So this will close out the app and then we can go ahead and exit this. Now if you swipe up now, this will just bounce you back to the home screen. Another big change is the gesture to get to the control center. So what you do is swipe in from the upper right corner, where the battery status icon is. Now, because this notch takes up so much space, we no longer have a percentage indicator with the battery icon. In order to see the percentage, basically you have to swipe down to the control center and then you’ll see it in the upper right corner. Taking another quick look at the control center, there is a setting here to know about. So if you 3D Touch on the “Brightness Slider,” we have two options. We have “Night Shift,” which is a feature we’ve had before. But we also have “True Tone.” So this is where we can turn that feature on or off. But for the purposes of this video, I’ve kept it off. Now because we don’t have a homebutton, we have some new button combinations to remember. So to get to “Siri,” what you can do is tap and hold the “Side Button.” Mike: “What’s the weather like tomorrow?” Siri: “It’s going to be cold and wet tomorrow.” Of course you can also just say, Mike: “Hey Siri, what’s the weather tomorrow in Toronto?” In order to power up the phone, what you have to do is tap and hold the “Side Button” and one of the volume controls at the same time, until you get the “Power Down” sequence. You also have the “SOS” mode or “Medical ID” info. Now for “Screen Capture,” just tap the “Side” and volume up key at the same time and release. Takes a screen grab, and you can edit it if you want. Incidently, you can see that the notch and the rounded corners are not indicated on the screen grab. There’s a few other nice touches to the interface. So for example, when the apps expand out, they maintain their rounded corners until they meet the rounded corners of the display. To me, this looks really nice. Although it’s not on by default, iPhone X does get “Reachability.” In order to get to it, you have to go to “Settings.” We have to go to “General,” “Accessibility,” and you can turn on “Reachability.” So to invoke “Reachability,” you just swipe down at the bottom edge of the screen. And this brings things within thumb-reachable distance. That includes the “Notifications” shade or the Control Center. So if the Control Center is too far of a reach, that’s one way of getting to it. Now the other thing that might be a little strange to people is that the home swipe gesture, moves when you move to landscape orientation. So it doesn’t stay in the same place. It moves to wherever the bottom of the screen is. And to get to the Control Center, you still swipe in from the upper right corner, and you can see it resizes and scales for the landscape orientation. Speaking of landscape, the iPhone X does not get the landscape apps that the iPhone 8 Plus has. So for example, you won’t get a landscape homescreen or a landscape formatted email app. The keyboard has also been slightly been tweeked to take advantage of the space below it. So we now have the “Dictation Microphone” and the “Keyboard Selector” in the corners. iPhone X does come with some exclusive wallpapers, but they don’t come preloaded. Now they’re available from the wallpaper’s selector under “Live Wallpapers.” So you can choose from one of three different styles. They’ve also updated the “Dynamic Wallpapers” for the OLED display. So you get a black background, which looks a little more impressive. In addition to exclusive wallpapers, the iPhone X also gets an exclusive defualt ringtone called “Reflection.” So let’s go take a listen. (Plays ringtone) In terms of specs, the iPhone X is basically identical to the iPhone 8 Plus, so we get 3 Gigs of RAM and the new A11 bionic CPU with a neural engine. So that’s really just branding for a much more sophisticated chip that’s capable of some impressive processing power. This combines with a new image signal processor for some really impressive camera performance. iPhone X also picks up an upgraded dual camera set up, specifically the telephoto camera. So although we have the same 12 MP sensor from the iPhone 8 with an f/1.8 aperture, we get a new telephoto camera, which is also optically stabilized with an f/2.4 aperture instead of a f/2.8 aperture. So this increases the light sensitivity of the telephoto camera and with stabiltization, I was able to keep that shutter open a bit longer. Also just like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, this camera combines with the A11 bionic CPU to produce really high frame rate 4K. So this is one of the first smartphone cameras that do 4K at 60 frames per second. We also have 240 frames per second slowmotion at 1080p resolution. Now one of the new facts with the latest iPhones, the 8 Plus and the iphone X, is “Portrait Lighting.” So you can acutally apply different lighting effects using that “Portrait Mode.” You can also turn off the “Portrait” or lighting effects after you’ve taken the photograph or change them if you want a different effect. Thanks to the “True Depth” camera, we also get “Portrait” effects for the front facing camera, so that includes both a “Portrait Mode” and “Portrait Lighting.” So basically the same effects without the benefit of a dual camera like you need on the back of the phone. Right now, it doesn’t really look like the effect is working that well because it blurs out your ears and the edges of my head, so it doesn’t look very precise. So hopefully, they’ll fix this later. In terms of camera quality, I really have to repeat what I said about the iPhone 8 Plus. If you want to check out that video, I’ll leave that linked in the description below. But again we have vibrant colors, which is something that the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X really improve upon from the previous iPhones. Previously, they were kinda flat. Of course all the images came out really sharp and clear with great dynamic range. Exposure is just right, and HDR processing is excellent. So it doesn’t strip away the color as it used to. And just like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, lowlight performance is fantastic. That image processor really does a lot of work to strip away any noise or distortion from lowlight images. So we have excellent sensitivity, lets a lot of light into the camera so you see a lot of details, sometimes it can be a little overexposed and maybe a little soft. And just like 8 Plus with the dual camera, we have augmented reality. So a great demo is the sky guide app. I use this on the iPhone 8 Plus as well. So the impressive thing here is that it can keep track of distance and objects close to you. So that means it can overlay items on the bright surface area, ignoring the others. That means I can walk arounds trees and it overlays the star map only on the sky and nothing else. When it comes to battery compacity, the iPhone X is slightly bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus, even though the footprint is quite a bit smaller. In fact, Apple put two batteries in here to maximize space. Overall, we have a little over 2700 million hours. In terms of battery life, the iPhone X is slightly behind the iPhone 8 Plus in certain areas. Specifically, Internet and usage video playback, which is about an hour less than the iPhone 8 Plus. So if you want the best battery life, you probably still want to go for the 8 Plus. So in the end, the iPhone X has a laundry list of fantastic features that gets just right. From the speaker quality to the fantastic OLED display, which is one of the best out there and the design is stunning. It’s one of those devices you handle and just admire. I really like most of the UI changes, I think it makes using the device a lot easier. Face ID is also a big improvement over Touch ID, just for the convenivence factor even if Touch ID maybe a little more bulletproof. And we have one of best camera systems on any smartphone today. Now as an iPhone 8 Plus user, the only thing that concerns me right now is the slightly weaker battery life, at least, according to Apple. But we’re going to have to test this over a long period of time to really see how the battery holds up. All righty guys, hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at the iPhone X. If you guys want to pick on up, make sure you skin it with a D-Brand Skin to keep it protected. I’ll leave that linked in the description below. If you guys enjoyed this video, I’d really appreciate “the like” and I hope to see you in my next video.

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