Apple Is Deliberately Slowing Down Your iPhone

so a lot of people been asking me to talk about this recent situation with Apple specifically regarding the iPhone and this idea with software updates come slowdowns to previous models I became aware of this just like you did I have to admit when I was reading it and I was looking at the different screenshots of the geek bench scores and so on I have to be honest I wasn’t surprised hey man new phone just came out why is mine slowing down is Apple trying to tell me something this is this is something that people have talked about for a very long time both of you that aren’t familiar with the back story here’s how it breaks down Apple recently put out some new software a user I believe on reddit noticed that their device was substantially slower than it had been previously with one of these recent software updates he ran some numbers did some comparisons and figured out that yes there was a performance decrease in his previous generation iPhone with the new software install turns out he wasn’t alone people were basically wondering if this was something that Apple was doing intentionally or if it was more of a nitch scenario now you can see in front of me here I’ve got an iPhone 6s and I’ve also got the latest iPhone 10 now of course Apple would love for you to go out and buy this new one as soon as it comes out what are you doing sitting on that old one there come on pull out your wallet we’ll take a few of those pennies that’s how all businesses runs they want to compel you to upgrade to the next generation and to do so frequently real question now was there or is there something nefarious going on create a scenario where your phone is not performing the way that it used you so that you have to go out then and feel forced to do an upgrade Apple responded they came out and said yes this is happening and here’s why the thinking here is that battery life over time is going to get worse and one of the ways that you can mitigate some of that decreased capacity is to lower the performance of the device so Apple has essentially made this move in favor of battery life over performance now I can kind of see where they’re coming from for users who are holding on to older devices it’s possible that battery life is more important to them especially when you consider the performance enthusiasts are the ones who are more likely to upgrade to a new device to begin with and the people who are holding on to or recycling old ones might not be such power users we could have a huge discussion about which is more important performance or battery life it’s obvious based on apples statement that they’ve made their move now I think a lot of people who hit me up on Twitter expected me to come in here make this video and just go after Apple to try that again oh-ho I kind of get what they’re doing like I kind of understand why you might prioritize battery life the real problem for me does it have to do with that decision it has to do with how Apple went about it by not making people aware in advance or possibly even giving them the option maybe you’re on this phone right here the success and maybe your battery is substantially depleted from the original capacity when you get that new software update what about a little checkbox performance over battery life or maybe you want battery life over performance see the problem without presenting that option is it allows people on the internet to go down all sorts of rabbit holes with the conspiracy theories and so on in fact it’s so far down that path now that there are two separate class-action lawsuits that have been filed against Apple for what some consider to be a shady business practice now at this point I do think it’s worth noting that Apple it’s that brand that’s under the microscope in a way other brands aren’t at least not to the same extent people will really look into it and try to discover these small little tweaks and and unusual behaviors because a lot of these stories they have legs you know people want to know people want to report on it so it’s a possibility that these types of practices are in place with other manufacturers as well and it just hasn’t been discovered yet anyway in my opinion this is something that’s become a big deal that really didn’t have to the opportunity existed for the user to make that selection you know you probably still would have a lot of people picking battery life anyways and one of the side effects of Apple’s decision here battery replacement businesses are skyrocketing in terms of activity because everyone’s thinking oh I can get better formants out of my iPhone 6’s just by replacing the battery perfect so I want to send the question to you guys if you have an older generation iPhone would you be more likely to select battery life over performance or performance over battery life we can use the comment section down below determine which is more important to users via trust Apple do you trust any of these companies at the end of the 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