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Apple’s iPhone XS keynote was about story, not specs

Apple’s iPhone XS keynote was about story, not specs

– By the time you watch this
video, you’ll already know what I’ve seen inside here,
the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. It’s the new iPhones,
but here’s a question. How badly does Apple really
need to do these big, hype-y keynotes anymore? And why do they do them? (electronic beeps) Okay, so the keynote is over. It happened behind me and I’m walking into the hands-on area, and I’m doing this because I wanna show you the
first answer to that question, why does Apple hold the events. Well, it’s really obviously, honestly. The most obvious answer is hype because look at this hype,
there’s just a lot of it. And Apple wants to have
all these people here. It wants to show off all its phones, it wants to have a big media moment, and so of course they do a keynote. They invented this thing. Everybody’s copied it. But I think hype is just one part of it. I don’t even think it’s
the most important part. See, this is an S year,
which means that the updates to the phone aren’t as
obviously exciting as they were in a bigger year. So the iPhone 10 came out. It was a whole new design,
blah, blah, blah, blah. This year the new features
are better camera, faster processor, slightly nicer screens, slightly nicer glass. You know S updates, and so
in order to make that thing build up this level of
hype, Apple needs to do more than just present the
phone, read the specs, and let us come take pictures of it. Apple needs to tell a story, because if Apple can tell a story that means Apple can set a narrative, and there are a couple of
moments in this keynote where Apple set a narrative
that I really wanna talk about. (electronic music) (crowd applauses)
– Welcome to the Steve Jobs Theater. Let’s get started with the Apple Watch. Everything about it has been
redesigned and re-engineered. (crowd applauses)
This is iPhone 10S. We are very excited to
show you the iPhone 10R. (crowd applauses) – We’re back. We’re back in the studio. Processor is back, I’m
back, it’s good to see you, except I can’t see you. You can see me, anyway. In this video, I wanna talk about that narrative thing I mentioned. I’m not making a video
about the specific specs or features of the iPhone 10S, not really. There’s a lot to get into,
and we’re going to do all that in the official VRG interview. Instead, I wanna talk about
how Apple tells a story because I think it’s just
as important as the specs and the features of that phone, especially in an S year. So, the first note I wanna
talk about in the keynote is when Apple introduced
the new camera system on the iPhone XS, 10S,
whatever, the name is bad. Every time Apple introduces a new feature, they tend to go through
a three step process. Step one is look at all the amazing stuff we’ve done in the past. Step two is look at all
this cool tech and specs and crazy stuff that we’ve
enabled on this new thing. And then step three is
you get to participate in this amazing future. So, watch this clip and when you do, don’t think about the specific features, think about the way that
Apple is talking about them. – Over 10 years customers have been taking incredible photographs with
their iPhone cameras, like this. It is a remarkable new dual-camera system. It has a 12 megapixel wide camera, a 12 megapixel telephoto camera, and an even more improved true tone flash. (crowd applauses) This is a new era of photography. Some people call it
computational photography. And the benefits of this are
not only for photography, but for video as well. It’s a new ere of videography as well with this new sensor and the
power of that A12 bionic chip. – Okay, so why is this three
step narrative important? Well, first of all, the big
innovation on the iPhone 10S is the camera, really. And what’s interesting is
they’re trying to do some very similar stuff to what
the Pixel 2 already does. It takes multiple photos at
once, stitches them together. It does a whole bunch
of computation on it, but do you know what
didn’t get mentioned at all in Apple’s keynote? Any other smartphone cameras. In Apple World, there’s only
iPhone cameras and DSLRs. To me the clearest example of
this whole Apple World thing was when Schiller was
introducing this new feature on the 10S that lets you
take a portrait moto photo and then edit it after the fact to change the background
blur on the picture. – I’m gonna slide the depth of field and watch the background as
it changes the depth of field of your photo. This is done after you’ve taken it. This has not been possible in photography of any kind of camera. This is something that iPhone
can now do with the power of the A12 bionic chip. – Now, maybe he was referring to all the features being a first, whatever, but we all know, well at least, I know, that Samsung has let you do this after the fact foca editing thing since at least the Note 8
last year, just saying. The point here isn’t to dunk on Apple because honestly I was
super, super impressed with how the blur editing worked in my hands-on at the event. No, the point is to see how
Apple introduces a feature. It’s always part of a story,
and again that story is always how Apple was great before,
how it has great tech now, and how it’s gonna get
better in the future. The term for this is framing, basically, which has always been a thing in politics. Political framing, framing a narrative. In this method, Apple sets
the terms of the world and the things that exist in it. That’s the frame. And then within that
frame it tells a story, where one thing leads to the next. A little bit like the plot of a movie. All that means is that
even in a S year keynote where the announcements aren’t
really that game-changing, Apple can still use this
narrative setting structure to change and shape how people
think about their products. Here’s another example
of how all this works. It’s the moment where Apple
introduced the new heart sensing features that are coming on
the Apple Watch Series 4, and specifically the new EKG feature. – The optical heart sensor has
been essential to Apple Watch from the beginning. We’ve added electrodes into
the back sapphire crystal and the digital crown allowing you to take an electrocardiogram. (crowd applauses) When you open the app, this is what you see on the watch face. It’s really beautiful. People in general don’t like
things that are medical. This kinda makes you want to take an ECG. – Because narrative framing
is a commonly used tactic in political discourse,
it’s a pretty short jump from talking about this rhetorical method to assuming that it’s just
propaganda to cover up lies or that it’s there to cover
up a pretty meh set of product announcements. Now to be clear, I am
not saying that at all. What I am saying is that
Apple is pretty masterful at this method and it does
it over and over again in its marketing. Sometimes it’s super effective,
and sometimes it’s not. But the funny things is, I think Apple executives
really do believe the stories that they’re telling. I mean, I don’t know, look at any other tech company
keynote, or LG or Samsung or whoever is targeting a new feature. It feels way more scattershot. Apple takes its time in its keynotes. It goes a little bit slower, because those keynotes
don’t exist just so you know what the new feature is. They exist so that you can
see yourself as a character in Apple’s story. And you know what? Apple’s always done it this way. Here’s a way older keynote
that uses the same method. – It has the same great
design of the iPhone 3G that we just launched last summer, but what’s inside is entirely new. It has amazing hardware and
software that work together as Apple is known to do. We make these things work hand in hand, and this has auto-focus,
auto white balance, auto exposure, to take such
a gorgeous photo for you. (kids laughing) You can take videos with
you everywhere you go, (crowd applauses)
it’s just as simple as that. That was taken on an iPhone 3GS. You just tap to record
and when you’re done, the best thing is you can
now share it with anyone right here from your iPhone. – You know the long running
joke about Apple keynotes. They create a reality distortion
field and back in the day with Steve Jobs, that
field was mostly created by sheer force of charisma. – Yes, I’d like to order
4000 lattes to go, please. (crowd laughs)
No, just kidding. Wrong number, thank you. Bye bye.
(crowd applauses) – And yeah, now there’s just a little bit less charisma maybe. But there’s still a story
that Apple wants to tell and that’s why they do these
keynotes every September. Hey, thank you so much for watching. It’s really great to be back
on the YouTubes with ya’. Leave a comment down below. What did ya’ think of this
keynote? And you know what? Honestly, you should hit
that subscribe button because we’re about to enter silly season for new product announcements
and we’re gonna have a ton of videos and you’re gonna
wanna know about ’em.

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