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APPS I USE IN SCHOOL: what’s on my iphone! (2018)

APPS I USE IN SCHOOL: what’s on my iphone! (2018)

This video is brought to you by HelloFresh! Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel. If you’re tuning in for the first time. My name is Jamie and I’m a 4th year medical
student. Today I’m gonna be talking to guys about some
of the apps that I use for school. Nothing fancy, just the apps that I love and
use everyday. So we’ll start with my favorite calendar app,
which is the Google Calendar here. My favorite part about the Google Calendar
app is the monthly view that you can see here. You can clearly read what’s written under
everyday which is pretty rare for calendar apps. And to compare this to the stock calendar
app. You can see the monthly view but you can’t
see what’s written underneath each day so I love that in the Google Calendar app you
can see what’s going on on each day… you have a birds eye view of your schedule for
the next six weeks. So the next app I’m gonna talk about is a
note-taking app. It’s called Notability and I have talked about
this app in a what’s in my iPad video. I don’t use the notability app on the phone
to take any notes because it’s too small but I do have it on my iPhone so that I can refer
back to any notes that I have taken during third and forth year. So for example, if you go to my notability
tab, you can see all the rotations that I’ve had before. I can go to my Emergency Medicine tab and
you can see a lot of the articles that I have saved during that rotation as well as some
of the lectures. So if I need to look anything up, it’s a really
great way to refer back to all my notes and it’s nice to have it on my phone. The next app I’m going to talk about is the
notes app that comes with the iPhone. One of the nice features about the notes app
is that it syncs via iCloud so if you have an iPad, or a Macbook or an iMac, you can
have all your documents synced on all your devices. One of the cool features of the notes app
is that you can actually scan documents using your camera. Other features of the app include making a
check list like this so that you can make a to-do list. You can also make a table and many more. If you’re looking to simply make a list or
a to-do list, the app that I like the most is the reminders app and I like that it’s
simple and syncs with all your devices like the notes app so I’m constantly making lists
for my groceries. If I’m going somewhere, I make a list for
things that I need to pack and I’m always working on a reminders list for the things
that I need to do. The next set of apps that I’m gonna talk about
are the apps that I use in the hospital. I use Epocrates for looking up medications. You can look up drugs, interactions and all
these other information. The next app is called UpToDate which is universally
used by pretty much all the doctors that I know. It’s where you can look up all the treatment
protocols and information about any kind of disease. Next app is called MDCalc, which is basically
a calculator for all the formulas and calculations that you need to do in the hospital. So for example, you can calculate your anion
gap by including all the sodium, chloride, bicarb and albumin numbers. You can also calculate your ASCVD risk, which
basically tells you your ten year risk of heart disease or stroke based on these risk
factors. Next is an app called UBC Radiology which
has a lot of quizzes on radiology related topics like anatomy and ultrasound so you
can brush up on your radiology. Next is a weather app and the one that I’ve
been using is called Carrot and I love how snarky and sarcastic it is and it brings a
smile to my face. Carrot App: “Your sun is a yellow dwarf. How pathetic” I like that it shows you the
weather in hour by hour basis and it also has a nice interface that syncs with your
Apple Watch as well. The next app that I’m going to talk about
is Spotify and I get a lot of questions about the study music that I listen to. I usually don’t listen to a lot of music when
I’m studying but when I do here are some of my go to playlist. So I go to browse down here, then I scroll
down to focus and some of my favorites are “Deep Focus” and “Mellow Beats” So those are all the apps that I use for school. Anyway, it’s actually really nice out today
it’s like 70 degrees and it’s February so I’m gonna head out, enjoy some time outside,
run some errands and I’ll bring you guys along with me. Guys look! It’s warmer here in NY today than it is in
LA! It’s 59 degrees in LA and 75 in NY and 22
in Korea. Crazy! It’s like a summer day here in NY. I’m going to bank to run some errands. Check out my cool cat sunglasses that I got
from the cool cat event that I went to last week. Just back from outside. It’s so nice and warm and sunny. It’s like a nice preview of summer and I’m
super excited. I wanted to show you guys a couple things. I have a new resolution. It’s not really New Years resolution because
it’s like a very recent resolution. Basically I wanted to start reading more books. I went to Strand with my boyfriend the other
day and we said that we would pick one fiction book and one non-fiction book and that we
would read it and then we’d trade. We got a total of 4 books. I got Tim O’Brien’s Going After Cacciato. I picked this book because I read another
book by Tim O’Brien in high school called “The Things They Carried” and it was one of
my favorite books so I wanted to read another one of his so this is fiction. And this non-fiction book is called Bellevue
and it’s basically stories about the Bellevue hospital and I think this book will be really
interesting. For my boyfriend’s book I only have his fiction
but he picked this book called Six Four. Basically a Japanese crime novel. He picked this because he’s never read anything
written by an Asian author. From the synopsis on the back it sounds really
interesting. So I can’t wait to read this one once he’s
done with it. I’ve already read almost half of this book
so I’m making really good progress in the last two days and I love that I’m spending
more time reading and less time watching TV or on the computer, so I’m really enjoying
this new hobby. So I can’t wait to read all four books that
we picked out and pick out even more books after this. Decided to bring my workout outside and run
a few miles. This will actually be my first outdoor run
since the race in December. So let’s take a look. So we’re going to start from here run north
of reservoir, go down, crossover at 72nd and then come back up. That should be about 4 miles or so. Just finished! It was actually 3.5 miles. Average pace was 10:19. Have to start somewhere I guess. Alright so I just got back from my run and
I showered at the gym and now I’m going to make dinner and today’s dinner is brought
to you by HelloFresh. Thank you HelloFresh for sponsoring this video. So if you guys don’t know HelloFresh. HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service
and it’s really cool because it comes in this recyclable insulated packaging here like this. And having HelloFresh delivered to your door
is really convenient because it means that you don’t have to go out to dinner, you don’t
have to order take-out, you don’t have to get all the ingredients from the grocery store. It’s just delivered right to you at your doorstep
so it makes making dinner super easy. And it comes with this recipe cards which
I love because I’m a visual person and I feel like having these pictures on how to make
everything makes it so much easier if you’re new to cooking or if you don’t know how to
make something. I feel like this makes it super convenient. So today I’m gonna be making this creamy dill
chicken and all their recipes are designed to take about 30 minutes so you don’t have
to spend a ton of time in kitchen and you can get dinner ready really fast. So HelloFresh has a wide variety of chef created
recipes and they change every week so you’ll be eating something different every week and
really honestly these are things that I would be making on my own but with a interesting
twist so it makes it a little bit more interesting. So for example, this chicken has chicken and
potatoes but it has this really cool dill sauce that I’ve never made before so that
makes it a little more interesting than what I’d normally make. So this is the final product. I love how professional it looks with all
the garnishing and that was super easy to make also. So if you guys are interested in trying out
HelloFresh you can go to and use the promo code strivetofit30 for $30 off
your first order. So I’m gonna get started with my dinner but
before I go, I wanted to do a little update. Today is actually the very last day the match
list is due on the website so meaning I submitted my match list. Congratulations to everyone who is matching
and good luck to everybody and it will be really exciting to see in March where I get
to go and where everyone else is going also. So I’m gonna close today’s vlog here. Thank you guys so much for watching. Just want to remind you guys that all the
new merchandize is in now so go to and check it out and let me know what you
guys think. And I will see you guys in the next video. Bye!

99 thoughts on “APPS I USE IN SCHOOL: what’s on my iphone! (2018)”

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