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Arduino Receive Phone call tutorial with GSM Shield

Arduino Receive Phone call tutorial with GSM Shield

Dear friends welcome back! Today and I’m going to show you how to receive phone calls with your Arduino using the TinySine GSM shield. Let’s start! We are using an Arduino Uno along with the GSM shield from TinySine. I have prepared detailed tutorials about that shield in previous videos. You can check them out. I have connected a small speaker to the speaker output of the shield which is the green one. The other one is that microphone input. If you connect a microphone in that input you can send sound as well. Not only receive sound. In order to test the project I will go outside and call Arduino. I will try to speak but expect a lot of interference from the GSM shield to the camera’s microphone. That noise does not exist in reality. It’s only a camera’s fault. I am now testing the GSM shield. As you can see Arduino can auto pick up the call. I am hanging up now. Bye. Let’s now go to the computer and see the
software side of the project. As you can see the code
of a project is very simple. We are using the library from TinySine the designer of the shield. In this program at first we connect to the GSM network, with this line of code here. Next in the loop function, we check the status of the shield every second with this command. If there is an incoming call we immediately pick up that call with this line here. It’s that easy! With 40 lines of code we can receice phone calls from our Arduino projects. Really impressive. That’s the real power of Arduino and open software! That’s today’s video! As you can see
receiving phone calls from Arduino is really simple. In a future video we
are going to see how to make phone calls from Arduino and how to connect to the GPRS network in order to send and receive data from
the internet. So, stay tuned! If you find this video useful please press the like button or share it to your favorite social networks. Thank you very much for watching and see you next week!

19 thoughts on “Arduino Receive Phone call tutorial with GSM Shield”

  1. Wicked!!!! Now I want it!! 🙂 I gotta say I'm learning a lot from this video channel, there's always something new on it. I never even heard of this, this is new to me. 🙂

  2. Hi. It only works when i plugged the usb cable. It doesnt work when i connected a 5v dc 2 amp into it.. Can you help me ?

    thank you.

  3. hola ay alguna funcion en la libreria para ver el numero que esta llamandonos? y almacenarlo en una variable como detector de llamadas

  4. I need a code that when making a phone call trigger a relay and call again off the relay can anyone help me

  5. hello. i am going to place arduino and gsm shield on the 1 floor of my house. but cellular signal there is not so good. is it possible somehow to place antenna on the roof and gsm shield on the 1 floor?

  6. Hi, thanks for tutorial! I have the same gsm board and arduino uno R3, i have used your code and it works but the board don't pick-up all calls… it pickup randomly, have you a solution for it ? Many thanks

  7. The GSM shield you are using here has a output speaker jack . How i can implement this on other Shields which don't have one???

  8. Hi, I am use library that suggestion us, but in the labrary is present the function for see the number of incoming call ?

  9. Hello, thank you for your tutorial. Is there any way to show the number that is used to call the Arduino onto the Serial Monitor?

  10. hey there, can i hook google assistant or another assistant without person saying hey google erery time to reply with phone calls

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