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Are Galaxy Buds Worth It for iPhone users?

Are Galaxy Buds Worth It for iPhone users?

I’ve been using the Samsungs new Galaxy
buds, and I’m way more impressed than I thought they would be. I started off with the S10+, where the setup
process was familiar but less fluid than my Airpod’s, and after I was greeted with the
Galaxy wearable app that allowed me to change the EQ for all audio which is something I’ve
wanted since the Airpods were released. I enjoyed using them with the Android Phone,
and that got me thinking. Are the Galaxy buds worth buying and using
as an alternative to the Airpods, if you own an iPhone? To get it right out there, Yes, I think for
a lot of iOS users the Galaxy buds may be a better buy, but not for everyone, and I’ll
tell you why in just a bit. Let’s start out with the first enticement
with the buds, and that’s the price. $129 isn’t that much lower than the $159
Apple charges for their super successful Airpod’s, but if you care about wireless charging that
will cost you another $40, $70 more than the Galaxy buds that come with wireless charging
built in. Not everyone cares about that, but what does
matter to all is battery life. The Galaxy buds last 6 hours instead of the
5, but the charging chase only offers 7 additional hours compared to close to 20 with the Airpods. The Cradle cases work similarly, but the Galaxy
buds is larger overall. The next enticement is the sealed design with
multiple earbud and wing tips to make sure you get a great seal and fit. Even though the AirPods fit me perfectly,
This has been the biggest complaint I’ve heard about them for those who they don’t
fit and a huge reason for an iPhone user to go with the Galaxy buds. Another thing I love is the fact that they
are practically flush with my ears when I have them in, meaning I can use them with
a helmet on. The sealed design is great for a time where
you want to cut down background noise and even partially protect your hearing. If you’re using an Android device you’ll
have an ambient sound feature, but since we don’t have the Galaxy wearable app in iOS
that will be missing. Along with that, you won’t have an all-around
EQ controller but the Airpods don’t have this either, instead, you can make adjustments
on an App basis. Honestly, I didn’t find that I needed to
since the default settings were my favorite out of the options Samsung gives. The highs are crisp, mids are balanced, and
the bass is worlds ahead of the AirPods thanks to the sealed design. If you care about sound quality, the Galaxy
buds are definitely ahead and sound impressive for the price. So we have a lower price, wireless charging,
compact design, better sound and fit for most, and along with that an IPX2 for sweat and
light spash resistance, but what are the downsides if you use them with an iPhone? The biggest one for me is the fact that they
aren’t as seamless as the AirPods with the W1 or H1 chip. I love that the AirPods automatically get
added to all of my iCloud devices and I just open the case, put them in, and they auto
pair. You won’t get this same fluid experience
but it’s still not bad. The work like any other Bluetooth headphones
so connect them once to each device and then if you want to switch from your Mac to the
iPhone go into the Bluetooth settings and manually hit connect. In the batteries widget you’ll see the battery
life but unfortunately, it’s not broken down into each bud and you also can’t see the
case’s charge level like you can with the AirPods. On the plus side, you can still single tap
to pause and unpause, double tap to skip a song, and even hold down to invoke Siri. You can also use the built-in Mic’s just
like with any Bluetooth devices. Overall, I’m very impressed with the Galaxy
buds. The sound quality and feature set is fantastic
for the price and even if you’re using an iPhone they are a great option with very little
downsides compared to Apple’s offering so I can confidently say Yes they are worth it
for iPhone users. This has been Max with MaxTech if you want
to see more videos like this hit that little circle above and let me know if you’d consider
picking up the Galaxy buds in the comments section below.

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  2. I don't understand why everyone tells different batterie life about the Samsung galaxy buds, some say it is justo 7+ hours whit the case, this guy says 19+, samsung doesn't say anything. Who is telling the truth?

  3. How can i fix the low volume issue, i saw that it needed to be fixed with the samsung app by turning the volume trough the buds but If i have an iphone im stuck with the low volume or can i fix it other way?

  4. Nobody really buys airpods for audio. There are so many cheaper yet higher quality headsets out there. The only reason people purchase the airpods is to flex.

  5. Hey max. I have seen different videos where people talk about a delay in sound when using the galaxy buds on an Iphone.. can you confirm or delay that you did or didnt experience that when you were testing them out?

  6. My AirPods weren’t seamless with my XS Max, whereas my Galaxy Buds connect every time without fail. This fact alone pushed me into trying the Buds.

  7. I chose the galaxy buds for my iPhone on recommendation of the salesman at sprint. They work perfectly fine for what I need but if you need seamless transition between iOS devices and/or more battery life the AirPods are king. The buds do have great sound quality compared side by side.

  8. My question is: do they still automatically connect once pulling them out? Or would I have to go into settings and connect them manually every time?

    Edit: also, what about video lag/latency?

  9. Hey Max, I have a question before I purchase a pair. Do they have a delay on Netflix, youtube, etc? If they do, do you just have to update it on a Samsung device and that will fix it?

  10. 0:59 You messed up. You switched the battery life between the two. The galaxy buds don't have as good of a battery life than the airpods.

  11. The galaxy buds fit great, but the sound is kinda low in my opinion. Samsung users have a way to make their sound louder by using the app, but iphone users can't do this. Bass and overall sound quality is good with the galaxy buds, honestly. Some songs have amazing bass, I guess for me it's sort of random. But the volume is just too low for me overall. I'm going to have to spend the extra money to get something like the powerbeats pro for louder sound I think. Connectivity was perfect for me with galaxy buds and iphone

  12. Hello:) I heard that when you watch videos with your Galaxy buds on, the sound really doesnt catch up with the video itself… Can anyone confirm this, im buying either the airpods or the galaxy buds that I saved up for 5 months and I cannot choose which one

  13. No, it's not worth buying galaxy buds for your iPhone…
    1. I have to take out one of my earbuds when someone talks to me, as the ambient features are only available for Samsung devices.
    2. The microphone cannot catch my voice when I'm on-call…try close your ear canal and talk….that's how you gonna hear your own voice when you wear your galaxy buds for call.
    3. Even if you have Samsung device…it's silly to use one hand to toggle on off the ambient sound by tapping the earbuds touchpad. Come on… I want to do work with both of my hands while talking with someone. Apparently… you can achieve this by turning on the ambient sound option every time u need it on Samsung app which is double silly because Samsung didn't put this feature on the earbud touchpad.

  14. Yep have an iPhone 10s and I got the AirPods… damn do they hurt. So I returned them for the galaxy buds 😅

  15. For those who bought galaxy buds while using an iPhone, can you enlighten me if the buds are working based on your guys’ experience.

  16. My buds don’t sync with video on my IPad Pro when watching YouTube, the sound is delayed. Apple probably installed an intentional bugg just like they slowed down phones to force users to buy new ones, there is no hardware reason when they work perfectly on everything else but not my iPad.

  17. I have the buds but they have a lot of bluetooth connection issues even though im using it on my galaxy s9. And they arent very comfortable. Im considering getting the airpods

  18. for the amount of time they last at 1:00 the case times and battery life were miss placed and are actually the opposite.

  19. Thx , im thinking of getting the galaxy Buds, eventhough i have an IPhone 📱,the Airpods aint that comfortable for me

  20. Has anyone tried to adjust EQ with CapTune app?(ios) . I have a Sennheiser hd4.40 BT, but the app also works with other headphones, and earphones. I was wondering if it would work with Galaxy Buds.

  21. I’ve got an iPhone XR and I have been wanting Galaxy Buds ever since one of my friends let me borrow them for a while. I’m also looking to get a Note10+ so that would be convenient for me.

  22. As many other reviews from other channels, this misses 2 crucial points (at least to me): phone call quality (being headphones that principally work on a phone, it's not something that should be ignored), and last but not least lip-synch with videos, which can be very annoying in some cases.

  23. I am a air pod user , im going to change mainly because the air pods give to many problems , for examples 1 piece stops working and you have to reset them and its fine , in my case i used air drop with a friend and left never worked.
    Changing because everyone says better sound, bass, noise cancelacion? I think… not sure, a it also matches my black iphone and apple watch

  24. How is the latency with the galaxy buds? Reason why I don't use Bluetooth in general is because of the delay between audio and visual cues

  25. But what if you change the ambient noise and settings on a android device and then use it on a apple device does that work?

  26. I just bought this to use with my iPhone 11. Awesome BT headset BUT YOU CANT CONTROL THE VOLUME UP/DOWN with iPhone. It works flawless with my work note 10 plus.


  28. I love how your vid was so short yet u still managed to cover all the different aspects. Many other vids that basically explain the same things take 10+ mins!

  29. This is what I wanted to hear, because I detest the way Apple's ear tech feels in my ears, and hate the way AirPods look.

  30. people wear the earpods coz they think it looks cool, everyone wears it in my gym whats so cringy is like 50 year old guys wearing it with died blonde hair and gold chain and singlet lol

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