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– This looks like spaghetti on a brain. Literally. – It’s so pretty. – Yeah, so pretty. Flip phone time. Yeah, it’s called a macaroon. – A macaroon. You have like rose lipstick on you. – Really? – Yeah, it’s like sparkly lipstick. It’s really nice. – So fabs. Yo, yo, oh how, how, how. – Hey guys. Do it. – Okay, okay, okay. – [Together] Hello, – Hello, hello, hello, hello Hey guys. Hope you all are doing
really, really, really well. So today, I have the annoying– – Your favorite doctor on the
Internet, you already know. – Your favorite doctor on the Internet. You guys love him. – Dr. Hobs, are you gonna say my name or are you like, what’s going on? – So this is We have Dr. Hobs here. – What’s goody. – You guys love him so much. – I love you guys too, so come
slide in my DM’s at DrHobs. – Yeah, go do that. I will link him in the description box. So today we have. – Oh yeah. – Rose gold everything– – There’s a bug on the brush. – What? – Got a little– – There’s literally a bug Okay, cutting that out. We have a rose gold brush. We have spoons. We have a burger. – Yeah, let that off pretty good. – Lit, and it’s actually a
Big Mac with bacon on it, so. – Fabs. – And then we have some rose gold phones– – Yeah, another one right here. – Yeah. – Turn around though. – Look. – Vaabz and some bottle of vodka. What is that? – No, this is not vodka. Okay, disclaimer, this not real. Tell them it’s not real. Tell them. – Oh it’s super real. Oh what, it’s not real. – It is not real.
– Oh it is not real. – We are not eating real
hair brushes or spoons. We are eating a real burger. – I don’t think anyone think
we’re eating a real brush. – You know what? We’re not eating a real
iPhone or champagne, can you shut up? This is all made with
100% real ingredients. – And love. – And love, come on. – And it took seven hours
to set this up, so, it’s very fun and entertaining
sitting on my couch waiting for Hunni Bee to get ready. – Okay, I take a really
long time to set up, like I’m a little bit of a perfectionist. A lot. – A lot. – So let’s just get right into this. What should we start with? – We should start with the, can we, let’s crack the bottle open. – Okay, yeah, no that’s a good idea. – Some ASMR vibes. Can you hear that? – Kay, can you do a better one? Okay, okay. Okay wait. Show them? – That’s the bottle. That’s, I’m, oh. What the hell? What’s in there? – We have marshmallows. (rattling softly) Can I take a bite from that? – Oh. – Oh, oh. – Should I like, I feel like you should. – All right, I’m not
biting it just like that. I’m gonna bite it. Can I do that? – No. That would literally
piss off so many people and myself. No. – I’m not biting it from here. – Okay, I’ll bite it. – You enjoy that. – And you bite it from there. – No, at the same time?
– Yeah. – And this is weird, Dr.
Hobs just leaves the video and it’s only Hunni Bee. – Okay.
– Okay. – I’m gonna bite it from here and you’re gonna bite it from here. – Can’t do it. – One, two, three. – Oh my God. Some marshmallow fabs. They have to be pink. – Mm. Mm. – Mm mm. – Okay, I’ll try. Are you ready? – Yep. Okay. – Mm. – Okay, shall we move on? – Yep, let’s move on. Yo, yo, ow, ow, ow, your logic thought putting it here is not, oh my God. – I still want it to be in the video. – Oh my God, oh my God. – I’m sorry. See, that looks cool. – That’s sick, yeah. Okay, next item. – Okay, I think we
should do the macaroons. – I think we should do the Crocs. The Crocs right here. The Crocs. – Okay, get that out of here. – Let’s do the brush, the brush. – No, no, no, the brush is
last, the brush is later. Okay spoons, spoons. – Spoons. – We agree on spoons. – Yeah, spoons. – Okay, take one. Okay now show them, show them. Oh look at it, it’s so pretty. – Yeah, so pretty. – Say, “It’s so pretty.” – Okay, let’s eat it. – One, oh cheers, cheers. – Oh, wait, wait, wait. All right, cheers. – Cheers. Whoa. – I actually love that. – Yeah, I hate that. The bottle was way better. What is that? – It’s chocolate. – Yeah, the thing is, I like
champagne more than spoons. So that’s understandable. I don’t know why you’re dying, but. – I don’t know either. Okay. Pass me a macaroon. – A what? – A macaroon. – Oh macaroon. – I say macaroon. – Yeah it’s called macaroon. – A macaroon. – I’m French though, macaroon. – Macaroon. – Okay, you’re being weird again. – Okay. I don’t know which one this is, but they’re both different. I think you have pistachio. Oh wait, no. – Pistachio, fabs, I love pistachio. – I don’t know what they are. Cheers. – You eat, cheer, oh yeah. I’m hungry again, wait. – That was rude. – I’m just saying. You have like rose lipstick on you. – Really? – Yeah, it’s like sparkly lipstick. It’s really nice. – So fabs. This is actually really good. – Mmhmm. – Actually fricken love that. – Bite number two. Okay. – Oh my gosh.
– This was good. – That was actually fire. That was orange, by the way,
orange cream or something. – Yeah, it was orange with
whipped cream on the inside, like some type of cream. – Now you’re a professional. – Yep, I know my food. Can I ask you, why did
we eat all the macaroons and chocolate before the burger? People eat burger then chocolate. – Because the burger is
kind of like one of the center pieces for this video. I mean–
– Okay, makes no sense, but yeah. – Oh my God, stop. Let’s do the phones. – Okay. – All right. You can’t see our faces. – I know. Are we taking a picture right now? – Yeah. – Take it on your phone. – My phone. – Screenshot this and tag us on Instagram. Okay, that’s okay. Fabs, are you ready? – Yeah. Cheers. – Cheers. – Do the kissy face. No, do the kissy face. – Oh, I can’t do that. It doesn’t work with me. No, I don’t know how to do it. – Okay fine, whatever. – I’m biting the camera first. Here we go. – Mm. – Right here, you want it right here? – Oh my gosh that was so good. – Have you heard of the flip phone? – Yeah. – Let’s do a flip phone. – Wait, wait, hold on, hold on. I just want to tell them that
this is actually sugar free. These phones, I used sugar free chocolate. So I’m not all about sugar. Sugar free. – Yep. Lit, I’m on a diet too, so. – You’re never on a diet, okay. – Oh. – All right, you do your flip phone. – Flip phone time. See, when you call me, hello? Okay. – Mm? – Mm. Mm mm. I have this much left. I’m gonna put it right here. – I have this much left. So, mm. What should we do next? The burger? – Um, the brush. – Okay yeah, let’s do the brush. – Okay, but you have to teach
me how to eat the brush. I’ve never eaten a brush before. – Okay, so it’s really not that hard. – Okay, eat it first and
then I see how you eat it. This looks like spaghetti on a brain. Literally. – Oh my gosh, I can’t. Okay. You take this one. I take this one. Now, show them, show them,
show them, show them. – If you ever wondered how
the inside of your brain looks like, that’s literally how it is. – It actually does look like a brain. Okay, ready? – I’m not ready. I’m gonna bite from here. – No, you only eat this part. Okay, ready? Cheers, cheers, cheers. Oh, it’s like a kiss. Oh. – Okay, that’s weird. – Okay. So it’s really easy. Wait, you wanna, – Oh. – Oh, keep away. Okay. – Go. – Why am I doing this? Here we go. Yo, when I bite this, those
pastas going up my nose. I’m serious. Look, like literally, look at this. All over my nose. And this is mine. Okay. I almost choked four times. I’m gonna put this right here. Okay, I have a great idea. That was a great experience. Eating brushes, it’s sick, but like, you need to be a pro eating
it, like look at that. It’s very, very hard to eat a brush. – I almost finished mine. – Yeah, me too. – No you didn’t, not even close. All right, so I don’t think
that was Dr. Hob’s favorites. – Not at all. – But I think this might be. – Yeah, the best for last. So let’s get that Big Mac. – Yeah, wait there’s like a hair. – The hair, bugs,
everything on your burgers. – Here, I’ll take this one. You wanna take this one. – Oh. Oh my God. – Woo. Will you go closer? – This is hooked. – Okay Okay, you ready? – Yep. – One, two– – You don’t want to cheer me, okay. – Oh yeah, okay, okay, I’m sorry. Cheers.
– Here we go. – One, two, three. – See, now we’re talking. Why can’t everything be McDonald’s? All right, bite number two. – Yeah, one, two, three. – That’s so good. The sauce is dripping down. Who doesn’t like a Big Mac? – Oh my gosh this is fricken fire. – It’s actually so good. – It’s going everywhere. – Okay, woo. – They’re actually so good. – Yeah, I’m on a diet, so,
I’m gonna put that right here. – Yeah, all right, guys, that
is the end of this video. I really, really hope or
we really, really hope you enjoyed it and make sure
you go check out his channel for our video together. – Comment down below
what we should do next on the Hunni Bee Channel. – If he’s invited again. – Okay. – All right, guys, I love you
so, so much and I’ll see you– – I love you too, I love you guys too. – And we’ll see you very, very, very soon. Good night.


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