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Asus ROG Gaming Phone – Durability Test!

Asus ROG Gaming Phone – Durability Test!

Today we’ll be durability testing the new
Asus ROG Gaming phone. Speaking of games, this video is sponsored
by Brawl Stars – a new supercell mobile game designed for smartphones. Brawl Stars is one of those fast paced multiplayer
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this video. This allows us to review a phone we might
not have gotten to test otherwise. Let’s get started. [Intro] The Asus ROG Phone. Asus has been around for a long time making
gaming hardware. ROG stands for Republic of Gamers. Asus is calling this phone a game changer,
and they might just be right. Inside the funky looking box we have a charging
block, and a fancy braided cable. And over here we have an external cooling
dock that plugs into the side of the phone. This is going to be interesting. And here is the ROG phone. This looks futuristically stealthy, and feels
heavy. Mostly glass with accent lines, and what’s
supposed to be a massive built in exterior heat sink with spreaders and vents. It’ll be pretty cool to see this thing from
the inside. The outside though is still pretty awesome. There’s an eye catching prismatic shimmer
and the metallic silver on the back. I’m excited to see what this phone can handle. Let’s start with the scratch test. The point of standardized tests is that we
put each and every smartphone through the same situations and see how they compare to
each other. Some phones have plastic screens, others are
made from sapphire like Kyocera’s latest Android phone. But this guy, like most other flagships, is
using Gorilla Glass 5 and we start seeing normal scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves
at a level 7. The Asus ROG phone has the whole face unlocking
thing and front facing 8 megapixel selfie camera hidden under the front glass. No notch on this phone. The earpiece grille is different. It’s copper accents look great on the phone,
but instead of an anodized metal grille, it has a plastic layer kind of glued to the top. I don’t this this is a future cosmetic blunder
waiting to happen though. Plastic is very well adhered to the metal. Almost like a colored epoxy. I really doubt the color will ever fall off
or peel away on it’s own. It took some serious persuasion to even get
it this far. The bottom stereo speaker grille is covered
with the same stuff, plus the whole thing can pull away from the phone. This doesn’t normally happen – most speaker
grilles are built in, but I still don’t see it falling off by itself. The adhesive underneath is pretty strong. Just something to be aware of. Now the back of the phone is pretty unique
with this metal looking grille protruding into the back glass panel. It’s one of the more unique looking phones
on the market right now. The sides are made from metal. Over here on the side we also have a little
rubber plug that covers the 2 USB-C ports…which I have already lost. This is where that external aereo active cooler
plugs in. A beastly futuristic looking accessory for
a futuristic looking phone. Asus says this little guy can cool the surface
of the phone by 4.7 degrees Celsius, which is probably a stretch. Yeah, I can feel the fan kick on inside the
contraption, but it’s also adding a load to the battery. That power draw is going t heat the internals
up while trying to cool down the exterior surface at the same time…Kind of counterproductive. Plus the underside of the phone is plastic
which is one of the worst remaining conductive materials. Any efficient heat dissipation system would
be metal. It’s definitely not a heat sink per se, it’s
more of just a fancy USB fan. I might be biased, but they should also have
made this thing transparent. The top of the phone is made from metal, along
with the other side, the volume buttons, and power button. I’m no expert gamer myself, but it’s probably
safe to assume that gamers like the option of wireless or corded headphones, so it’s
nice to see a headphone jack down here at the bottom next to the USB-C port. Asus has courageously added more ports than
anyone could ever want. There is an oddly shaped fingerprint scanner
on the back, invincible to my razor blade. Thumbs up for that. This doubles as the track pad to drop down
the notification bar which is kind of cool. Asus is also doing it right with the dual
cameras on the back. One is a 12 megapixel wide angle lens, and
another 8 megapixel normal sensor for regular pictures. Dual cameras, each with their own properties. The single colored LED flash is protected
under the back glass. The back logo is also under the glass and
scratch proof, kind of putting a damper on Art Class with Jerry. I need Apple to release another iPad. Just like on the Razer Phone 2, this logo
actually lights up. Asus has it turn on for notifications or when
it goes into it’s more powerful gaming mode. But also, just like the Razer Phone 2, it’s
pretty dim and best seen in low light environments. Of course, besides raw power, the next most
important aspect of a gaming phone is the screen, and Asus has again pushed the limits
of what a smartphone can handle. Normal smartphones like iPhones and Samsungs
have a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. Asus has somehow managed to bump that up to
an impressive 90 Hertz on this 1080p screen while still using an AMOLED. Razer is still the king of the refresh rate
with 120 Hertz, but they’re also using an LCD panel where those kinds of refresh rates
are much more common. I’d say LCD’s are a bit more color accurate,
but AMOLED’s are definitely more vibrant. So it’s cool to see the refresh rate improving. The AMOLED panel did go white after 32 seconds
and did not recover. I’m honestly looking forward to the teardown
on this one. The copper accents on the back don’t appear
to fall off, but realistically they are probably just decoration. We’ll have to find out from the inside. Sometimes the quickest way inside of a phone
is with a bend test. Build quality and structural integrity are
always a factor when choosing which mobile device to carry with you for the next few
years. The initial flex had some heart dropping pops
associated with the bend, but everything is still working just fine. Bending from the front, we have a minor flex
but no permanent damage. Every time it’s bent from the back though,
it pops. Not sure why, but the most important thing
is that it locks out, stops bending, and is still alive and passes the bend test. Asus has done a good job with this one. If you had to decide between the Asus ROG
phone and the Razer Phone 2, which would you pick? I’m curious. Both phones are pretty impressive. Asus is taking the accessory innovation to
a whole new level. Hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already
and come hang out with me on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you

100 thoughts on “Asus ROG Gaming Phone – Durability Test!”

  1. I just realise, if Gorilla glass 3 scratch at level 6 and Gorilla glass 5 scratch at level 6 so GG6 should scratch at level seven but then I was wrong. So the lesson is Glass is glass and glass will be scratch at level 6 and a deeper grove at level 7. Samsung will use ceramic in the future.

  2. Asus cus headphone jack and you can charge from the top so it isnt uncomftorable when gaming and charginy

  3. I have to agree this phone is AWESOME but it costs as much as a gaming computer! (Which is what rog specializes in)

  4. You forgot the part where after a month of operation, the LCD fractures from the inside for no reason and won't be covered by warranty. Has happened twice to me so far.

  5. Do the azus rog phone 2 please I really want to watch you take it apart and see if it’s a good phone because you help me a lot


  7. I loved brawl stars but my cheap phone ruined my fun..
    Bro,I am from Bangladesh…I have a cheap symphony phone of 6990 taka…I am so carefully using it for 2.5 half years but now the phone is not usable anymore…my dad lost his job but I needed a phone….I asked my dad but he said his disability….
    if you helped me by giving me an used I phone of you, I would be so grateful to you….
    Please don't think that I am lying..all the things I said is true….

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