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ASUS ROG Phone 2 Resmi Indonesia : Full Review

ASUS ROG Phone 2 Resmi Indonesia : Full Review

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below this video With terms and conditions apply. Hello Gadgeteers! ‘Still back with me again, Arfi. Just playing with my… ROG Phone 2. So… I’ve been using this ROG Phone 2 for around how long… 5 to 6 days? And… I want to talk about this Firstly as a highend smartphone, a flagship smartphone. And secondly as a gaming smartphone. First things first, the design of the phone
in the perspective of a flagship smartphone. Usually a common flagship smartphone
has a… design that is full of character– Something unique. Everything is shown in this ROG Phone 2 here. First of. I really love the ROG logo here. I was playing with the ROG Phone 2 at home. Then my dad came and asked. Isn’t… that an ROG logo? I said “Yes” and then he said
“Oh so that’s a gaming phone then?” This means… Branding wise and… uniqueness and such. The ROG Phone has established… It’s own character. And the back of the phone isn’t
metal anymore. It’s a layer of glass now. The front is also Gorrila Glass 6. With the frames being metal as well.
Very sturdy. Very nice to use.
Very nice to hold. But even though the back is glass they did not include wireless charging here. Because usually, flagship phones are
able to flash charge. Even the IP rating for the water-dustproof… is not included in the ROG Phone 2. However, NFC is available on the phone for… For what? Like if you’re on the highway. Suddenly you ran out of kredit. You can top-up on the go. Don’t have to… find an ATM or the likes of it. Next, one of the features that are special
to the highend flagship phones is the screen needs to be high quality as well. Needs to be… Well… Maybe these days… Let’s say atleast a super AMOLED. And this ROG Phone 2 has a super
AMOLED FHD+ screen. And because its an AMOLED display,
an underscreen fingerprint is available. It’s pretty fast as well! Compared to… it’s face unlock, which I feel is a bit
sluggish and a bit laggy. Then, pinning the screen in the middle
we have… 2 front facing stereo speakers. So the sound is very clear, very loud. Very nice, especially when watching… Streamed content for long periods. Feels pretty good.
And… yeah. HDR 10+ is supported. Netflix… Widevine L1 is supported. So.. You’ll always get the highest quality.
Just like that. Aside from the stereo speakers earlier,
there are… An option for listening to your music
via a 3.5mm jack. Haven’t been circumsized. And because of this… I…
What’s the word. I’m really greatful that it still has it. 3.5mm jack, because… Sometimes, for instance, when you bring TWS sometimes you just forget about it. Like right now I have 0 clue where
my TWS is. So atleast if you have a 3.5 mm jack… there’s going to be another option
aside from being wireless. And one of the things that is a clear
advantage of the ROG Phone 2 is the… It’s screen that reaches up to 120 Hz refresh rate… Constant as well, not adaptive. Like, on other regular phones, they are mostly adaptive. So it’s like– Depending on the content, the screen itself… With… the high refresh rate kicks in. On the other hand, this one is constant. It just feels so smooth using this
120Hz screen! Even though honestly… It’s not really something that’s like,
“Wow! Super important!” and stuff But, well– It makes a good eye candy. And… Someone asked about, if for instance… How’s the performance of the
battery handling it’s 120 Hz. So if you turn on the 120 Hz. The ability of the battery is… like a regular general phone. Like a normal flagship device. One full day is enough. At night you still need to charge it. From morning till’ night, the phone will
accompany your daily activities. And at night you have to charge it back up. And if we use the 60 Hz. The next day the phone still has… a lot of spare charge actually! So Gadgeteers just have to choose then. Do you want a super good screen
but you have to charge… Everyday. I mean like every night. Or you want to… uh… You want to use it for a long trip. Let’s say you need the phone to be
on the next day… for regular daily use. In 60 Hz. This is all thanks to the battery thats… 6000 mAh. The down side of the 6000 mAh in my opinion You can feel every bit of that weight!
So… I think if you throw this to someone
they’ll just instantly pass out. and I mean I’ll ALSO pass out! Because this… is MY ROG Phone getting thrown! Scratches and everything! Would be pretty sad. And for charging the phone. Because it does not have wireless charging.
it means that… it’s depended on wired charging. There’s a USB Type-C slot right here. And… also on its side. It’s for if you want to play games
while charging the phone. I recommend to charge it here. And with it’s 18 W charger The– Charging this ROG phone from
10% to Full takes around… 2 Hours. With… To be fair on it’s first hour of
charging, it already reached like 80%-ish. So… The next hour is just trickle charging,
so it doesnt make the… ROG Phone 2 become too hot while playing. Just like that. Moving on. What’s also commonly
asked is regarding the UI. UI… A lot of people… Are like… “What’s up with this UI???” “Why is it so tacky??” “Why–” “Feels like…” What’s the word? Like super gamery feeling, yeah? Something like that. And honestly you can
just change it and… The pre-installed themes… ASUS has
a couple as well. Simillar to the Zen Phone 6. At it’s core it’s basically simillar to Stock Android. Speaking about Stock Android, The phone is
already Android 9, Pie! And… what I like about the Stock Android is… what I mentioned before. It has minimal bloatware. Finally, what’s usually a flagship
hook is usually the camera. This isn’t like… What’s the word… Follow the current flagship trend? And many Android flagships… add a lot of cameras at the back This right here… Only has 2 Cameras! 48 MP Main Camera. With a 13 MP Ultra-Wide Camera. In my opinion, the photos are…
very good. Even though, let’s say this is a gaming phone,
you can still take pictures with it. The color tone is nice and captures the details. Also has a 2x zoom that you can… really use! Even without a Telephoto,
the 2x Zoom is very good. And an Ultra-Wide! I honestly like Ultra-Wides better than
telephotos. The photos are good, with good edge
detection. Although… It is a shame that… The night mode is lacking and a bit… slower than the other flagship phones. Without a night mode it’s enough really. But if the night mode option CAN be
improved further, well… would be much better. So this ROG Phone 2 can record videos Up to 4K 60 FPS that Gadgeteers can check right here. Main Camera 4K 60 FPS, Going at 30 FPS Aside from the main camera earlier The Ultra-Wide camera can record 4K 30 FPS. Is it stable? Of course it is! And it goes like this. Even though the slow-motion is… Pretty standard. 480 FPS with the HD resoluton.
And… 240 FPS in the FHD resolution. Then, the selfie camera is 24 MP. And.. It uses Pixel Binning as well. So… The default output will be 6 MP. With the results in my opinion… It’s pretty decent. The skin color is okay… Then, uh… HDR… Compression is okay as well. Not the best, but enough for me. Now for the front camera, It can take… 1080p 60 FPS videos. So if you want to do panning shots,
It can be smooth. Here’s an example. And lastly, for a flagship smartphone… It uses the fastest chipset… that is available on it’s generation. Speaking about the chipset, I’ll just jump
right in into… The gaming side of the ROG Phone 2. So… The ROG Phone 2 uses the fastest chipset
that is available currently. Even though the Snapdragon 865 is announced. But, well– This… The ROG Phone 2 uses the
Snapdragon 855+. With it’s clock speed being 2.96 GHz. Supported with it’s 8 GB of RAM,
and 128 GB of storage. Other options includes RAM up to
12 GB… and a 512 GB of storage with a higher cost. And because this is the fastest chipset that
is currently available in the market. This means that… Every game is on it’s highest settings with
it’s framerate being very playable. Anykind of game will run here! Because… It’s the top chipset. Firstly there’s something called an X-mode. This X-mode isn’t simillar to like… Usually on a PC Motherboard there is an
overclock button or something. So this X-mode is… …is not the same as that.
On how it works that is. So they like… They only… Give some freedome to its… CPU or it’s chipset to run a bit longer
while being on high frequency. Without being compensated with it’s temperature. Essentially they ignore… Their thermal limitations to run longer
in a higher frequency. So what’s the result? Well ofcourse, more heat. However– even if you play games for a long time,
It doesn’t like… what is it… No frame drops occurs, or yet– No performance drops. It’ll still hold 60 FPS, Let’s say. Playing COD Mobile… Ranked games with friend and everything… No lags will occur, or frame drops that… are significant. Just like that. That’s the X-mode. Aside from that, there’s the air triggers. These air triggers are R1 and L1. This is like.. what– Having air triggers on the ROG Phone 2
is enough like… Super helpful and it’s fairly sensitive.
Which you get set… The sensitivity to your liking. And also you can set the haptic feedback’s
intensity while shooting and such. The settings are quite simple too. Even though there are already initial presets. So you still have to fiddle around a little
at the start. Do some manual settings and such. But, well… I feel so comfortable playing FPS games
with this phone. Even though I don’t get too much support
when playing a MOBA game. Like for instance AOV, doesn’t really
benefit from the air triggers. I only use the air triggers for Battle Royale
games or FPS, like COD. Something like that. And it really helps! I can aim while shooting and walking at the
same time without any fuss… manuvering my fingers. Which is one of
the privliges. There’s also the Armoury Crate software
that controls everything. The X-mode, the air triggers… the RGB lighting for the ROG Phone 2… You can use it for notifications as well. So software wise, I think this is already
extremely polished. But hardware wise, I feel like there are some
heat going on… At around this area. At around this area, if you play games
for a while, it gets toasty. And if you want to play games longer
without dealing with the heat, then… At the bare minimum you should use the
included case. Which has a very magical shape. Because this is enough to sustain the heat
so it doesnt directly go to your hand. Oh speaking about the screen being 120 Hz,
someone also asked… Regarding… Are there games that supports 120 FPS? I’d say yes! In the Armoury Crate app I’ve
mentioned before. There is a list of games that supports 120 FPS. Sadly– Let me explain. Games that needs high refresh rates
are generally competitive games. What I mean competitive is… Online or
Multiplayer games that… really needs like… high refresh rate. So the enemy movements
are more readable. Sadly the game that supports it… The 120 Hz on the ROG Phone 2. The games are more casual. There’s minecraft, Assassins Creed Rebellion… Then… Asphalt 9 and fighting games. To be honest, fighting games don’t need
high refresh rates, but needs… Constant 60 FPS with no drops.
And thats it! And most of the time, the one that needs
high refresh rate are… Competitive games, such as FPS Battle Royale… Hopefully the support for 120 Hz can be
implemented in other games Especially in popular games such as CODM,
or PUBG Mobile, and others as well. So that… The feature is used. So it’s not just a gimmick. Even though… I feel the transition to 120 Hz is
really super good. And… It’s different than what I feel
on other phones. Thats what I feel, I think. So in my opinion, this ROG Phone 2… As a flagship? I think– or atleast used on a daily basis Feels like… a weight, yeah? Because It’s heavy! And secondly. Well.. It’s a bit eye-catching too, and it doesn’t
really fit my character. Except if Gadgeteers are a pure gamer… Maybe you’ll be compatible with this
ROG Phone 2. But if we’re talking about playing games. The best mobile gaming experience,
I could… Confidently say you’ll find in this
ROG Phone 2. For now. Minimal. Just like that. EVEN THOUGH! Sadly. Sadly. And this
isn’t like… It’s not ASUS fault, or anyones fault. BUT. If android has a feature simillar to the
Apple Arcade. Or like the XBOX Game Pass. That… What is it… Gives a good library of games. Using a subscription service. Giving a big library of games, yeah? Good games as well like the Apple Arcade I think that this is very worth to buy. And 8.5 Million IDR for the ROG Phone 2
you could say… It’s the best deal ever. So… Yep! I think that’s about it. And for Gadgeteers out there so you miss out on
Unboxings, Hands-on and… Our newest gadget reviews you can
just subscribe to us and… hit that bell notification icon! And… for those of you who just subscribed Thank you for supporting the only gadget channel in Indonesia that consistently discuss official gadgets I’m Arfi, signing off. We’ll see you on the next video! Bye-bye!

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  2. Aku dah beli bang. Overall oke banget. Udah termasuk murah buat ukuran HP gaming. 8/128 = 8.5jt

    *Minusnya Berat Mampus 240gram
    *No Slot MicroSD
    *Tidak ada Pilihan Warna Lain
    *Hasil Kamera Biasa2 saja setara hp 3jutaan
    *Untuk varian Basic 8/128 tidak dikasih Fast Charging
    *Tidak ada Earset Gratisan

  3. Kalo di sanding kan dengan Samsung note 9 secara display,, fisik & camera agan lebih memilih yg mana gan….
    Mohon balas komen sya ini ya gan

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