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ASUS ROG Phone: Overkill Is Underrated

ASUS ROG Phone: Overkill Is Underrated

(upbeat music) – I’m gonna level with you. I’ve never really been into mobile gaming because I’ve never found mobile
games all that engrossing. Well this smartphone right here? I think this was built to change that. (upbeat music) Okay. So this is the Asus ROG Phone. ROG for Republic of Gamers. Now as you YouTube
subscribers already know, Asus isn’t the only company
bringing a gaming smartphone to market in 2018. I went hands on with the ROG
Phone’s biggest competitor, the Razer Phone 2 a couple weeks ago. The full review is coming soon. It’s very impressive. But though these two products are targeting similar consumers, they’re doing it very differently. The Razer Phone 2 is a
hard-edged, angular monolith. It tries to walk the line
between gamer and power user. Well, the ROG Phone is a
rounded and super-stylized slate whose aesthetics say one thing. This is a muscle car, and it’s made for playing hard. Just look at the copper grills on the vent ports around back, next to the engraved
call-out reminding you that for this phone, traditional cooling just won’t do. See the Snapdragon 845 running the show, is the same chip you’ll find in almost every high-end
smartphone of 2018. But this one is capable of
running a little faster. Nearly 3 GHz. More work equals more heat. Maybe more than the built in vapor-chamber and heat spreader can deal with. So in the box with the phone (chuckles), you get a fan. Asus calls this the Aero Active Cooler, but it’s literally a slap-on fan. It forces air through the
phone’s casing to cool it better. Yes, you can feel it on your
fingers when you’re playing and even will blow your hair
around if you hold it up to your head like a moron. Of course, there’s custom software here. Each game you play on the ROG phone can have it’s own profile. So you can set parameters by game. Like what clock speed you want to run at. How fast do you want the fan to run if the cooler’s attached. Whether you want to dump
everything else out of RAM when you open the game. And what refresh rate you
want from the display. This screen maxes out at 90 Hz. Not quite the 120 Hz of the Razer Phone, but it has other advantages. It’s an OLED panel instead of an LCD. And it is substantially brighter. (upbeat music) Back to the Aero Active for one second. It plugs into a special side connector that also contains another USB-C port, so you can switch from a
portrait game to a landscape one, and continue charging without
your grip getting all weird. Oh, and get this. In a world where more and
more phones are eliminating the traditional headphone port. The ROG phone? It gives you two between
the phone and the fan. If you prefer to give your
sound more room to spread out, the Front Firing speakers
are incredibly powerful. The power of this package is just amazing. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) But even a casual like
me knows that gaming is about more than power, and Asus knows it too. Check out these textured call-outs
on the side of the phone. These are called AirTriggers. They’re ultrasonic touch
sensors that serve as buttons when you’re playing your game. Like the bumpers on a console controller. My favorite part about
these is that they work with any app. You just drag these circles over whatever on-screen targets you want them to tap. When you click the triggers. Boom! Extra buttons. I love thoughtful touches
like these that have an effect on how you use the phone. And I even appreciate ’em
when they’re just a little bit of shallow fun, like the customizable multi-colored
logo on the Back Plate. Now here’s why I can’t finish this review in just one video folks. I have yet to use the ROG Phone for anything other than gaming. The big 4000mAh powered battery, the dual-camera array with
its ultra wide option. I’ve still gotta put those to the test. And the reason for that? It’s not just phonetober fest. It’s that I don’t think it’s possible to review this phone completely without also trying
all of its accessories. The accessories are a
huge part of this story. And I think most customers
who are considering buying this phone will also buy those. Asus tells me I’ll be able to check those out in a few weeks. So once again, please subscribe
to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss part two. I will close on a few of
the complaints I’ve jotted down so far. I’m not quite sure about the look of the custom Asus software. The fingerprint sensor definitely takes some getting used to. And the lack of wireless
charging or water resistance beyond IPX4 is kind of a bummer. Minor issues, but at $899, the ROG
Phone is 100 bucks more than the direct competition from Razer. A hundred bucks more
than the Google Pixel 3. And wouldn’t it be easier
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and start saving today. What do you wanna know
about the ROG phone folks? Drop a line in the comments below and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. You can ask me questions there too. Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile, my friends. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “ASUS ROG Phone: Overkill Is Underrated”

  1. This is the first thing that excited me today. It's got to have some attachments to have controller like functionality because I can't stand on screen controls…omg, I hate them.

  2. You're one of the only YouTubers, or person on the planet for that matter, whose opinion I agree with like 95% of the time. But that's not why I like your reviews… They're incredibly well crafted and thorough, and look at things from as objective of an opinion as possible. And most of all, you give your honest opinion, whether it could upset a manufacturer you have a good working relationship with or not. Bravo! 👏👏👏

  3. There's no game an iPhone for example can't play, so all of this extra bs on the phone is pointless. It's still a 845. It's not like comparing a MacBook which is weak to a rog laptop.

  4. 2:08 Re 90 Hz vs 120 Hz – I was gonna comment that the difference probably doesn't matter, but that might be wrong actually.

  5. I'm actually waiting for this device to come out. I think it's a breath of fresh air from the glass phones that everyone loves. I enjoy unique devices; my daily driver is the BlackBerry Key2 which is very different from what's out right now. I can't wait to see part 2.

  6. Just got my 512gb US version yesterday with like 498gb out the bat. Too bad it doesn't have a micro SD card slot and wireless charging but it's a beast of a phone nonetheless with a good amount of features that I liked across other brands and the 512gb storage is probably overkill anyway since I doubt I can even reasonably fill half of that soon coming from my s8+.

  7. I don't even play mobile games, but I'm loving all the physical features on the phone. It's utilitarian. It gives you all the ports for every possible situation, and more phone companies need to do that.

  8. This is like an upgraded ZTE Axon 7, which is to say, I won't game on it, but it has everything I want: big battery, strong processor, great dual speakers, HEADPHONE JACK, and Amoled.

  9. Gaming on an iPhone xsmax is better. I have a note 9 , one plus 6 and a xsmax and the iPhone plays all my games better.

  10. Not into mobile gaming either…though I am a One Plus fan, but I never game on it. However I am a pretty hardcore PC gamer, and some kind of console gamer too especially in soccer or racing game.

  11. As far as I have found out, asus are using bad antennas. I get heavy lagspikes in aov on rog phone, but not on op6. Holding the phones the same way. Both connected to the same wifi and internet. Rog phone is my first asus.

  12. I actually bought this phone (mostly because I hated my S7, the battery died so fast and cooked my hand in my pocket despite having a 3000MAh battery).
    The battery life is stupid in the best way possible, a 20 minute walk with Pokemon Go on my S7 would drop the battery to 67% easily but the ROG drops to at best 87% with the screen left on and at max (and damn it is bright, it is blinding at night walking to work).
    The screen is VERY accurate to touch and almost a bit to sensitive if I'm one handing it and touch the edge, plus it even has a glove mode (I'll be testing that very soon as it gets cold here in Washington)
    As for speed, it definitely has it, Pokemon Go on my S7 use to stutter randomly (likely due to the heat too) and I have yet to find a game it didn't run smooth as can be.
    The Camera and it's software isn't the best but the software side of things can be tweaked and fixed up in time, so maybe the camera will look better as it ages and the software gets refined?
    The side attachment while is intended for gaming while holding the phone on it's side has actually become something I leave on as it helps me hold onto the phone and play things one handed as it sits in the perfect spot for me, but I have nerve damage in my hands so I lack feeling so having that piece lets me know I'm holding it too.
    As for the finger print reader? For me it sits in the perfect spot, I can pull the phone out of my pocket and touch the reader with ease as it sits right where you hold the phone naturally instead if it being located in an odd spot like on the front on the very bottom in the center coughs*iPhone*coughs

  13. I'm considering getting this phone. But I'd like to know few more things.

    Somebody said the buttons feel weird, kinda soft. How are they?

    How good exactly is the camera, which phone would you compare it to?

    I hear the speakers are loud, but how's the actual sound quality?

    How long does it take to fully charge the phone?

    How fast and reliable is the face unlock?

    If there's a cover for that side slot, is it tightly fit or am I just going to lose it when it comes off on its own?

    Any know issues or flaws?

  14. Honestly. I want this phone, I'm not a mobile gamer, it just fits my aesthetic and performance preferences. And that docking accessory is so compelling

  15. The only worthy game to play on a mobile is Vainglory.
    I'm still looking for 2-3 more games just to pass time when afk from Dota2 or World of Warcraft

  16. Was looking forward to getting this phone. But you can’t get it in stores. Where did he heck can you pick it up in stores?

  17. This is very user friendly for gaming. Pretty clever. Definitely underrated. Wonder how gaming audio might be using the headphone jack. Maybe not a big deal for a phone.

  18. I miss the times when nvidia chipset are for gamers 😟 Asus made a better gaming smartphone though, Razer is good too but this , i think, is better (one reason is the headphone jack) since the chipset is customized from 2 ghz to 2.9 ghz. But others would rather consider razer than asus because ROG smartphone is tooooooooooooooooo expensive even without its accessories.

  19. I ended up returning the rog phone. Great gaming phone for offline games! But horrible for online gaming! Huge ping spikes and unstable connection. Gaming mode doesn't even block interruptions or boost any difference. Speakers are good, but outdoor mode is horrible. Removes all bass and only uses treble. Camera is good, even in low light. But the ping spikes really kill the phones purpose! And asus had 9 months to fix such flaws!

  20. I just bought this phone and it kicks ass. I haven't had as much fun with a phone in a long time.
    In the end, it's just a phone, yes. But it is really good. Asus has put the best of the best for everything inside or outside. The speakers are full sounding and very loud, each with their own amp, the headphone jack has it's own DAC of very high quality, so good quality headphones will give their best, there is a dedicated chip for HDR, the screen of course with it's 90 hertz and it is wide gamut capable. Big battery, overclockable processor. The list goes on. Even the tactile feel of the volume and power buttons is top notch. Plus there are those Air Triggers that can be used for other things than gaming, like launching apps and stuff. I would say the only sore points are the lack of waterproofing and the good but not great camera. And it looks much better in person than on pictures or videos. Great phone !

  21. Michael ……which phone opens apps quicker and it's more powerful in terms of gaming …..OnePlus 6t or this phone ??

  22. Even if you don't game still this phone is amazing that 120hz screen
    … Let me tell you it feels Amazing you won't feel much difference when using it but once you go back to other phones you would notice how incredible of a difference a displays refresh rate can make

  23. Asus made the perfect USB Type C dongle. It has a headphone jack and a charging port! This is what I'm looking for, but I wish it had widespread support

  24. There's something with your presentation that makes watching your reviews calming. Underrated tech reviewer!

  25. If Asus adds their new near-stock variation of Android, I'd definitely buy one! Super gorgeous and refreshingly unique-looking phone!

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