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ATT Alternative For iPhone 4 Carriers Red Pocket Mobile 3G Data Speed Test

ATT Alternative For iPhone 4 Carriers Red Pocket Mobile 3G Data Speed Test

they were so quarrel this is larry for mobile game checked here with another video for you guys
thanks for tuning in and today we have to factory unlocked
iphones fours um… which is on the red pocket mobile and uh… there which is on eighteen t and we’re going to do is beat terrace on
these see which ones faster you know they’re pretty much sp par on the same network uh… one has been pretty consistently
faster and better speeds uh… huh this fund eighty mt just so you guys know i haven’t been
able to uh… for some reason speed tests dot net hat isn’t really working was having some difficulties would it so
i had a groups and second option which is mobile
speed tests dot com indeed fry run a speed tests on the eighteen t
phone and we’re getting to read bars right now and a day now daycare weaker so forth to megabyte tennessee only got
seven hundred and there d to to the bites you guys can’t see it nets for eighteen t and will run another test again and we are at sandra dee and seventeen nine kilobytes
per sec for their tears swell it’s has america at that as you can see
what i got two bars right now in eighteen eighty and if we go with the red pocket mobile which anyway so no it’s pretty much on the
same network they’re just like uh… using their for troll uh… for chile network on on uh… it can tease pay-as-you-go onto a truly good bright terraced on this one an effort disco learned see with this
one we’re getting two-point eight kilobytes
for some reason has been cases we getting stretches speeds monterey park eight mobile and than the eighteen t and still in this one has also drinking
only two to three bars but still is being getting pretty compresses spy’s if you
can’t see pets too tur is too when he came to be you know and one more terrace and here we go once again uh… we are at twenty five seventy two which is basically two point five
megabytes so consistently ready park and what what
has been pretty fast hi guys say it is if you guys are
looking for alternative free iphone preclude outweighs suggest getting accurate
pocket mobile which is uh… prepaid service and they seem to get pretty good
speeds for the hai phong if u interested you can uh… i’ll have
a look at the bottom uh… for gain getting a sim card and also appeared interested in factory
unlocked ira phones are also people inc bottom below headaches for tuning in now please remember to rate comic can subscribe talk to you later

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