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Axon 7 Teardown – Screen Repair, Battery Replacement, Charging Port Fix

Axon 7 Teardown – Screen Repair, Battery Replacement, Charging Port Fix

Today I’ll be tearing down the Axon 7. Some of you might recognize it as the “L-Noxv”
from my durability test. This thing held up very well during that test
and now it’s time to see what this mid range Android phone looks like from the inside. [Intro] It’s always considerate to turn the phone
off before initializing surgery. And removing the SIM card tray is step number
2. There are no visible screws on this device
which is great for aesthetics but not so great for repairing. Some heat is required to soften the glue under
each of the plastic speaker grills at the top and bottom of the phone. This phone does have dual front firing speakers
though which is kind of cool. There are 4 screws at the bottom and 2 screws
at the top. I will link all of the replacement parts and
tools down in the video description right below this video. After those screws are out the rear back metal
panel can be separated from the front and the fingerprint scanner ribbon cable can be
disconnected from the back of the phone-just like a little Lego. And you can see the little golden contact
points for the rear LED flash. These just rest on top of the motherboard
pins for their signal. You can tell that the rear panel is made from
aluminum by the silver color and by the machine mill marking designs all around the inside. This really does help add strength to the
phone; so thumbs up for solid build quality. Now for the electronics. We’re going to disconnect the battery first. It is located under the silver bracket that
has one screw holding it down. Then I can unclip the little connector with
my plastic pry tool so it won’t short out. I’ll pop off the extension ribbon cable
next and then the screen ribbon and the little Lego-style connector for the power buttons
on the side. This white dot up top is the liquid damage
indicator. So if your phone ever gets wet it will turn
pink and your warranty will be voided. So try to keep your phone dry. There are 4 screws holding down the motherboard
to the frame and then the motherboard can lift off after you detach the one signal wire
from that bottom right side. The front facing camera unsnaps like a little
Lego, just like the rear facing camera. And the processor, or brains of the phone,
is the big black square you see on the back of the board. It rests on top of this pink, gummy-like substance
to help with the heat dissipation. The pink frosting might look tasty, but it
is not. Don’t eat this. You can see that the rear camera has OIS by
the way the lens can physically move around inside of the camera unit. The headphone jack is soldered into place,
but hey, at least it has one. I’ll snap both of the cameras back into
place, just lining up the little connection and clipping it done- just like you would
if you were playing with Legos. At the bottom of the phone there is a white
loud speaker cap. There are 2 screws holding that down and then
it will lift off. It’s interesting that the loud speaker at
the bottom is the exact same size as the top earpiece. So the sound will be equal coming from both
ends of the phone. The charging port has 3 more screws holding
it in place. I can remove that metal bracket over the end
of the extension ribbon cable and that will pop off as well. It was nice of ZTE to put the arrow on this
ribbon because it will only work in one direction, so don’t stick it on backwards. One more wire cable at the bottom and then
there is a little bit of adhesive holding the USBC charging port into place…but then
it will lift away from the frame. The little hole you see in the circuit board
is for the microphone. The little metal circle is the vibration motor. And now we also get a good look at the bottom
loud speaker. It is the same as the one at the top of the
phone. The battery is very well adhered to the frame
unfortunately. It has no magical pull tabs to help you remove
the adhesive so it is very easy to puncture as you’re prying it up so be careful. Heating it up with a blow dryer or heat gun
will help it come out easier as well. Try not to bend it too much and if you’re
trying to keep your display intact and functional, make sure to be careful with that ribbon that’s
running up the left-hand side of the phone; that goes to the screen. This flat copper thing is called a heat pipe. It’s there to help keep the processor cool. Sometimes manufacturers will call it liquid
cooling, but it’s more of a vapor chamber and it has no physical liquid inside. I also remove this pipe entirely on my old
Galaxy S7 with no ill effects. So I’m sure the pipe is useful, but it’s
definitely not mandatory. Now the display. Right now this AMOLED panel and the glass
are adhered to the mid-frame of this phone. Separating the two is pretty impossible without
damaging the display, so only attempt it if you have nothing to lose and if you have a
fully functioning display ready to put in its place. It really is hard to find part for ZTE phones,
but if I do find any I will link them in the video description right below this video. But if I can’t find any replacement parts,
you can always buy another broken Axon 7 and Frankenstein the working parts together to
make one useful phone. It’s time to put things back together. I’ll plop the battery back and then get
the charging port situated, along with the loud speaker and that white speaker cover
with its two screws. Get the extension ribbon clipped in and the
wire cables snapped down before putting on the silver bracket and those 3 screws for
the charging port board. Then up here at the top of the phone, the
motherboard gets set into place making sure that all the ribbons are out of the way and
not stuck under the board. The only wire under the board is the black
wire that plugs in on the bottom right. I’ll get the extension cable ribbon clipped
in and then the power button ribbon, and the screen ribbon, and the 4 screws on the motherboard
that get screwed in before I finally connect the battery power. Power should always be the last thing you
connect on the board. The metal bracket with its screw will go over
the battery connection. And then I can test the phone, making sure
everything works before I put the back panel on. Now I now it works so I’ll go ahead and
turn off the phone again and attach the fingerprint scanner ribbon and slip the phone back in
to the back metal panel. You can always add new adhesive under the
plastic speaker grills at the top and the bottom. Make sure you get all the screws screwed back
in as well; there are 2 at the top and 4 at the bottom. My adhesive is still kind of tacky so I’m
just going to set the grills into place and hope for the best. If you haven’t seen the durability test
on this phone yet, go check it out. And subscribe if you like seeing tech reviewed
from the inside. Thanks a ton for watching! I’ll see you around.

100 thoughts on “Axon 7 Teardown – Screen Repair, Battery Replacement, Charging Port Fix”

  1. Don't the batteries discalibrate every time you disconnect them in these repair videos? My Moto X won't charge beyond 4% after replacing the LCD.๐Ÿ˜ฐ

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  3. Can you please do a video about how to repair a hudl 2 which is the tablet from Tesco as mine has a problem with the display

  4. Hey Jerry, can you do a durability/teardown videos of the zenfone 3/3 Max/3 Laser? Really liked your videos, would love to see how good these zenfones are.

  5. Do you know of a thin substitute for the double sided tape under the speaker grills? One which lets air pass through, like the original? After 2.5 months I've got dust buildup under the camera lens and I would like to clean it out.

  6. My axon 7 fell and now I can't see anything on the screen. The digitizer still works because I can answer calls. No visible cracks on screen or LCD leaks. Do you think the screen is finished or can it be something as simple as the ribbon cable came loose?

  7. were do you get a replacement lcd panel for this phone!!?? i bought the phone second hand and need to fix the cracked screen? ive looked everywhere for a replacement!!?

  8. Zack, the reason why some smartphones (esp. those who marked as "HiFi smartphones" or speakerphones) have plastic speakergrill and plastic cover from the inside is to prevent reverberation in the audio output, I KNOW speakers can use some sort of metal alloys that doesn't reverb, but for smartphones the budget is limited, most smartphones with metal grill speakers are garbage sounding, even the high end ones, my axon 7 is nice on frequency response, although it has 1 part only which is the tweeter, so subbass rolls of early like any smartphone/tablet speaker ๐Ÿ™

  9. i dropped my phone in the water. I opened it and checked everything,
    every time i turn the phone on it shows a greenscreen , i think the
    problem might be with the display since i can hear it turn on , but just
    can't see anything, is there a way to clean the display ribbon or take
    the lcd panel out or replace it? pls help

  10. If you crack your screen or anything goes wrong with this phone, you're absolutely fucked! There are no replacement screen/digitizer/screen assembly available and moreover, you will lose the waranty if you don't send it to ZTE to be repaired.
    The phone comes with 2 year warranty and ZTE will charge you approx. $90 for the screen, you will send it to them, it will arrive a week later, they will "repair it" for another 10 – 15 days and send it back to you. Then you will wait another week to arrive. The repair will be performed by somebody who had a quick training to do it and reading manuals while doing it. This person is most-likely a former delivery guy or waiter, maybe a dog walker. But what I just described is the best case scenario. When I sent mine for screen replacement it was fully functional and I was using it with the cracked screen for a month before I send it to them. 12 days after it was delivered to them I decided it's been too long and called them to see what's the progress. They told me the phone is unrepearable !??!! There was no damage on the frame or anywhere else but the top layer glass when I sent the phone to them. The technical support representative told me if I need more details I need to wait 48 hours for him to contact the technicians and find out why exactly is unrepearable. 48 hours later I called again and after 20 min conversation they told me I have to wait up to another 48 hours, so that they can escalate it to another department. And promised to call me as soon as they obtain any details. Nobody called in the next 48 hours, so I called again and asked to speak with a manager. The "manager" told me "she will escalate the problem to the responsible department" but also told me the motherboard is damaged, therefore is unrepearable. The only thing they can do is ship to me a refurbished device to replace mine. The problem is, that my phone was used for only 2 months and taken care of. From the minute I got it out of the box it was put in protective case and screen protector. They want to ship to me a device with unknown history that could be all scratched, the battery might be half worn out, the charging port might be barely making contact, the previous owner has been spitting on it and so on and so forth. So now I need to wait another 4 days for them to find out who is lying that the motherboard is damaged. If they ever tell me, I will update the comment.
    There is another option they give you if something goes wrong with your phone. Initially you pay them $90 for the repair + $435 which they will hold for a month, then they ship you a refurbished device that becomes yours and once you receive it, you should send yours to them. Once they receive your phone, they will decide if it's covered by their warranty. If they decide it's being water damaged or something else to void the warranty, they will keep your $435 and you will be screwed with refurbished phone with no warranty for more than the price of brand new one (I paid $300 for mine at Best Buy)

  11. Has anyone done a water test of this phone? Is it safe at all or is it a gonner if it drops in the sink or toilet?

  12. just dropped mine from waist height and it looks like it cracked the lcd very fine line (but not the glass…) and now its just vibrating every 10 seconds and the red charging light comes on and off

  13. min. 1:28 Interesting that zte sold this device as a 3250 mAh but the label says 3140 mAh… why?

  14. Thank you for this great video…amazingly well done….
    Even though everything is so well explained, I would not dare to try and replace the battery….Dam…another amazing phone with no replaceable/removable battery … But it got great specs and way more affordable that the other flagships out there.
    I am going for it

  15. hey jerry i was wondering where the RF chip may be in this Phone, also where do phones hide there NFC and other wireless stuff.

  16. when you lift off the circuit board with the usb-c on it, does the actual port come off the little board?

  17. Great video, do you know what the stock battery is? I'm looking to replace the battery as it dies fairly quickly, but I am not sure where to get one and OEM one as well

  18. Question: I noticed you linked two different pry tools aside from the tool kit that seems to provide it's own pry tools. The metal one is clearly the best option, and the longer green one I can see coming in real handy too. I was wondering if you've actually used the tool kit listed and whether or not you used different pry tools because of a problem with the provided pry tools. I'd rather not spend extra money is all..and would hope that I can get my phone open just fine with what's provided in the kit(I don't need to do much except get the device open). And by the way, Thanks for making this video! I've been a proud Axon 7 owner for almost a year now. No complaints really..except for visible dust getting in between the camera lenses and the backing glass. I'll soon be using this video as a reference to take care of that myself. My photos still come out pretty good with no immediately apparent signs of impairment. Everything focuses fine and there are no visible specs in the photos. The lighting seems off a bit ever since I noticed the dust in there and I went back to photos I took when the phone was new..there is a huge difference in clarity. Hoping you see this comment and are able to answer my question about the pry tools.

  19. mid range launched in 2016 with snapdragon 820, dual stereo speakers, 1440P display Amoled, 20/8mp camera and great build quality?? are you sure that is a MID RANGE?

  20. Did you ever heard about a problem with the left half of the screen? My Axon 7 fell down from a table and now the left half of the screen turns grey sometimes and do not respond to touch. I think I will follow your steps and take a look inside

  21. I have this phone for over a year now and it is great! Only thing is that my battery life isn't what it used to be. Do you think I can replace the battery myself? I am kinda handy with electronics but never assembled a phone lol..

    The ZTE 3140mAh batteries found on eBay look like the proper OEM batteries to replace with compared to the Cameron Sino 3100mAh batteries found on Amazon. Replacement procedure is best done by carefully heating speaker grills & having spare 2-sided tape to place back on. Also heat the battery by running something like Daydream or Pokemon GO while charging to loosen the glue for easy removal. DO NOT RISK USING HEAT GUN on the battery! This can lead to leaking/exploding the battery and/or melting the screen or damaging other components.

    Bonus Tip: I would suggest fully removing the thermal compound with a microfiber cloth and Isopropyl 99%(not 70%) then replace it with some high quality thermal compound like Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut or Prolimatech PK-3.

  23. Hey, I watched your video. My axon works well except my power button is broken/or either stuck and cant be pressed. Can you reply to me and tell me wether I will be able to fix it with just disassembling it? Do I need to buy any part at all?

  24. Hey, mine won't boot after replacing the screen, gets all the way through the boot sequence until it should display the lockscreen, the phone then powers down. Any thoughts of which part I may have damaged?

  25. Why would they connect the SoC to the battery with a heat-pipe? If they battery heats up from charging etc. then it overheats the SoC. If the SoC is over worked it will heat up the battery. Either way this seems like a dumb idea. I would think that they would want to heatsink or heat-pipe the SoC to the aluminum back plate.

  26. ZACH!! QUESTION my top earpiece quit working after about 2 months and then the bottom speaker also quite.. I've factory reset it several times and it didn't help anything.. I've got the phone apart is the any advice you could give me to fix it or is it a motherboard problem? Thanks any ideas would really help…also the headphone jack works fine.๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  27. What a huge pain in the ass to tear down.

    Some tips:

    * The speaker covers take a good amount of heat to get off, but make sure you aren't using too much or you'll melt your covers. get a really sharp pointed object and start on one of the top corners, then work your way across.

    * Getting the frame separated is a lot harder than it looks. Work your way around getting it loose then focus on one side with a strong metal bit like he did.

    * The speaker is again really on there. I wouldn't recommend using heat for safety reasons. I worked my way up and down the right side getting my object just a little farther in each time. It will take a while and a good amount of force.

    * Unless you add your own adhesive it's probably not going to hold the corners down great. Even if you are super careful you'll probably have some distortion on the covers. Basically your phone isn't going to look like new anymore. Keep that in mind determining if you really need to replace whatever you're replacing.

  28. I dropped my phone today and half my screen was random pixels. I saw this video and thought I was screwed since you need a hot air gun… Got an idea to just push down really hard where the LCD connector is.. and pop screen fixed. Thanks

  29. To disassembly everything on this phone Screen, Battery, Speaker Grill, ect. you need a heat gun to loosen adhesives used some of the strongest at that time.

  30. Anyone know what type of tape is good to use to put the speaker grill back? I'm also afraid that the tape might affect the sound quality if anyone knows I'd appreciate a response.

  31. i have a question, if i wanted to swap the logic board from an a2017u with a broken display that has hardware capacitive buttons on bottom to another a2017u which the borard doesnt work on but has software buttons is that possible would the buttons matter when swapping the boards?

  32. You sir just saved my but. I had the screen bug caused by the flex cable coming loose. Because of your video I was able to figure out how to disassemble & repair my issue.

  33. Had my Axon 7 just under 2 years and the battery started to go downhill very quickly. Ordered a standard replacement (3140ah) on aliexpress ($8 inc p&p) and used the video to make the swap. All done in 15 minutes hairdryer was a must also watch the power button when splitting the case, it's a bit flimsy. Hopefully get another 2 years out of the phone…

  34. Thanks for the tear-down. Made me realise I'm in for more than I bargained for. I really got the impression that they don't want you to remove the battery. I was thinking of using my hair dryer to get the grills off the speakers but now I'm thinking, I need a heat gun or I have to find out how much it costs to get a professional to do it for me.

  35. What type of adhesive is used on the speaker grills? Im replacing my battery and was wanting to know what I should use

  36. You make it seem easy to take off the speaker grill and back side but it's tough! Use a hot air gun at ~150 degrees f. I scorched the paint and bent my covers ๐Ÿ™ . Removing the back is tough too. It's not glued. I pried it off with my finger nails on the rim of the plastic part to begin with before I could wedge a screwdriver into an opening it had once pried apart.

  37. So, I replaced the battery on my axon 7 and it went about as easy as I could have hoped for. However, upon buttoning everything up, I no longer had a cellular connection. Any idea why? I tried the alt sim slot. I tried my wifes sim. I restarted the phone. I added a new APN. I took it apart and put it back together multiple times. Can't get it to connect.

  38. It is normal for zte axon 7 been too hot after gaming or charge cause my phone had temperature problem like 40 c – 47 c, hope someone can tell me how to fix this?

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