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Background Them By Their Cell Phone Number

Background Them By Their Cell Phone Number

So you met this great guy. You’ve been texting back and forth. You share the same interests, and now he wants to take you dancing. And then maybe to a hotel! But what do you really know about this guy? All you have is his name and his texts. You’ve never even met him face-to-face. And did he give you his real name? Maybe not. It could be the guy is secretly married. This is an excellent reason to give you a fake name. That’s how I would do it. Or it could be that he’s dangerous and has a criminal record he doesn’t want you to know about. So confirming his name is a serious matter. It’s not something you can take for granted. So it’s time to go fishing. In the world of background checks there’s a lot of things to fish for. But you’ve got to start with what do you really know. And the only thing you know for sure is that he’s been texting you. So we’re going to fish with his cell number. Up until recently it was hard to get the name of someone behind a cell number. The best you could hope for was that it was posted on Google or Facebook or perhaps SpyDialer. But even then it was hard to get a first and last name. That’s where OKCALLER comes in. OK Caller is a wonderful free website you can check out both landlines and cell phone numbers with amazing accuracy. It gives you the name and at times the valuable middle initial that can help when you Google them. And in some cases it’ll show you their address as well. From there you can go to and do your own free background check. Here’s how OKCALLER works. At the home page you type in your number press ENTER and more often than not you can see the first and last name of the cell phone owner. Let’s try it with another number. Notice OKCALLER returns a middle initial and also an actual street address as well. The middle initial is great to distinguish among common names so you know your backgrounding the right John Smith. From there, you can try Googling the name or address. Or better yet, you could check out which is what we’re doing now. On the homepage, scroll down through the various blog topics on free background checks Our topic is going to be reverse lookups by contact information. And they’re those contact information topics are. Hope you enjoyed the video. Please feel free to like, comment or subscribe. Thank you!

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  1. These reverse phone services seem to be popping up everywhere nowadays. I remember when there were 2 or 3 sites and they did the job and that’s it. Google Mecvic's Picks to at least compare the services available today, a good starting point for anyone running an investigation.

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