55 thoughts on “Bail Bondsman: William McCloud said over the phone Evelyn’s mother knows where she is”

  1. I think the mother knows where the baby is and probably the grandmother also. I have watcher another video and it showed the baby's pictures and the baby had a lot of bruises mostly around her head. Several pictures and different ages but a lot of bruises. In one clip said the mother told someone the baby broke her arm. But the mother lies so don't know what is true. But very suspicious. Someone knows something.

  2. Gina Jennings it’s a sad situation. by her half hearted attempts at truths she fills the air with lies, yet you can bet within some of the bs is some truth. i’m afraid they are going to unearth the baby shark puppet! feeling a strong bath tub issue here coupled with neglect. they may have been attempting to set up the grandma and bf with that vehicle lord. please let us find Evelyn sooner than later. ✌️🕯💜

  3. It's so crazy that people go through killing and acted as if their child is with the babysitter (Casey Anthony). When they can leave their kids so many places with no questions asked.

  4. What is it with these monsters if they dont want there children… dont murder them… they have there right to life ….? ..There's so many couples that cannot have children… that would love the opportunity to love a child ..? . All monsters that kill children should get the death penalty around the world..

  5. Has anyone got a picture of Meghan father? I saw a baby in walmart yesterday looked so much like her..clean n healthy..with a man

  6. I think the mom and boyfriend might be trying to put it on her mom! They both look so guilty. This whole thing is terrible. Give them polygraph tests!!!

  7. Maggie set her Mother Angela & William up! She let them take the car & then later reported it stolen! I believe Maggie murdered Evelyn & someone helped her get rid of Evelyn's body!

  8. I don't know that baby Evelyn sure looks like the grandmother's boyfriend to me. I've commented on number of videos in regards to this but who has proof of who the baby's daddy really is? Just because she says he's in the military? Is there proof? Has he been contacted or interviewed? I don't believe it. I think there's some weird inbreeding or something funky going on with these people.

  9. These dysfunction families also destroy their future generation (grand children). What kind of examples do these screwed up adults teach this young children? That this is ok, that it is normal. that growing up it is normal to have a BF who is a drug addict? This is why people kill and hurt others….

  10. It just seems like to me that Casey Anthony taught a lot of women how they kill their babies and get by with it

  11. McCloud is probably sorry for getting involved with this family.He may be a creep but I don't think he did anything to child.Mommy dearest and granny knows!

  12. Just like watts that dupers delight gives her up very fast.. sad but no good news is becoming for that poor angel .. her TRUTHS LIE IN HER LIES…something happened when that baby was taking a bath..

  13. I cant even comment on these people it's so upsetting. I know where my kids are 24/7 & especially when they were babies, they didnt leave me or stay w/babysitter for couple if months w/o me seeing my baby. I pray this baby girl is alive and well and gets placed with a forever home.

  14. We can all feel better knowing Tennessee has the death penalty. To not report this for 2 months whoever is responsible should be concerned with doing the right thing. Show remorse, tell where she is. Maybe it will save you from the death penalty.

  15. It absolutely bewilders me how anyone make a child disappear and then have sudden and complete amnesia about it. Where the fk is this baby?!?!?!

  16. This is why torture should be a thing. This bitch and the Vallow bitch should be tortured every single day until these children are found.

  17. WTF is going on with missing kids? J.J. Vallow, Tylee Ryan, Gannon Stauch, Faye Swetlik, and this little angel.. Is 2020 the year for Chomos? Makes me sick!

  18. TBI needs to put the fear of God into the mom , cuz something is not right. Like she could have sold that baby or killed her . Very slow police work .

  19. Bails Bondman has a service to provide. It has nothing to do with guilt or siding with anyone. In America, we have a bond system & its a right for everyone.
    With that being said…the scumbags know something!
    Find Evelyn! Sweet baby doesn't deserve this.

  20. Parents likenthis woman and Lori vallow know exactly where they buried the bodies! She should get zero bail until she produces the child!

  21. These damn women know what happened to their children. I say law enforcement should go to extreme measures to make them talk.

  22. Omg where is this sweet little angel. I feel horrible if they hurt her. Death penalty is so deserved if that is the case. How can anyone hurt her? Sickening.

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