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Bangladesh’s Biggest Brothel | 101 East | बांग्लादेश की सबसे बड़ी वेश्यालय

Bangladesh’s Biggest Brothel | 101 East | बांग्लादेश की सबसे बड़ी वेश्यालय

in a maze of dirty alley wells women and
girls work day and night men pour in from the nearby highway
welcome to Bangladesh’s biggest brothel while prostitution is usually hidden
away there’s no hiding a place this big an entire town built on exploitation I’m
Steve Chow on this episode when one East goes inside the sprawling brothel to
find out how the women and their children survive when hope is in short
supply de la dia is a town 100 kilometers west
of dhaka the capital of Bangladesh for over 30 years it has been home to one of
the largest brothels in the world a city within the city the brothel clients are
the only visitors there are 20 such brothels in Bangladesh it is one of the
few Islamic countries that tolerates prostitution more than 1500 women work here day and
night many were born here the daughters of
prostitutes others come from the surrounding areas
some from the capital just three weeks ago BC was still living in Dhaka her
father couldn’t work anymore so as the oldest daughter it was up to her to feed
the family an acquaintance took advantage of a
situation promising her work he kidnapped when she arrived she was a
virgin since then she has had about 60 clients gosh the voice it’s an easy customer and
surely Aakash Teresa and Monika injustice Akash desperate she has had to
adapt the new rules and demands if demonic orange shadow zone Leviticus
aging this house goes Kali Kali customer wishes they may – under like this –
husband I’m a Morgan because I’m a person Donna when shaman ojala que tu
mano Collins early wish to get to Casa dr. FATA a Shadrin bhava tucked a Valu
lovely aside from her clients Beatty has no
visitors her room is her whole world a demonic Anzhi a la da la da de lo
hello the economy combined this yeah alderman
Gandhi Chad I see it a time anoka-ramsey it oh hello I reckon when a full Silla
that’s how I am even Indian apparent adidas is that the shan dazu hundreds a
Telugu it took a victory moon calendar taka
like the second game unicorns long act a man who’s Tara prostitution drives the town’s economy delaria is located at the junction of
railway lines berries and the main road leading to the
capital thousands of people pass through here daily more than 2000 trucks stop here every
day most of the prostitutes clients are
drivers oh go dude thought about done like yeah
like I said manages the auto-generate Onkyo so rotation regarding 401 though
obviously everybody the face bells I don’t dissolve yes every day 3,500 clients like these come
here the brothel is open all year round at nightfall things really take off
smuggle beer is sold in back rooms because selling alcohol is prohibited in
Bangladesh money and drugs are plentiful and sheep and feta means and heroin are
almost free Shahin and Ronnie were born here their
mother is a former prostitute their fathers are former clients they’ve
always lived at the end of this alley many children don’t attend school Shefali is 37 and has six children her
eldest who she works as a prostitute it’s the family’s only source of income
Oh put the Schwartzman time that the Porta Potty is ours I Barney’s life is a
hobby the family lives on 170 dollars a month
Harvick goes to paying rent for three rooms but they can’t get away from their
family business career look now I release a kind of cortically shop I
will be ta taco deteriorate the collision who she talks to us between
clients she doesn’t want to show her face that he won’t occur in mannerism
that pays am raised I got serum 30 I wanted to finish want the look of a not
isn’t machine is a degreaser so – so – Bible origami gonna solo collected dicta
dick talk but she since she was 13 who she has been a prostitute I will never love a shocker annotation
Piscotty see my own and marvel over save you edited of a lower shop the film unit
evaluation you need to are recorded love me in the pool of acid solomon Chikara
portable way by the via de corazon de voto him at a cod fishing they’re shown
poker they might cut a copy shop need ticket is a known current banana Shaheen
is fortunate he can go to school every day along the railway tracks five
hundred meters from the brothel the local villagers have long opposed the
children of prostitutes attending school with their children this school is only open to the children
of prostitutes there are 500 of them here the school was set up by aid
organizations every afternoon after class Shaheen
visits Rani in his class the teacher Nina used to be a prostitute
now she’s supporting children I mean is it or you can SLO master battle so the
boss of the ramekin – by de Oaxaca who’s been on it I mean I mean I’m addicted
I’m a pussy there I mean zero concealer shade of them that Ithaca is over there
to go to – veronika a scammer but sadaqa close to communicate a natural as I were
Canada in math come back here made them to know you Keita Bishan weather girls
who Peter made a tsunami isolator on Jupiter 9 Scylla Romania shot arrows
towards the made every mama there Misaki tokura a mermaid – criticism pneumatic
curriculum our family manuscript is prostitutes or brothel owners delaria is
run by women men are just clients the girls are willing to do anything to
survive karlie is only thirty she’s been a
prostitute for about 15 years when she started she was very thin and not seen
as attractive to many of the men here who love curves her salvation a drug
called aura Jackson nananana thought the color I put out soon etheric with today
imma have to hang my bad side watch through the has a motor or subtly don’t
have the Agrabah she cut the azimuth looked at the three bars away so cuz in
the second person the corona moon was about dominoes Khalid ib’n Rd path above
them in Tagalog our addiction is a steroid used for
cattle to boost muscle growth but here the girls take it to gain wise grab the
push Kalpana body wasn’t before Arsenal also noise bar as a bash to as an attack
at the coast in Malaga stop in gelareh you can buy or edixon anywhere as Kelly
shows us with a hidden camera the dosage for one day is 10 cents you
don’t need a prescription this drug has many side effects Makena neither mother Kartini me except
families either an easier or should be tarnished I know Jackie filter them obvious how they approached your
policies for a 40-second women deal with in the you score a pas de Sofia the
Manawatu furniture there’s an aldose cotton
morning lovely about Dali epsilon Balan I cannot
identify see mother puddin Sam doctor quietly Bartok a puzzle – not
with the amok overshoots I think I say sure
more booty bus mess in the Corina key quarter Atacama Corvo hey Santa I’m
missing every bump every Ally dog this is I guess I’m on attack the barriers of desperation drugs and violence there are
no statistics on AIDS and STDs here the prostitutes life expectancy is low death
is everywhere Shelby is 65 years old she’s worked at a
brothel for 50 years she’s one of de la DEA’s elders she’s
called if there’s trouble one of her neighbors miscarried this
morning the stillborn girl’s body is at the cemetery the mother is too weak to
leave home and the father didn’t bother coming for a girl she’ll be hired three drug addicts to
bury the baby’s body that’s not the public order bananas we were hot about
the leader on tht telemarketers no matter D tonight at least the
prostitutes now have their own symmetry even if it’s a plain one that wasn’t
always the case longer or decay martini versatile by Valley could be Armada
Mustafa Meredith year 1,000 tiny tiny a Kannada beads are children are born in
tell Aria almost every day more than 700 live here that’s how higher chippies
daughter grew up and now how her children are growing up daddy buddy that boy with rivalries death and drug use sudden
fights among the girls are normal she’ll be has witnessed many of them shoo peas only joy in retirement is her
family much to soup his dismay her daughters are also prostitutes better
about me I wish I still AM lack of our horrible toxic of a bomb attack polakov
have a verbal agnosia when I got LA Meridian who questioned me I should
abandon the head accompany me see is it your armor started Spanish a will
silly why should this reduction them why she
would do – mama – six vertices siku para para para panda ever but I need 1100
Dickie IRA provided a trillion dollars of Imperial Octavia Tala beauty saloon
booty they’re competitive I did a paternity mr. Ferrara for economic
optimism after Obama he in delaria such tragic stories are
all too common and with more than 100 young girls
joining the prostitutes here every year the cycle of despair is likely to
continue forever tainted they are trapped few can ever hope to escape the
misery that is bangladesh’s biggest brothel

100 thoughts on “Bangladesh’s Biggest Brothel | 101 East | बांग्लादेश की सबसे बड़ी वेश्यालय”

  1. Painful to see the baby being buried and hearing how they throw them out to the river. It’s so sad really. Heartbreaking

  2. How do people in these dirt poor countries manage to look so photogenic, with good skin etc? Like the woman op 0:20 she's prettier than many women in rich countries

  3. how painful life is!! Government have to play huge rule otherwise it's never stopped.. Allah blessed those women.. women always superior than man without gov help this problem never eradicate. 13 yr old child take this as a profession.. this is seriously heartbreaking

  4. Just eat bread and meat and you will gain weight lol what a bunch of foolishness lol cow meds. Yes it would be so bad for you

  5. She was saying much more than the captions were showing. As a bengali person I understand what she was saying and some things didnt amount to what she was truly saying

  6. 1:16 They wish "Assalamu alaikum" and go to prostitutes..
    Then we wonder why our Muslim ummah is suffering so much!
    May Allah SWT guide us all upon His Qur'an and the Sunnah of His Messenger ﷺ. Aameen.

  7. We should be thankful to God that we are not in such conditions we should pray for these poor people who do body shame for money for food I dont knw what to say I m feeling so blessed for my life today for freedom for everything I have :"/ I feel sorry for these woman wish I could help them

  8. it hurts my dignity, pride and humanity as a woman for every girls suffers this kind of cruelty in this world 😭😭😭

  9. I cant believe they are muslim…
    I know they need livings.. but this is not the right way…

    After seeing these situations… istead of investing in Bangladesh arabs are investing in Europe….

  10. man, Because Satan rules this world and all people in this world seeks Satan, which is their father. I was in this darkness as well. but I made a decision one just to pick up the Holy Bible and just read it, I asked my wife where do I start she said Proverbs because she asked me what I wanted in life, I said Wisdom, no! not money, not riches, not women none of that vanity stuff. I wanted wisdom. so, I finished the book of Proverbs, then I asked her, where do I start next. she said Genesis. so! I took my journey and I started reading, I read every book in the old testament and then I got to the new testament and I saw all the lies that these churches were telling people about the Messiah Yahusha(Jesus). Yahuah opened my eyes to the truth. and taught me his commandments in the old testament all of them in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus Numbers and Dueteronomy. 613 laws is what I learned, and still learning them today.

    because people in this world refuse his law's, he has refused the world and gave it over to Satan. and… only those who really wish to see the light which is the "Torah" and instructions on doing good in life. then he'll turn to that person who seeks him. his name is not god, that's Satan's real name Gadr'el take the R'el off and you'll get Gad, but pronounce it in Hebrew/Ibriy and you'll end up with GAWD=God both spelled different but both sound the same. you can find this in the book of Enoch, its the only place where Satan forgot to hide his name out of the Scriptures. so, when you call on God, remember your calling on Gawd which is Gadr'el which is Satan. The Most High name is Yahuah.

    The name of the third is Gadr'el: he discovered every stroke of death to the children of men. He seduced Chuah; and discovered to the children of men the instruments of death, the coat of mail, the shield, and the sword for slaughter; every instrument of death to the children of men. From his hand were derived to them who dwell upon earth, from that period forever. CHANOK (ENOCH) 69:6-8 את CEPHER Bible.

  11. Women should scape to a safe place. The older women are putting their daughters to the same situation it’s horrible. USA is heaven. I am from Mexico from a little village and is also heaven. I can’t imagine to have to live their style of life.

  12. Al Zazeera and BBC are so biased and untrue media houses 👆🏻😡 please don’t trust and don’t watch their news

  13. I am a Bangladeshi. After watching 6 mins. I can't take it. So hard for me. I always hard about this place from my friends and others. After lestening from the girl stroy (Bithi) its feels so hard. Really don't know how they will get there freedom. Feeling shame as a Bangladeshi

  14. Calling bullshit on the whole  "father can't work anymore/kidnapping" thing. Normally, this woman would have been long married-off at her age (and the family would have received money). This chick knew what she was getting into, but is using the "kidnapping" story as a way to save face.

  15. The Government is missing in the life of the people in the third world country! Meanwhile, Government officials live better than billionaires. Stupid. Spread the wealth and have a decent society.

  16. @5:30 “there are young ones and old ones. From 10 to 40 years old. Prices are vary from 6 cents to $12” .. and they’re just laughing saying these things

    Man I can’t!! This is so heart breaking🙁😔 it’s almost inhuman to be treated like this.
    Those Poor innocent girls, young women.

  17. So kidnaping children and forcing them to be raped by strangers is okay but selling beer is illegal… Yeah, sounds about right to me. Those pharmacists should all lose their licences for selling poison to these women.

  18. What i am saying All people not bad but situation makeing bad.any way i am from Bangladesh and near by that place

  19. She takes that drug because she doesn't care if she dies. But while she lives she has to make a living and without the drug she can't make money. That's so sad.

  20. Is this is 21 century?????
    Can we claim that we are civilise ????
    Do we care about others????
    Where is humanity????
    How much will cost a government to feed these people????
    How much we spend on wars????
    How much we spend on luxury…???
    We have money for everything!but not for desperately needy people.
    I don’t think 🤔 we have right to call ourselves civilise .
    And we are not

  21. I often admire the work Al Jazeera does with documentaries, but c'mon; "ONE of the FEW Islamic countries that tolerates prostitution"? So out in the open maybe, but give us a break. That reminded me of when the Supreme Leader of Iran said there weren't any homosexuals or prostitutes in Iran.

  22. this is made by Pakistanis when it was occupied by them and prior nawabs , it is part of their culture , harami ki aulad saare

  23. I have no words after seeing this video, I had no idea something like this existed and there was no real power working to change it. My heart breaks for all the women, girls and children facing these terrible conditions.

  24. Hopefully whatever gods/goddesses they believe in will look down on them and give them a good afterlife when it's their time

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