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Banned iPhone Gun Case

Banned iPhone Gun Case

Banned iPhone Gun Case! Hey what’s
good guys, Keaton here. So I have another illegal iPhone case. This one happens to be
a gun. So drop a like if you guys want another episode, and yeah, let’s check it out. So
you guys really enjoyed the first episode, which was a brass knuckles iPhone case, and
if you haven’t seen it, link below or right up here. So what I got here is a gun iPhone
case, this was pretty hard to find, took like a month to come from eBay. And these cases
go for three bucks, so again, links below. This case comes in a few different colors,
I got black and pink right here. Black is the most convincing if you want to actually
fool people into thinking you have a gun. That I will leave up to you guys. Now they
make these for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and I mean for three bucks it’s pretty sweet.
Now I know what you’re thinking, “Keaton, this is just one of those stupid iPhone cases,”
“this one just happens to kind of look like a gun.” Well, I thought the same thing until
I read a few news articles. Basically, someone had this, they had it in their pocket, and
the police actually surrounded them with tasers and rifles because they thought this was a
gun threat. I don’t make this up, you can check the article, links below, and the New
York police department also tweeted this out, saying they don’t recommend you get this case,
cause when you have it in your pocket it’s convincing, you gotta have it kinda like this,
but you could thug it, y’know. Is it a gun, is it an iPhone? Bang, bang. Now unlike the
brass knuckles case, which you had to screw in, this one is the simplest yet, you pretty
much just take your phone, you go volume buttons in first, and then you just click it in like
that. It’s the simplest, I wish all cases were like this, and now you’re ready to go
bang bang it. Now since this is on your iPhone, how does it feel? To be honest, it has a pretty
nice weight to it. It’s not too heavy, it’s not too light, this is obviously made out
of plastic, so holding the gun like this and talking on the phone, I gotta be honest, it’s
pretty sweet, like, Matt’s behind the camera, he’s smiling, and he’s like, “You look pretty
dope.” So, taking calls like this is great, using the phone like this, it’s not too obtrusive,
now if you are a lefty, it’s kinda gonna suck because, well, you’re gonna have to do that,
so if you hold your phone with your right hand, you’re good to go. And when I got this,
I thought it would be much more of a nuisance than it actually is, but it turns out that’s
not the case. Oh, one more thing, the trigger actually does work on here, so you wanna get
together with your boys and be like Do a little drop out on the block, you can, and I think
the trigger working just adds a little bit more feel to the actual case itself and, hey,
if you pull up one of the gun apps right here, you can do a
Just like that, you got yourself a good prank,
bro. So that’s pretty much it for this video, if you guys enjoyed it and want another episode,
be sure to put a like on it and go and get subscribed so you guys don’t miss that, and
see you guys soon, peace.

100 thoughts on “Banned iPhone Gun Case”

  1. they are required to put red/orange color on the end of the gun for it to be legal hence the reason it is illegal.

  2. I got this case, and mine is for the iPhone 5/5S and it's identical .
    I often wondered what would happen if I went outside with it. but if it was illegal then how did it make to me in Canada from across seas?

  3. Heyyy, when u order it ? Did the seller ask u, what iphone did u use ? Cause in my place they sell it but they say it compitable with all iphone. But all the iphone have different size. So im very confused now. Please answer me.

  4. I got mines today I thought I could like plug it into my phone e and snap the gun to take pictures well I was wrong

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