Barbie Hair Repair Tutorial

I’m going to show you how I transformed this Barbie’s hair from awful to awesome! [Music: Rosie’s Tea Party theme song] This is the Barbie from our video, Barbie Hair Care If you want to see that video, just click on the icard in the top right hand corner This Barbie’s hair was once really beautiful Most of her curls are gone and… her hair is so matted in some places… that you can’t even separate the strands of hair! There are ways to fix this but it’ll take some work! You might think it’s easier to buy a new Barbie… but if it’s a favourite Barbie or a vintage Barbie… it’ll be worth fixing You’ll feel so good when you see how beautiful you made your Barbie! To start, you will need a small spray bottle like this I got this from the dollar store For this size spray bottle, I put in one tablespoon of fabric softener I used ultra fabric softener which is more concentrated than regular fabric softener Then I filled the bottle up with very hot tap water Shake it up gently to mix the water and the fabric softener You’ll need a brush like this I got this at the dollar store It has lots of plastic bristles spaced far apart This brush was designed to use with a blow dryer Don’t use a combs because it’ll pull too much… and it’ll get stuck in the tangles I’m going to do the hair a section at a time Spray the whole section with fabric softener Take the brush, hold onto the head… and start brushing from the ends and work your way up Go slow and be gentle Get all the tangles out Some of the hair will come out That’s to be expected Do it again to another section of hair I’m going to speed the video up now that I’ve shown you how to do it But remember, if you’re gentle you’ll pull out less hair Spray more fabric softener on the hair if it’s really tangled or matted Repeat until you’ve detangled all the hair You can pretend it’s a Barbie hair salon And you’re the hair stylist who’s going to transform the Barbie’s hair from awful to awesome! You can have a Barbie makeover day with your friends Everyone brings their old Barbies to the salon for a new hairdo Take before and after photos to see which Barbie gets the most ooos and ahhhs Give it a good brushing all over Make sure all the tangles are out This is all the hair that came out! Wow! She looks better already! Now I’m going to wash her hair to get out all the fabric softener I’m going to use dishwashing detergent This brand is called Dawn but any brand will work About two squirts will do Wet the hair and lather it up Rub the soap in Try to get every strand of hair If you need more soap, go ahead. It won’t hurt the hair Rub, rub, rub Now rinse all of the soap out of the hair For this next step, you might need an adult to help you Turn on the hot water until it gets really really hot So hot that you can’t even stick your finger in it Hold onto the Barbie’s legs so you don’t get splashed with the hot water Run the hot water all of the Barbie’s hair Do this for about a minute or two The hot water will help make the frizzy hair lay down flat It’s de-frizzing the hair Pat dry the hair with paper towel or a regular towel Brush out any tangles There will be loose hairs at the ends so take a pair of scissors and trim them off If the ends are really damaged, you can cut more off These ends look pretty good If I wanted to, I can cut off half an inch just to give it a nice clean cut edge Now I’m going to brush the hair downward I’m going to use a tall mug to keep Barbie in an upright position while her hair dries Let the hair dry on it’s own Don’t blow dry it Some people curl the hair while it’s wet Curling wet hair is actually easier I would do it now but I want to show you what an improvement this is even without curls Barbie is so happy! She says “See you later!” Barbie’s hair is dry Look at this! Oh my goodness! Her hair is so soft! There’s no frizzy hair! This is amazing! No tangles and you can lift and separate each strand of hair! If you want the Barbie to have straight hair you would just leave the Barbie like this But this Barbie’s hair was designed for curls To curl her hair, I’m going to use drinking straws Straws come in different size diameters These are really skinny straws This is a fat straw that’s used for slushies or smoothies These are medium straws from fast food restuarants Here’s a look at all the straws Big straws for big curls Little straws for smaller tighter curls You’ll need sewing pins Scissors to cut your straws Cut a piece of straw. About an inch If you cut them too long… there might not be enough room on the Barbie’s head… for all the straws at the end I’m putting the long hair in an elastic I’m going to show you a few methods to curl the hair The first method is to just take the straw to a small section of hair Start at the end and roll to the top Rolling wet hair would be easier because the hair sticks together When you get to the top like this… Get a pin and poke it through the straw and right into the Barbie’s head This method can be dangerous for little kids The pin is sharp and Barbie’s head is hard Sometimes the pins gets bent and won’t go into the head I don’t think little kids should use pins I’m going to show you the pin method again but with a cut straw and foil Cut the straw through the middle so it looks like this Now cut little strips of foil like this Take the foil and wrap the end of the section like this Take the cut straw and open it at the slit and stick the foiled end into the straw like this Then roll the hair right up to the top The foil and the slit in the straw make it easier to roll the hair Take a pin and push it through the straw and into the head This pin method is not for little kids but I will explain later why I am showing you this method Now I’m going to show you an easier method more suitable for kids Wrap the ends in foil. Like before Take a straw with a slit Put the foil into the slit and roll to the top Hold it there. Get a bobbi pin or a hair pin and push it into the straw like this This is a much easier method and less dangerous method than the pin method But… see where that hair pin is? When the hair is done and you take the curls out… you’ll see an imprint on the curl where the hair pin was It leaves a little dent in the curl So for adults who want a perfect curl… use sewing pins For kids… use a hair pin I’ll show you again the hair pin method Wrap the ends in foil Stick it into the slit of the straw Roll to the top Take a hair pin and push it through the opened end of the straw Now that you know how to do it, I’m going to speed up the video You can see how crowded Barbie’s head is getting with all those straws That’s why you can’t cut the straws too long There’s just not a lot of room for long straws The longer hair gets a bit tricky to roll in a short straw There’s so much hair to fit onto a short straw This is where if the hair was wet it would be easier Also if you’re using the hair pin method like this… you don’t have to roll it right up to the head You can stop the curl anywhere and the hair pin will hold it in place See? I’m not rolling it right up to the head I’m using fat straws for all the curls All done! Barbie hair all up in curlers! Doesn’t she look lovely? For the next part, you will need a container of very very hot water… and a container of very very cold water I put ice cubes in it to make it really cold Kids will need an adult’s help handle the hot water I got the water almost to boiling point If the water is not hot enough it won’t set the curls Dunk the Barbie’s head in the hot water Make sure all the straws are under the water Keep the hair in the hot water for about two to three minutes The longer the hair is in the hot water the curlier it will be Most Barbie’s hair and other dolls hair are made of saran Hot water will not damage hair made out of saran However, if the hair is made out of nylon hot water will melt the hair And there is no way of fixing melted hair My Little Ponies hair is made of nylon A hot curling iron will damage both nylon and saran hair So don’t ever apply direct heat to your dolls hair After two or three minutes, take the Barbie out to of the hot water… and dunk it in the very cold water This will cool down the Barbie’s head and hair and set the curls Keep it in the cold water for about half a minute Take it out and put Barbie on a towel Here’s a close up look Stand Barbie up in a mug and let her hair dry over night Her hair is now dry so let’s take out her curlers Remember that imprint I was telling you about? the dent from the hair pin? It might be hard to see in the video but I can see them Here’s one Here’s another And another In fact, I can see a dent in all the curls that had a hair pin But you probably wouldn’t even see the dents if I didn’t point them out to you And here’s another one And here she is! Big bold beautiful curls! She looks fantastic! Now I’m going to show you what she would look like… if I used the smaller straws on the top layer and… I’m going to redo the bottom layers in the fat straws And this time… I dunked the hair in very very hot water for five minutes Wo-hooo! Look at these gorgeous curls! That’s a lot of curls! Here, I used an elastic as a headband to hold her hair back That’s a whole new hairdo tight there! Here, I used little clips and voila! A new hairdo just like that! Which is your favourite? Barbie with the big bold and beautiful curls? Or… Barbie with the small super cute curls? Or… This one! Marvellous medium curls! Post your answer in the comment section below Or take our poll Click on the icard in the top right hand corner and tell us which is your favourite Which ever one you chose, it’s a lot better than what it was Here’s the before photo Ugh! Awful! And the after photo! Oh yeah! Awesome! Thanks for watching! If you like this video, click like It looks like this Check out this video! Rapunzel gets de-tangled! Rapunzel had glue leaking out of her head making her hair very sticky! I’ll show you how I transformed Rapunzel’s hair… from gooey to gorgeous! Don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!

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