100 thoughts on “Bartender looks through woman’s phone | What Would You Do? | WWYD”

  1. Random person: Trips and hits head
    Me: Oh my god? Are you okay!?

    John magically appears

    John: What made you do that?

    Me: Moral…Common sense…My mom’s behind me with a slipper also…

  2. If someone look through my phone when I’m away, then they’ll see many pics of Tyler, Markiplier, Amy, and teamiplier. XD

    Bartender: WhA-

  3. Guy: “let’s see what this blond has on her phone”

    My phone: shows all my lovely adorable photos of my pets

  4. They should’ve called out the first guys friend who thought it was fun to look through her phone😐 he gon stare at his phone like he aint do shit.

  5. If he scrolled through my phone he would just find memes furry pics vine cursed minecraft images and pics of ships from Netflix 🤣

  6. Me:ummm excuse me do u have an iPhone change?
    Me:* give him my phone* I’ll be right back
    Bartender:*looking though all my photos*
    My photos:*Micheal Jackson pictures and memes of him*

  7. Last dude was a hypocrite……looked at the photo an didn’t say anything but then plays hero when she comes back

  8. I had a friend that i liked and someone took her phone and said, "Do you want to be my boyfriend" then my friend came back and said "No that wasnt me that was my friend, unless"

  9. I’ll never forget my roommate was looking through my phone once and saw that I was talking shit about her being a cheap whore who thinks she has a sugar daddy who only spends $300 a month on her. That’s what you get for being nosy 😉

  10. Shoutout to the first guy speaking up despite his friend engaging in the inappropriate behavior. You see he was hella embarrassed when the camera showed up 😂

  11. Dude: looks through a stranger's phone
    Dude, once called out: mind your own business!!!!
    (i know they're just actors but someone going through someone else's business and then saying "mind your business" is hilarious)

  12. Bartender: * looks throw my phone *
    Bartender: * sees a lot of bts pictures and hot girl actors pictures and just cute pictures that are not me *
    Me : “ what “
    Bartender: * gives it back *
    Me : “ fuck off and mine your own business “

  13. Those two brothers are literally unbelievable. First they motivate the Bartender to do it and gave him tips etc. and then they call him f*cked up smh

  14. So if I don’t have a passcode on my phone a stranger I don’t know can look through it? Because apparently I asked for it.

  15. "This costumer is CLEARLY bothered by what he is seeing and hearing," The costumer is actually smiling and enjoying his drink

  16. 90% of these dudes were scum bags and hypocrites. Going along with this shit looking at the pictures and having a grand old time until she comes back then they want to be all tough and come to her rescue. Only that one guy in the beginning had any morals at all, didnt look at the pictures, stuck to his word, and didnt play games.

  17. I’m so mad at some people think that go on somebody phone is fine just because they don’t have passcode or it’s mean they invited you to go on their phone. That’s messed up man because no matter what their reason is you DON’T HAVE the right to break through anybody’s privacy, that’s against the law and lack of intelligence. Stop your stupid victim blaming

  18. I bet all the people who are sat with their friend at the bar who don’t say anything get so annoyed when they bring the cameras out cause they’re completely ignored at the end. 😂

  19. Ok I wanted to punch those brothers both in the face though. Just letting the bartender look through a girls phone while making snarky jokes as he does? Pathetic.

  20. Love how the two brothers were laughing and joking about it at the start then when she said they were gonna get engaged he was like oh that's effed up whoever went on your phone

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