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Beggar with iPhone Prank by Funk You (Pranks in India) (English Subtitles)

Beggar with iPhone Prank by Funk You (Pranks in India) (English Subtitles)

Hey bro can you just help me out? what happened? I want to recharge/refill my phone call balance Recharge? Yes I wish to call at my home This is the card Where should i fill this recharge? In this phone! Are you serious? an iPhone? Do one thing.. give me the iPhone and you keep the recharge But whom does this belong to? have you stolen it? You’ll get caught! It’s owned by me! That’s Awesome! Sell it to me! I’ll buy it right now! Will you sell it for Rs. 500? Come on i’ll give you Rs. 600! Cash to Cash! This is a stolen Phone, and I know it! This is not a stolen phone Tell me the truth where you got the phone?! But this is my phone! We don’t have a status of buying an iPhone and how did you buy an iPhone 6? But this is my phone why don’t you get it? I have to recharge it for a phone call at my home! I actually don’t know how to use iPhones! You don’t have iPhone? No! OK Where did you stole this iPhone from? Tell me the truth!.. Come aside! Bro it’s my phone! How much do you want? How much can you give me? 1000 – 2000 rupees you want? 1000 – 2000 would be too cheap then.. I want 10,000.. But this phone is owned by me! You don’t try to teach me man!.. Look I am using this shitty phone! I am not educated and I don’t know how to recharge/refill my balance Where did you get this phone from? This phone? It’s mine! Such an expensive phone! and yours? Are you mad? this could be someone’s.. Dude do you know the price? No no but why are you interfering in his matters.. Bro please take help from someone else! Who’s phone is this? I have bought it! Ok please give him the phone back! Just give him the phone!
Boy: Just wait Just give him the phone or I’am leaving!
Boy: Just one second! What’s the password? Have you got this somewhere or you have bought it? What is the password? This is mine itself! Then what’s the password? Password.. Ya they do something like this on the screen! I don’t know it then.. Stupid! It’s Stolen! It’s not stolen, I have bought it! You know this phone gets traced.. it can catch wherever you are! But I haven’t stolen it.. I have bought it! So this is mine! Why will they trace it? It’s OK I understand.. but if the owner of the phone complaints to the police, they will get your location. But it’s ok, i know it’s my phone OK do whatever you want First tell me.. Show it to me I won’t leave you I am telling you i’ll buy it for 1,000 rupees But I cannot just sell it for Rs. 1,000 How much? How much? Wow much will you take? huh? Don’t you run! I’ll beat the shit out of you here itself! But the phone is mine! Ya I know that the phone is not yours.. And i’ll hit you like anything now The phone is mine Just stand here! The phone is mine I told you to stand, so you just have to stand at once But the phone is mine Just stand here and put your voice down! Don’t you laugh! So I’m selling this for how much? for how much can you buy it? Just tell me how much do you want? I don’t know about this Such a crap priced phone its is! So it’s not a good phone? It’s not a good phone hence i’m saying it’s a crap So is this a good phone? This phone costs Rs. 60,000 This phone? Not it’s for Rs. 80,000 If i sell it, how much will i get? You’ll get kicks on your ass when you’ll be caught by the police But if I sell it to you, the cops will catch hold of you too! I’ve got all the brains for that, you don’t have..! So even i’ll bluff out something or the other.. (Looking at the Beggar in Shock after knowing that he owns a vehicle too!) Your friend gave it to you? do you think i am a fool? OK then, you don’t do it.. i’ll just leave OK so i’ll leave now.. Ya they are recording man.. Funk You guys! Bro it’s just a prank.. there’s a camera right there huh? We were just kidding with you man

100 thoughts on “Beggar with iPhone Prank by Funk You (Pranks in India) (English Subtitles)”

  1. tere ko bhai chahiye tha BLUE-T SHIRT WALE ki aur jalata ….ushe kehte MERE PAAS ACTIVA bhi haiii..

    ..agar fir bhi I-PHONE maang ne ki galti krta toh IK THAPPAR lagata jorr se….

  2. Abe iPhone hai log aisa reaction Dere jaise kohinoor hera dekhliya hai Abe phone he hai Kuch ajooba nahi chutiye log

  3. May bangladesh se hoon…ye blue t-shirt wala banda agar police may nokhri karega to keya keya hoga jara socho…in jese keliye deshko bodnam ho raha jese ki gandha log hamari desh may bhi aisi bohot sari hain..shame of those bloody idiots..

  4. Iss video se yahi pata chalta ha ke india me waqayi iphone ki bari value ha🤣
    Mere pas 8+ ha kisi ne aj tk mubarakbad he nahi di💔💔💔🤣

  5. Poor country peoples look i phone frist time and frightended .
    Lanat ho aise terriost country india and kalboshen country

  6. Maine sare comments padh liye sab blue t-shirt ko gali de rahe hai so mai bhi dena chahunga
    Saale bhikhari darata hai 😂😂

  7. Blue shirt wala scripted candidate hai inke prank me bcoz without his permission usko video me include hi nahi kar sakte or inhonne kar diya.. yaha per us blue shirt wale ko kitni galiya pad rahi hai.. use hurt hua hoga per usne in prank walo pe koi case bhi nahi kiya..
    So samajha karo video fully scripted hai

  8. नीली टी शर्ट वाला इस दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा भिखारी है।

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