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Best Cell Phone Plans 2018 | UnReal Mobile Offers An Unreal Deal for Unlimited Talk and Text.

Best Cell Phone Plans 2018 | UnReal Mobile Offers An Unreal Deal for Unlimited Talk and Text.

what’s good YouTube you back in the
building with Joe Oh uncle Monty Python we’re bringing you your life games today
and more money-saving more saving money on those cellphones and let’s talk about
another great cellphone deal I found out there that some people have said they
really enjoy but first y’all know we put on the plus seven
glasses of sexiest hell on this channel cuz we work on skilling up our craft
bringing you a more info on YouTube experience definitely something better
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the video description as well so the phone service we’re talking about today
is something called unreal mobile and they have what they’re calling an unreal
plan now if you’re not familiar with unreal Mobile they are a subsidiary of
something called freedom pop I use freedom pop a long long long time ago
because they let you buy a whole year of service and they gave you a phone for
$90 the catch was you had to use that service over a data network so if you
didn’t go somewhere where you could click to the internet you couldn’t use
their phone service sometimes people would call you you’re saying hello for
like three four seconds while it’s trying to switch to the network you will
lose a phone call to fix that problem they have come up with unreal Mobile
which goes over the cellular network so that you don’t have those issues now let
me explain to you what you’re getting you’re gonna get for $10 of my
you get unlimited talk text and one gig of data $10 a month and if you’re
someone who doesn’t use all your data that allows some of that data to roll
over they’ve also got some other plants that I’m scrolling across the screen
that you can use that allows you to roll over your data and when you run out of
your LTE data you fall back the 2g for those of you that do a lot of streaming
a lot of you tubing on your phone this is probably not gonna work for you
because that stuff eats up your data like a pig eaten up slop in the zoo
you’re not gonna have enough data to get you through that even if you get there
best plan so this might not work for you this is probably best for someone who
maybe only checks email maybe a grandparent who is not utilizing their
phone for a lot of data or if you’re an extreme core are you an extreme savvy
like I am we do extreme saving this might work for you as well now what
network are they using is using the Sprint network and most people say
Sprint is probably their third most reliable network behind Verizon and
behind AT&T there’s no disputing Verizon is number one coverage network AT&T I
think we could dispute that one but they’re saying this it’s third we’re
using the Sprint’s network so if you guys just need maybe a backup phone or
you guys just have a grandparent that you want to have a phone service for $10
a month 120 dollars a year and you can use this on various phones long as your
phone is unlocked they don’t care how old your phone is it’s gonna work
this might be the plan to go ahead to your grandma or to someone who needs
just a backup phone I know some of y’all out there be creepin on the low you know
I’m saying and you need a secondary phone this might be the phone for you so
take a look a real mobile link in the video description for everything you
guys want to see going on with this company it might be the deal for you
just take a look let me know what you think have you seen
anything cheaper than $10 a month I have it and that’s going to do it for this
video don’t forget to like my video comment and subscribe go get yourself a
life gang let me know keep leaving me links about some of the best cellphone
players you guys have been using you’ve been very active letting me know where
all the great deals are out there for cellphone deals and I appreciate you and
I thank you for giving me that dialogue and until the next sexy as hell video
I’ll see you

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  1. What if I get double sim phone. Unlocked. Using one sim with tmobile 2nd number ( I carry two phones) is my business line also with tmobile

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