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BEST Galaxy S4 Loca UV glue glass repair video

BEST Galaxy S4 Loca UV glue glass repair video

Alright so this is the companion video to
my Samsung Galaxy S4, just the glass, screen replacement video. In this one I’m going
to show you how to use the Loca glue to fix your phone in a more permanent way. I still
like to use a little bit of the double sided tape to help keep the glue on top of the LCD
instead of having it bleed into the Home button and the ear piece. So now that I have the
tape on there I’m going to go ahead and use some denatured alcohol to get rid of any
finger prints and dust and excess glue that’s still on the screen. And then here’s the
Loca glue. This is a UV activated optical adhesive. For such a scientific name, it is
pretty inexpensive and easy to use. The best way I can explain how to apply the glue is
to mentally divide the phone into four separate parts. The bottom segment will be the legs.
You’re going to gently squeeze the glue out into legs. The middle two segments will
be the body. Just go straight up the phone. And then the top segment, the top fourth of
the phone will be the arms spread out towards the corners. And then you’re going to come
back and just do a little line across the center. This is more than enough glue. You
actually can get away with doing a little bit less than this. The goal is to not have
too much excess though. You don’t want the glue to flow into the ear piece and the home
button. If there are bubbles in your glue, now is the time to get it out. You can just
kind of poke it with your tweezers, dry them off, and then poke it again to pop any bubbles.
There’s no rush at this point because the glue’s not going to do anything until the
UV light gets on it. I’m going to go ahead and get rid of the plastic on my, on the glass.
I’ll put a link for this in the video description below as well. Make sure not to touch the
back of the glass or else you’ll have some permanent fingerprints on your phone. Make
sure the Home button and the ribbon cable for the Menu button is intact. And then I’m
going to put my tweezers up at the top of the phone and then my hand down at the bottom
and gently press down. Make sure you’re ready to do this cuz once the screen touches
the UV glue, you’re committed. Go as slow as possible. The slower you go the less bubbles
there will be. As you can see here I kind of speed up towards the center and I’m going
to get three massive bubbles right in the middle of my screen which is very unfortunate
for me, but lucky for you guys because you get to see how to get bubbles out of your
screen if it ever happens. Now in the ideal situation there would be no bubbles here and
all I would have to do is apply, you know, minor pressure to the center of the screen
to get the glue to flow out to the edges. This is normal and as soon as the glue would
touch the edges, then I just plop the UV light on there which I’ll show you in a second,
and the glue would harden in about a minute and you’d be good to go. But since there
are some bubbles in the center I have two options. One is to leave them, not a big deal;
you can’t really see the bubbles when the screen is on anyway. Or two, I can massage
the bubbles out to the sides and get rid of them that way. So as I press down on the screen,
the bubbles kind of run away from my finger. But you can also see on the sides of the phone
that the UV glue is kind of leaking. Out of the sides of the phone is not that big of
a deal. You just want to make sure that the UV glue isn’t getting into the earpiece
or the front facing camera slot because it will make all of your pictures blurry and
foggy. Remember that any glue that is not touched by the UV light will remain liquid.
So any of the glue that is underneath the black portion of the screen will still bleed
out later on. Anyway, now that I have the bubbles out of the phone I’m going to go
ahead and start it with the UV light. I’m keeping a little bit of pressure on the screen
just so that bubbles don’t start to seep in from the sides. It’ll take about 20 or
30 seconds for the glue to become tacky enough that it’ll hold the screen in place. Once
it’s tacky enough I can set the light directly down on top of the phone and give it about
another 2 or 3 minutes while the glue completely cures. To get rid of the excess glue on the
outside of the screen, I find that it’s easier to start with a dry paper towel instead
of using the alcohol. Once the glue is off with the dry paper towel, then you can use
the alcohol after that. You can see that I have a little bit of glue seeping through
the Home button here. Once I get that glue just pressed out it’ll work just fine. The
glue does not affect how the phone works at all. Here’s the UV light just kind of sealing
up anything else that would have leaked through on the back. And that’s it. Now you have
a completely working phone. The optical adhesive does turn out very well. It’s just like
new. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments.
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  1. My S4 glass lens broke while it was in an otterbox defender case. If I am going to put it back in the defender would the safer repair be just to use the tape only? And will digitizer still be fully funcitonally without addiitonal glue in between lens and it?

  2. hi, I just replaced the glass on an S3 and a S4, both successfully to a degree. I later found id covered the front cameras in glue so they are now all foggy and I glued up the speaker on the s4, so its very hard to hear… can I recover these? if so how???all help is appreciated..

  3. Hello, I need a little help, Can I use this glue to paste a screen to frame of phone? If you understand me, I don't need to stick digitizer with LCD, just to make screen harder not to have "breathing effect"? I wanna do that on Xperia Z, so if anyone can suggest me will this work, because edges of screen aren't transparent.

  4. im having problems with the LOCA glue seeping out from behind the black parts of the phone. i know it remains liquid but is their anyway tonfix this?

  5. Will this uv light works?

    Im not sure if I should try to change it, its broken on the side and small cuts in the screen

  6. Thanks again mate! used my iron to get this loose aswell! Ordering the glue now! Couldn't have done it without you!

  7. Hi, I just replaced my Galaxy S3 screen. I replaced it quite well actually and the screen is crystal clear. However when the glue hardened i noticed that my front camera was completely blurred, and realised i must of got the glue on it. Any tips on how to avoid this in future?

  8. Hi thanks for sharing your video. I tried to replace glass on I phone 6 but the loca glu damaged the lcd, how to use the glu in order not to damage the lcd. thank you

  9. love your videos man! your videos have helped me replace four screens successfully now. i enjoy doing this as crazy as it sounds. thank you for the help and keep the great videos coming.

  10. Nice, but maybe I'll stick to the dual sided method myself. It's true the LOCA does make your phone sturdier but if experience told me anything, if it's going to break there's nothing you can do about it, gravity always wins. On the plus sign, if I were to fix a phone that was secured with dual sided tape, it'll be way easier to remove the glass again. Nice video, subbed.

  11. Did the same exact process and it was too much glue. It went on top where face camera is and aslo hit where the lcd is attached with flex cable and in about a week touch screen was going haywire. When i would wake screen it would act as if being touched. I advice for little less glue and clear taping top part before placing glass, once dry pull tape out. Thats how i did the next one without any problems.

  12. im watching this on my repaired s5 thank you for the s5 tutorial the bad thing its that i have like 3 really little bubbles LOL

  13. My first attempt at this. I didn't have too many bubbles and found them quite easy to chase to the edge, HOWEVER, I didn't use enough LOCA to fill the gap and air kept leaking back in the sides! Now I'm trying to figure out a way to recover from this……sigh!

  14. Does this glue dry without a UV light, like, after a few hours or even a day?
    Also, is sunlight just as good to dry it?

  15. hi, i have a question: what happends if i put out of the phone just the SIM and the battery when i put the phone under the UV light? does something get broken? thank you

  16. Bro if loka glue isnt available in my contry and i dont want to use double sided tape than what other thing i use silicon glue works?

  17. Very helpful video man! One question, I have to replace the touchscreen on a LG Optimus G, could I proceed the same way as shown in this video? Is the glue really necessary or could I just use the double side tape in the edges?

  18. this is very helpful , thank you
    a question comes to my mind , would be efficient if one spreads the Loca glue all over the LCD with a ruler or something before putting the glass on?

  19. Hey, i have a question, My s4's screen is cracked and the screen stays black. however when i turn it on, the phone vibrates. My question is, how do i know if the cracked screen is the problem and with a screen replacement the phone will work like new again?

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  22. hi, I saw a lot of glass replacements with the UV glue, but some displays has spots near to the sides after the procedure, apareantly because the glue had leaked to inside of the LCD. How to know if the LCD display that I get in hands will let the glue leak, and how to seal or stop the leaking, providing secure job and non spotted LCD display?

  23. Years ago I was part of a testing division of a optical lens manufacturer and we were working with plastic lens bonding using loca glue and a machine that held and cured the glue at the same time and the best method for applying the glue was 5% of the required glue be applied to one side and the rest applied to other we also noted that it required far less glue than I've been seeing people use in the tutorials it's a fluid that is intended to be applied so thin that just a cc or two is required also I'd apply the bulk of the glue to the new glass and cure it face down on the light source let gravity help prevent the issues

  24. kardeş ben florasan ışığı mor mavi renklerden geçirerek yansıtsam uv ışık olurmu?Kullanabilirmiyim uv makinesi yerine?

  25. plz do a video on oneplus 3T! im from india! i have the same problem! only the glass is broken! everything works fine!
    but when i contacted the service centre they said that they will change the whole assembly which will cost 13 to 15k! which to too much! half cost of the phone!
    plz help me out! i can't find anywhere a video like this about oneplus 3! plz help me out plz +JerryRigEverything

  26. I strongly NOT recommend to do such replacement! I did it and now I have to replace whole front panel cause my LCD after 2 days is rather one big stain than LCD it used to be… Use OCA or (best advice) let the service do that.

  27. thanks for the video. i have a question. I dont have the UV light. without UV light, can I follow your tutorial? plz let me know any suggestion

  28. would that work on any phone I got acetone on mine last nite and now my scream is black and wont turn on

  29. So… if I have a phone with a cracked screen, can I not just put this glue on my phone screen, smooth it out and make it hard and just call it a day to save money?

  30. the light you link to doesnt work with the glue i bought (seems like same product you use, but your link to glue is out of stock).. anyway, the light is not the light you use. what light are you using in the video. is it this by any chance?

  31. I usually have the patience and sense of things to do well at such tasks. Something I've found useful in similar 'projects'; I have found disposable (so clean) hypodermic syringes and needles available at the local farm supply store. The smallest commonly available needle is 21G, which is pretty small and takes a lot of pressure to get anything with much viscosity through it. That said, it occurs to me it might prove helpful in controlling the amount of glue by using less and 'injecting' more as needed, especially at the top of the screen where too much glue getting in the upper components seems to be a common complaint. The obvious problems would be 1) is the glue too thick to be forced through a 21G needle? One could use a 12G needle and syringe to 'suck' some LOCA into the syringe and then switch to the 21G to 'inject' it behind the glass. 2) do you think there would be enough room to get a 21G needle behind the glass without scratching anything? A 21G is 0.03225 inch or 0.8192mm OD and 0.02025 inch or 0.514mm ID. 3) bubbles would obviously be more of an issue, but it seems like the biggest area of concern is at the top. The bottom and sides seem less prone to excess glue. I'd be interested in your thoughts on my idea here. Thanks for these videos.

  32. I have galaxy a 5 but i repaired already and it brokes again

    Now its easy to remove galss at home ??
    Price of loca glue ?

  33. Hey Jerry, the video is really very helpful, however the glass of my secondary phone, a S4 broke in an accident. Though I have a spare glass, but I can't really source down any Loca Glue. Is there any alternative for it? Like, any such synthetic fabric glue, which they call it Dendrite here in India?

  34. how to fix a lcd screen of my mi note 4 after fixing it with feviquick ,after I fixed screen my screen become blur so plz help me

  35. Hi jerry , i was hoping if i can use a mosquito killer to cure loca glue , since it also has uv ? Can it be done ?? Tnx

  36. Can a regular alcohol wipe work? I used an alcohol wipe to clean the screen digitizer when replacing my samsung core glass. After cleaning, the screen doesn't work anymore with touch. Could the alcohol wipe have messed it up? I didn't use the uv glue. Can the isse be fixed if I add the glue?

  37. Is it possible to just put the phone out in the sun for a half hour or so if you do not have a uv light?

  38. Is it okay to use an all-purpose clear glue for the repair? I wanted to replace the glass on my Note5 but don't want to make it permanent.

  39. Hey, great video! I have a question, can you make a video about how to glue the display on the motherboard (the rest of the phone)? I didn't found a metod yet and i am still searching

  40. nice video with clear video resolution but want to ask you im planning to change my note 5 upper glass do i have to take the back cover and separate the screen on a side , or i can direclty remove the upper glass and clean everything and apply the uv glue with uv light and what about the glue if it comes on sides … what you recomend me to do

  41. would a small vacuum pump work or aid, in getting out the bubbles, if the phone was placed in a small air tight container, and you vacuumed out the air?

  42. Zack my man! I have question for you my handsome bald man;
    I recently purchased whitestone's domeglass for my samsung note 8.
    I was using one already and I needed to swap the glass cause it had cracked.
    Anyways there was some problems during the installation and long story short the phone was COATED in that glue.
    Now I cleaned my phone with alcphol cloth, microfiber cloth, tissue and some water. Now it seems like I didn't get all the glue off since my domeglass surface feels rough and my phone isn't as slick, but rather a bit rough.
    What would you suggest tp get the glue off? I tried wiping it off with alcohol clot but it didn't do anything and now I am thinking of nail polish remover but I wouldn't want to try it in case something goes wrong and I ruin my phone.

  43. Anyone know what glue to use in order to attach an opaque glass back onto a phone? The fitted double sided adhesive that comes with replacement glass really isn't very effective.

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