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Best iPhone & Android Battery Case Review – DOUBLE your Battery!

Best iPhone & Android Battery Case Review  – DOUBLE your Battery!

– What’s the best iPhone battery case? I have you covered for the
iPhone 8, the 8S, the 7, many other models and a
giveaway coming right up. (soft tune) Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite, welcome to your home
for the biggest deals, the most awesome tech unboxings, and yes, I am on a
train, thanks to YouTube and this awesome set we’re able
to use at Google in Toronto, I am very, very fired up
because so many of you are looking for ways to
protect your new investment and I’m referring to the
cost tied to the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8S, and many of you now know that the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus models have seen those reductions,
so the case that I have today will take care of all those models and also give you up to 23
hours of extra battery life. Now, for all of the Android
users out there, like me, don’t worry, I also have
a link located right under this video screen, if you expand
the video description box, to some cases on sale for Android users but today, Apple people,
it’s all about you. Let’s start with the unboxing and as you can see that
this case comes right out of the packaging, ready to go. It actually was charged
out of all of the models that we tested, this was
not only ready to rock but it also comes paired
with short circuit overcharge protection. Why is that key? Well, if you have a phone
that’s almost $900 dollars, you wanna be very careful
what you plug into this. This has a micro USB data
and charge cable included. You get, get ready for
this people, up to 76 hours of extra audio, you get 13 hours of video, you get an additional 11
hours of Wi-Fi browsing and depending on which model you choose and what your usage is,
you get up to 23 hours of extra talk time and
365 hours of standby time. Not only did this case perform better than all of the other models
that I tested it against, but at under $40 bucks with free shipping, this is a great grab. It also allowed the phone to
be a little bit more protected during some of our drop tests. Not only does your phone fit in perfectly but you also get this really nice rubberized protective exterior. It’s one of the worst
feelings in the world when your phone battery goes
dead, as a first world problem, you need to surf and you can’t, great, but for many emergency
situations, this is actually, in some cases, a life and
death deal, think about it, there’s a brand new
teenage driver on the road who may have underestimated
the power of a phone, you need to make an emergency call. Winter driving, hurricanes,
countless emergency situations, there have actually
been reports on the news of people relying upon these
after a car ends up in a ditch overnight where calls are
made way after the fact. This is something where you
may want to have it available and if you do have an iPhone,
this is my favorite grab. Expand the video description
box right under me and you would be able to score this at its lowest recorded price today. For those of you watching,
I’d love to know, are you considering the
iPhone 10, the iPhone X, whatever it is you wanna call it? I will be hunting down
deals on those cases if there are enough people out there that are gonna spend that amount of money and I’m not gonna interject
any personal opinion right now, I’m just gonna say good for you and good for anyone that’s
about to get this for free. Using TubeBuddy’s random selection tool to find a very lucky
subscriber who’s commented in the last six months,
congratulations goes to Kimberly, you’ve won! (loud thudding) It’s fine, the bar came off! (laughing) Yes! Go you! That was a pole dance
gone wrong, Kimberly, oop, and it hit the ceiling again. So, good news people, (laughing) we’re doing this in one take
because I’m really excited for Kimberly, the other good
piece of news is if I had my iPhone during that amazing moment, the phone would’ve been fine. The bar? Not so much. Now, I’m gonna push this
aside and I’m gonna tell you that if you would like to
subscribe to this channel to capture more amazing
moments like this or better yet score some huge deals
with the holiday season right around the corner,
there’s a very easy way to get subscribed. Click on my head right now,
that will subscribe you to the, I’m looking off at people who
are cracking up very quietly on the other side of the set, click on my head right
now, that’ll subscribe you to the channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment, click here. And if you missed that
last big roundup of deals, just click over here. Yeah!

100 thoughts on “Best iPhone & Android Battery Case Review – DOUBLE your Battery!”

  1. Omg!!! That's something I would do. Lol. Don't worry Matt. Apple iPhone 6 Plus user here. But not sure I'm ready to fork out the cash for the X.

  2. Matt, was that a real subway car? LOL! I found this case online for $27.99! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or undermining you!

  3. Good recovery, Made me chuckle at lunch. I'm going to pass on the new iPhone and keep my Android for now. Thanks for the deals.

  4. Been watching for years! (Miss best intern ever, Amy!) Thanks for all the deals… even though I've never won 🙁

  5. Thank you! Where was this we needed to get our cases? Need info on new ones if we change iPhones. If not changing will need one of these cases when they're back in stock for our current phones. Thank you for all the great info. Keep dancing!

  6. I am soooooo far behind on watching/commenting on your videos. So, I'm going to spend the next couple of hours catching because you're worth it, my friend. Let the video marathon begin!

    Not an iPhone user, of course, but if I was this would be an awesome deal for me.
    Maestro, you cracked me up with the pole malfunction. I hope you were okay.
    Kimberly, congratulations on winning!
    As always, thanks for the deal and the laughs! 😀

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