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best password manager 2018 / Iphone and android

best password manager 2018 / Iphone and android

Did you ever forget the password
probably yes but with me that will never happen again and I’m gonna show you how
and you gotta start right now how you doing my name is Claudio Varela
and welcome to the episode number 3 of the series “Make it Simple”, today we gonna talk about a password manager called Dashlane if you are new on this
channel don’t forget to check the links the links below, that will start on the video
number 1 of this series and there will be links for the rest of the series as
well. Forgetting the password is getting more common in this century where people
create accounts for everything from social media to online shopping or
emails but with Dashlane you have all your password safe and securely
protected with just one password, To setup Dashlane, insert your email and one
password that you will never forget once you did this step, you can start managing
your passwords, this app works on Android and iOS and it’s free to use on any
device including Windows and Mac selecting the passwords menu will allow
you to add your accounts and organize them you can select from a range of
selected apps already available or you can just insert a new one to create just
press on the plus button and start saving your account passwords, another
good feature in this app is the password generator you can personalize the type
of password you want to create and the colour will change regarding how safe will
be from red being extremely unsafe to green being super safe, then you just
need to copy the password and paste into the account that you want to use.
Memorising these long passwords will be hard, but with the auto log-in option you
will never need to type them again. Other two good options are, the secure notes
where you can start important in for like Wi-Fi passwords or bank information,
and the inbox scan this will allow dash LAne To scan all the accounts created
with your email and important to Dashlane. The wallet menu, allows you to set
up your personal info like name, address contacts, etc… Then you have the payments
option, which is an amazing option since most people don’t trust on online
payments this option will avoid you from storing your payment info online. You
can as well set up your IDs, like passport, driving license, and then you
get a notification three months before the expiration date.
Dashlane allows you to set up emergency contact with someone you trust, that will
need to assess your information and passwords or as well have someone that
use Dashlane entrusting you with their information. You can always apply to the
premium version in case you like the extra features but there’s a free app, Dashlane already offers a perfect service for your mobile phone. Dashlane is one of.
the most powerful and versatile password managers on the market. Service goes
above and beyond password management with strong fulfilling features and the
ability to securely store virtually any kind of data, such as password
changer which way to instantly change hundreds of passwords with a single
click, are tremendous time savers and help set Dashlane apart from the rest of the pack. Password change is still not available on Android devices. Dashlane prides itself on zero-knowledge meaning that even the company can’t
assess any of your data. If you have any questions about this
video or comments, please leave them down below and I will of if I can and I have
a question for you today. What is the methods that you use to protect your own
passwords. If you are really interested in using apps that will help you. make sure
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