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Best phone for the money, april 2019!

Best phone for the money, april 2019!

– The best phones function-wise are great. Of course they are, but
you also have to pay big bucks for their
greatness, not so great. In my opinion, you have to
consider both price and quality to determine which phones
are the best on the market. I’ll give you top 10 best
phones for the price, right now. (ticking) There are many phones on the market today, more than 300 phones and
I have tested most of them on quality but quality is not enough to justify a phone in total. Anyone can build a great phone if the budget is more or less unlimited. The question is, is it
worth paying extra bucks for better screen, better camera, better battery life, and so on? Yes, the price is important. On,
I compare qualities and current price levels
on most phones out there. When a new phone joins the
market, I test it thoroughly. My mission is to reveal its pros and cons and give consumers around the world the pure honest truth about smartphones. is
updated every single day with the ever-changing
prices on the world market from hundreds of web shops
and price comparison sites. So I reveal the quality
of each single phone and give you daily update on price. By combining my test
results and quality results as camera, battery life, antenna
quality, user friendliness and six other relevant criteria with the current international price level on specific phones, I’m able
to calculate how much quality you actually get for the money. Smartphones with the
highest quality price ratio are the best phones for the price. The top 10 best phones for
the price, April 2019 are. (upbeat music) So, which of these 10 phones are especially good for the money? Here are my three favorites. Motorola G7 Plus, great
display with 6.2 inches and full HD resolution,
great navigation speed thanks to an almost
pure Android experience. The dual camera takes great
pictures in most situations. And it’s pretty awesome that
you can charge the battery from zero to 100% in just 55 minutes. In the high-end segment
my favorite right now is the Huawei P20 Pro. The camera set up on
the back still delivers some of the best pictures ever on a phone. The 4000 mAh battery gives
the phone long battery life and the navigation speed
in the phone is great. Overall P20 Pro is a
great phone for the price. Xiaomi Redmi 6 maybe not a great phone but for the price it’s
a very decent phone. 5.45 inch HD screen,
fine navigation speed, good battery life, fine userability and a camera that shoots okay pictures. The phones on the top 10
best phones for the money cannot compete with the
newest and hottest phones on the market but some
of them are pretty close which is amazing when you compare prices. On the one hand, I love low prices on the other hand I’m also willing to pay extra bucks for some extra nice features. So, right now my favorite
phone is Huawei P20 Pro. One year old maybe but it’s
still an amazing phone.

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