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Best phones for children, dec 2019

Best phones for children, dec 2019

– Kids want an iPhone, but as one of my favorite songs goes, “Kids are stupid and ugly” and what do they know about phones? Well, maybe more than most parents, so parents, listen up. Here is my top 10 recommendation for the best phones for kids. (clock ticking) I know all the kids want an iPhone. It makes them look cool in the schoolyard but if I was a parent to a kid who’s craving for a new iPhone, I would let the kid pay for it itself because iPhones are extremely expensive and when the reckless
kid destroy the phone, it will cost another
fortune to get it fixed. I have tested extremely
many phones during the years and I can conclude that aside
of being the most pricey phone on the planet, iPhones are
simply no good for kids. You have to consider these things. First of all, mobile radiation. It’s extremely high on iPhone and World Health Organization recommends to be extra cautious when dealing with mobile
radiation and kids. Kids are still growing and evolving so they are more vulnerable
to mobile radiation. iPhones also have poor antenna quality. They will lose the connection to the mobile network more often then most other phones. I’m not just saying that, scientific studies back me up. Battery life, it has actually improved on the new 11 Pro Max, the most expensive iPhone right now but in real-time usage, it’s still poorer than on most other phones mainly due to a poor antenna quality. When pinging for the signal
on the mobile network, more often it use way more battery. Display, iPhone got a great display so if don’t care about mobile radiation, poor antenna quality, poor battery life, and an extremely high price, iPhone is actually a great
choice when it comes to display. But even though my own
kids are stupid and ugly, I still care about them and I also care about my wallet. Here’s my top 10 recommend
for the best phones for kids. (upbeat music) All the phones on the list
are at least half the price of iPhone but they perform better on essential features when
choosing a phone for kids. I would choose either a Samsung Galaxy A7 as a premium phone for the price, Nokia 7 Plus is a fine all-rounder phone or LG V30, this is still an amazing phone and not only for kids. I would like to ask you, do
you also believe that kids are stupid and ugly? Throw a comment. Did you like this video? Then subscribe to our channel and don’t miss out on
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