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BEST Smartphones of 2019 – YOUTUBER Edition ft. MKBHD, Dave 2D, iJustine + More

BEST Smartphones of 2019 – YOUTUBER Edition ft. MKBHD, Dave 2D, iJustine + More

– What’s up guys, Dave
here on SuperSaf TV. – Hey what’s up guys,
MKBHD here on SuperSaf TV. – Hey what’s up guys, Austin Evans here on SuperSaf TV. – Hey it’s iJustine on SuperSaf TV. – Hey there guys, it’s
Mr. Q from Raqami tv here on SuperSaf TV. – What’s going on guys? This is Jon Rettinger on SuperSaf TV. – Hey, my sezzy people. – What’s up guys? This is Jenna Ezarik on SuperSaf TV. – What’s up guys? This is Ash from C4ETech on SuperSaf TV. – What’s up guys? This is Faisal Alsaif on SuperSaf TV. – What’s up guys? This is JerryRigEverything
here on SuperSaf TV. – What’s up guys? This is David the Unlockr for SuperSaf TV. – What’s up guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV, and this is the best of the best. A lot of the regulars
on the channel will know that towards the end of each year, I do a massive SuperSaf
style collaboration where I get lots of my amazing friends to share with us what
their favorite smartphone of the year has been, and as with every year, we’ve
got an epic, epic lineup. And we’re also going to have
a second part of this video which will be the best tech of 2019, not including smartphones. If you want to make
sure you see that first as soon as it’s out, then be sure to subscribe
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(bell dinging) Let’s kick things off. So my personal favorite
smartphone of the year, it was a tough one to choose, but I think it’s got to be
the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Now, I know, I know, it’s not perfect. It’s super fragile. It’s very expensive and it’s
got a very small front display. But I’ve not been this
excited about any smartphone in a very long time. And in my opinion, this
is the biggest innovation that we’ve had in smartphone space for a very long time as well. The fact that I can have
a tablet-size device, which I can simply fold and
put it in my pocket is amazing. Remember, this is a first gen product, so it will be improving,
and it’s the reason why it’s my personal
favorite smartphone of 2019. That’s me. Let’s see what the others have to say. – Hey, what’s up guys? Austin Evans here on SuperSaf TV, and my favorite smartphone of the year has got to be the OnePlus 7T. Now yeah, there were a bunch
of great iPhones this year. Samsung had a bunch of cool stuff, but for me, the OnePlus
really is the story. It’s not crazy expensive,
it’s got the best screen on any phone, period. So smooth, so fluid. It’s go the performance. Really, the only thing I can knock it for is that the camera isn’t quite up to the pixel of the iPhone standard, but beyond that, it is an
absolutely killer deal. – What’s up guys, this is
Jenna Ezarik on SuperSaf TV, and my favorite smartphone of 2019 is the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now I might be a little biased because it does kind of look like my dog. But I’ve just been loving the ultra wide, I’ve been loving the slofies, as hopefully no one is saying anymore. I like the look of it. The battery life is incredible, and it’s just been my favorite phone. – Safilicious, super Saf, Safi, ah! Safilicious. Hey! I’ll say, I sat here with
my guy, Super Safylicious. Said I should do a video for him. Yes, here. And today I’m going to tell you
my favorite smartphone of 2019. Of course you people know it is the Samsung Galaxy Fold. I love that device. It’s expensive, it feels nice, and of course that thing
folds like sandwich bread. Very nice. I love your phone because
every time I can use it to check my bank account, I can watch video of myself, and of course I can Skype at least two of my wives at the same time. Or even three. Lots of space to cut. Anyway, thank you very much. Hopefully you people enjoyed
this session of the video, and please follow me on TikTok because I am broke now
after buying the phone. It’s expensive. – What’s going on guys? This is Jon Rettinger on SuperSaf TV, and my favorite phone 2019, probably not that much of a surprise, the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I use my phone pretty heavily. Battery life is amazing,
the screen is great, I get all the Apple
ecosystemy things that I love. That’s a phone that has pretty much always been in my pocket since launch. I’ve tested a lot this year and there are a lot of contenders, but the champion for me for camera, battery life, and overall performance, iPhone 11 Pro Max. – What’s up guys? This is Faisal Alsaif on SuperSaf TV. When it comes to my favorite
smartphone of the year 2019, it’s definitely the Samsung Note10 Plus. Of course it doesn’t
have a 90 hertz screen. It doesn’t have a phone jack,
or I say headphone jack, yet, this is a phone that came after a lot of work from Samsung. Years of maturity gave us this phone. That gave me a very good experience. I know it’s not at the
pixel that we all wanted in the past years. It’s not the foldable phone. It’s not the phone with the full screen with no bezels or with
no mole on the screen that’s a camera. Yet, it’s the phone that
I like for the year 2019. – What’s up guys? – This is JerryRigEverything
here on SuperSaf TV. Picking my favorite smartphone
of 2019 was very difficult. There are a lot of good
phones out this year. And my favorite isn’t the most powerful or the best looking, but
one of the most unique. Yeah, we’ve had a lot of
motorized smartphone cameras and stuff like that, but my
favorite has been the smartphone that switches back and forth
between the dual screens on both the front and the back. It’s actually pretty cool. It’s got the triple camera
setup, which is great. And I think it’s just an efficient use of all of the real estate on both the front and back of the phone. It’s called the Nubia Z20, and for me, it’s my
favorite phone of 2019. I think it’ll be fun to see what they come up with next year. – What’s up guys? This is Ashwin from
C4ETech on SuperSaf TV. My favorite smartphone for the year, it’s got to be a tossup
between the iPhone 11 and the ROG Phone 2. The iPhone 11, it was perfectly Apple. It’s what was expected of it. Now on the other hand, the ROG Phone 2, it was a surprise, especially
given the price point it launched at in India. It kind of just blew me away, so I can’t really choose
between these two. If you want panel, the performance, the added detail, the entire ecosystem is built around it. It retails for 39,000 rupees in India. That’s a tad under $550 US dollars, which is a pretty sweet
price point, right? So anyway, that’s me. Sorry Saf, I kind of snuck in two picks. – What’s up guys? This is David the Unlockr for SuperSaf TV. And my favorite phone of 2019
has got to be the Galaxy Fold. For me, sure, the outside
screen isn’t the most useful and it’s expensive, but living the dream of having a tablet that I can fold up and put in my pocket is
just such a cool concept. The price will come down. Android software will get
better at being a tablet, and Samsung will create
a newer, better version of the Fold thanks to
the overwhelming orders they had for this model, and all of that can only mean that the mobile phone industry gets pushed into a new form factor and cooler designs. What’s not to love about that? – My favorite smartphone of 2019? Jeez, I don’t know, I
wonder what that could be? The iPhone 11 Pro Max, by any chance? Of course I’m a fan of the iPhone. I’m iJustine, what do you guys expect? Other than the new ultra wide camera and the front facing 4K camera, I do want to point out
one of my favorite things about the new iPhone, is the look of it. A lot of people, myself included, always put cases on their iPhones, but let’s just take a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. – Hey there guys! It’s Mr. Q from Raqami
tv here on SuperSaf TV. Thank you so much Saf for having me on your special episode. I have to choose my favorite phone. I’d have to say it’s the iPhone 11 Pro. Let me explain why. You see, the most important thing for me is recording video. And the fact that the iPhone 11 Pro has 4K, 60 frames per
second on every single lens, plus you’ve got lovely ultra wide, but they’re all calibrated
almost identically. Plus, you’ve got a fantastic microphone, makes this my favorite device. I know Saf, you said choose one phone, but I’m going to cheat, because I do think that the Note10 is a
very beautiful device, however, what has captured my
heart and interest this year is the Galaxy Fold. Let me tell you why. I’ve got a phone, I’ve got a tablet, I’ve got a PC if I use DeX. Comes with wireless earbuds,
plus that foldable screen never gets old, I love it. Listen to this. (phone snapping shut) Doesn’t it sound so good? – Hey what’s up guys,
MKBHD here on SuperSaf TV, and my favorite smartphone
of the year for 2019, that’s going to have to go, I mean, there’s a bunch of
definitions of favorite. Maybe it’s just the one that I
use the most during the year. So I guess for me, that’s
going to be the iPhone 5S, no I’m just kidding. It’s the OnePlus 7 Pro, actually. That’s the phone I use the most. And there’s even better
phones than this one. It happens to be a lower price. But I really liked it
as the smoothest Android phone of the year, had
quick software updates, fast charging, edge to edge display, 90 herzt, sort of the complete package. So there it is, OnePlus 7 Pro. – What’s up guys, Dave
here on SuperSaf TV, and my favorite phone for
2019 is the 2019 iPhone SE. This hardware did not come out this year, but they updated the software. It’s now a significantly
smoother experience than it was in the past, and it’s a really great phone. Now the real reason why I love this phone is its price point. It’s $100, maybe $150 US dollars. It’s super small. Well, not this one but
the real one’s small, and it’s a metal frame. Very durable, you can
drop it all you want, and it’ll be in great condition. But easy pick for me. iPhone SE. – And there we have it guys. That is the best of the best. Some of the best smartphones of 2019 as chosen by some of
your favorite YouTubers. I want to say a huge
thanks to all of my friends for getting involved in this video. They all make amazing content, and I’m going to be linking
too all of their channels in the description below. Make sure you do go
ahead and check them out. I’m sure you’re not
going to be disappointed. And remember, there is going
to be a part two of this video where we’ll be sharing our
favorite tech of the year, not including smartphones. If you want to see that first, then be sure to subscribe
and hit that bell icon. (bell dinging)
What is your overall favorite smartphone of 2019? Do drop that in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this
video and found it useful. If you did, then do hit that
thumb’s up button for me. Thanks for watching. This is Saf on SuperSaf TV. I’ll see you next time. – All right, I’ll give you
a little thumbnail option. I don’t know what you have
planned for thumbnails, but in case you need one of my face. And in case you want one
with, oh surprise, a phone! Okay, happy editing. (relaxed electronic music)

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