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Best Teleprompter App for iPad and iPhone

Best Teleprompter App for iPad and iPhone

86 thoughts on “Best Teleprompter App for iPad and iPhone”

  1. Great video. One feature I was wondering about is whether you can control the script remotely (e.g. via another/second device)? A previous teleprompter we used in a former workplace had this feature, which was great, as it allowed speed to be adjusted in real time or completely stopped and re-started. That app was "proprompter" by bodelin.

  2. I've been using promptsmart for the last 3 years and never had a problem with it. It's voice activated and moves along with your speech. Don't have to worry about adjusting speed.

  3. Looks like a great app! I love the ability to position the text near to the lens, and the stop/manual move feature. I find that there is another interesting challenge with Teleprompter setups – the ability to read the text based on the proximity of your IOS device to where you are. For example, with my eyesight, I can't read the text on a smartphone effectively, even at larger sizing, but if I use my iPad mini, then I can make it work. I guess this is just the "size of text" factor, but the bigger the device, the bigger you can make the text.

  4. I really like this video! Now can you find the best app to write a script for me? I really suck at that part! LOL

  5. Justin you 🤘🏾!! As an actor who has to do self tape auditions this is a life saver. I am looking for your android video. 👍🏾😎

  6. hello im wandering about  have a secand channel for vlog or just use snapchat for my daily 
    people this days more attractive for snapchat ((granal ))
    but also vlogs channel are the most attractive channels on youtube

    any tips ?

    like if you what a vidoe about this topic

  7. Nice video! Do you know the equivalent for Android? I use Teleprompter video creator but it is not good as this one. And the problem for me, it's not working offline.

  8. Justin, AGAIN, boom-baby-boom! I have Parrot Prompter but, learned from your video that I can now go direct from my iPhone. Btw, what prompt hardware are you using? Or, are you using directly from the iPhone?

  9. That teleprompter app looks great. I am just curious – how do you manage to use FILMic Pro and a teleprompter together (or is it even possible)? Do you use two cameras? I went and got FILMic as a result of your review, and although still learning, it has been an awesome app. 

  10. is it possible to connect the device to a bigger display ? (Pro cam. filming – talent reading from a display) greets

  11. In the Lite version it adds "Recorded with Video Teleprompter on iPad" in large letters across the bottom of the screen. That makes my video useless! Wish this had been mentioned so I didn't waste my time.

  12. Great video and thanks for the recommendation!! I used this app for a corporate video yesterday. Not only did it perform flawlessly, it made the interviews a breeze!

  13. Your long intro about why I'm here and what I should do to subscribe makes me not want to subscribe. Just dive right into the content please 🙂

  14. Hi Justin.

    Many thanks for this video. I subscribe to, and like, your channel, and I really appreciate your sunny disposition, knowledge, warmth, and your presentation skills.

    I just wanted to say a few things about your remarks concerning the ‘psychology’ (my word, not yours, but basically that is what you are talking about I think) of how to use a teleprompter when presenting videos on YouTube.

    I hope that you do not mind me commenting on your remarks in this way, and I do not mean what I am saying to come across to you negatively in any way.

    It seems to me, and please feel free to correct me if this was not what you intended, that you were suggesting that people be as natural as possible when using a teleprompter and presenting YouTube videos. You talked about things like using one’s own way of saying something, and keeping eye contact with the audience (by looking at the camera, instead of looking away) being important in this regard and positively contributing toward this impression of being trustworthy and natural.

    You also seemed to be saying that if one did these things, along with keeping the iphone/telemprompter text you were reading as close to the camera lens as possible, it would be difficult for a viewer to tell that you are using a teleprompter, implying that it would somehow be distracting, or undesirable in some other way if someone noticed a presenter using a teleprompter.

    Well, I was able to tell that you were using a teleprompter (reading text) the very first time I saw one of your videos. And it did not distract me at all. In fact, I prefer that because it allows you as a presenter to get the information across to me – which is why I have clicked on the video in the first place – in as brief and economical away as possible, only concentrating on what is necessary, and not waffling on and on.

    Also, people making sustained eye contact with others, when public speaking, or making a YouTube video, is not a natural state. People look away for a number of reasons – sometimes because they are intimidated, sometimes because they are accessing memories, and sometimes because they do not wish to come across as aggressive (or to signal romantic interest in the other person!)

    So, while I like some of your suggestions, behaviourally they are not based in fact (i.e., the way people interact with each other), which I think we would do well to bear in mind. In fact, there are people who consider someone looking them straight in the eye for a prolonged length of time to be aggressive.

  15. Buddy, you have solved a big problem for me…my future videos will be better…and your advice will have a great role to play in them. Thank you soooooo much! #SucceedEng

  16. Just a heads up, the Lite version is almost completely useless now, because it puts a GIANT watermark on your video that you can't remove without paying for the premium version

  17. how are you looking into the 'middle of the screen" or so it appears. the camera is above you isnt it? so are you looking up at the camera, or do you have a special set up to allow you look at the middle of the screen, and read stuff from there ? thanks

  18. Useful info which I was unaware of. Thanks. To my point however, I don't have a moneyed dog in this race, I'm just an old fart with a hobby and not somebody who is making a living at this trade. For twenty years or more, I was involved in scanning old family photos that were faded and turning yellow and cleaning them up in Photoshop. On occasion I played with Premier Pro. I thought it would be a great pastime. Now I'm retired with plenty of time and I do photo and video editing to occupy my time and discover my creative talents.
    It's all getting away from me though because I get drawn into an activity that you pros are making money at and are willing to spend money on. You all are smarted and more focused and talented than I. If I sound like I am whining and am jealous, I probably am.
    I do videos and edit photos in my amateurish way for my own satisfaction and have to watch these tutorials that suggest that with this latest technology or other, I can do a better job. Might be true but i look at the list of devices up above and see that from anywhere from $120 to $400, I will improve my voiceovers…which I want to do. But I recently bought a Zhiyun smooth 4 for $120 and discovered that I could improve it with a weight-counter-balance for $40-$50, a mike for better audio for $50-$100, a mount for that mike, lenses for my new iPhone, a trustworthy external storage….I can go on. Hundreds and thousands of dollars. Conversely what is happening is that I am becoming less productive as I acquire the next new thing and spend my money. I am hoping that there is a light at the end of a tunnel but it might turn out to be the light at the end of the nursing home hallway that I will soon be relegated to if I have a stroke or some other disabling thing. (All right, now I am whining)

  19. Hi! Love your videos. They are super helpful. I’d prefer to use the back face camera on the iPhone and have a TelePrompTer app on an iPad sitting right below the phone. Can you recommend an iPad app for this? Another YouTuber was using On Air app but that seems to be discontinued.
    Any tips?
    Mostly because I want to use the higher resolution side of the iPhone camera lens.

  20. I have just purchased the teleprompter premium. For some reason i can't seem to find how to put the writing or text to the left hand side of the screen as in this video. Help would be appreciated

  21. Hi Justin maybe they changed the lite one a little, really awkward to set up and use, can you recommend something else ? cheers BP

  22. Hi justin ! Excellent vidéo ! Your teleprompter software requires iOS 11 ! If you have another name for iOS 10, the last one my iPhone can support… Thanks !

  23. Hi, you are always helpful. Will the TelePrompter work if I make hand written script in Urdu or Arabic language.

  24. excellent justin! question – is there anyway to control the speed wirelessly with a small device in your hand?

  25. Thank you for this! I’m going to check this out. A lot of my content is ad lib with a script outline but I feel like this could be a game changer for Intro and outro content! Love your videos, they have been immensely helpful getting my new channel going 😄

  26. I downloaded the "Video Teleprompter Premium" app to my iPhone and when I tap on the script that copied over, the app crashes and quits. What can I do to fix this? I updated the operating system on my iPhone, I updated the app and I restarted my phone. The problem is still there. Do you know what I can do to fix this? Thank you!

  27. Incredibly valuable content thanks, Justin. Your channel has removed (or offered easy to follow and clear solutions to) many of the obstacles that were in my way (some of them being myself!), and have taken me from a “how the hell?” mentality to “bring it on!”. I’m so excited about getting my own channel out there now, thanks to you. All the best, mate

  28. Is this app still the best? It only has 51 reviews and seems to crash. Have they upgraded to another name perhaps?

  29. Tip #4 newbies on promoter start to raise their chins and read down their noses. After years of tutoring teleprompter I don’t know why newbies do it so much.

  30. i bought the "telepromter for video" because i could try it fully with 750 characters, the interface is simple and provides the essential functionality, it was a bit pricey $15 (i'm not cheap just strapped on cache atm) but hey developers need to make money too, which unlocked unlimited characters. tried the other ones like prof.hornet but couldn't figure out if i could make the text smaller and place it next to the camera before buying… so the one i mentioned is really the best.

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