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Best Video Editing App for iPhone & iPad (2020 Review!)

Best Video Editing App for iPhone & iPad (2020 Review!)

88 thoughts on “Best Video Editing App for iPhone & iPad (2020 Review!)”

  1. Hi Justin thank you great 👍🏻 vid and advice do like your TOP picks as u keep it honest. Thank you 🥰👍🏻

  2. Thank you for the tips Justin even though I have an Android some of the apps were still available in play store so I'm definitely going to consider them. Also to all small YouTube channel owners hope your YouTube channel and mine become successful. Good luck and to everybody have a great year ahead

  3. Which iOS apps do you recommend for creating good video titles on the iPad? I plan to export the titles to Lumafusion. Thanks and great video!

  4. What is your recommendation on free, 1080p, no personal information needed and no watermark PC editing software?

  5. Great video Justin. As always a great advice. By personal experience, i can tell everyone in this channel that it is always a good wise to follow your recommendations. I have had great results by just following your directions. I am not an iphone user and, still find your list of editing apps very well thought, and studied. I take your recommendation so seriously that even on my videos i recommend to other people. Keep doing what you're doing.
    Question. I know you go to different places for work. Are you planning on coming to Boston for a conference? Ill be happy to attend.

  6. I started my channel a few months back with Lumafusion on my iPad, using it with the Pencil and the Smart Keyboard makes it powerful and easy to use. I have it on my iPhone but haven’t tried an edit there yet. It’s been a great learning experience!!

  7. Thanks for the really helpful content because of you i am trying to start out my own youtube channel and your guides are really helping me out. To help me oit would you be able tp shout me out if you dont want to i understand. My youtube channel is noah vaughan i dont fortnite videos

  8. Hi Justin! Man I need some new editing advice ! I use iMovie to cut and splice but can't get the texts right so I transfer to Videorama and have a lot of trouble with that lately transmitting ! I'd like to do just one and not two! I pay 2.99 for Videorama which is a deal! What do you think of Videorama! I'm just so use to it but I'd like something new and super easy! I do everything on my iPhone! Give me ur #1 choice easy and not so much money? I'm not a pro pro lol In shot looks interesting! Barb

  9. Great stuff thx. I ❤️ Rush, mostly because I already have a creative cloud subscription. 😉 And cross device really helps as I never do an entire edit on phone. Just makes it convenient at airports etc to get started.

  10. i have weird issue with the Lumafusion…. after exporting the video

    Audio Is getting Cut when there's Transisons in video clips (even though the Audio Is on separate layer)
    what might be the Issue?
    can Anyone explain please 🙏

    this is that Clip

  11. You have really helped me strt my youtube journey maybe I will try this Luma fusion and between u need just one sub to 400k congratulations I just sub with my other phone hope we get to that 400k

  12. My best are LumaFusion, KineMaster and PowerDirector +/- adobe premiere. Am really exploring and this came at the right time.

  13. I love LumaFusion💖 , and I have to recommend 2 channels where you can learn soooo much more about this app and all the things you can do, one is Tammy Sypniewski channel and the other is RobHK Vlogs channel 😁

  14. I’ve been super happy with KineMaster but may need to check out LumaFusion now. Thank you for this video!!! 😀🐶👍

  15. Thanks for the useful vid! Out of all the apps you’ve tested, which one would you say is the best free app for video editing?

  16. Hi Justin, great video, loved every second of it. I prefer InShot also I use Quik a lot. I agree with you that Lumafusion and Adobe Rush are the best editing apps, but I prefer the simplicity of Inshot, VLLO and Quik. Looking forward to your 2020 Android Best Video Editing App.

  17. I don't edit on iOS or Android but i heard Lumafusion is the best one. I use PowerDirector before and it was alright

  18. Hey Justin, do u have a vid on « compress &convert videos » with handbrake from mov video type for YouTube ?

  19. Hey I liked your video! You should do a How To: make a budget YouTube setup. I think this would help young viewers hoping to be YouTubers like you. In addition, it would help a lot.👍

  20. LumaFusion is great, but would love to see cross device editing such as Rush. Would like to try Rush but the monthly subscription is annoying. Would rather pay once. Check out my YouTube page and please subscribe. I’ve use many of your tips. Keep up the good work!

  21. This is just what I need. I sub to your channel because of this video. Look forward for more Vmaker mobile tutorial!

  22. I really appreciate your tips keep up the great work I am currently using premiere pro for my videos as you can see from my channel but those can really be very helpful

  23. I am one of the learner here I use his guidelines and now I am a editor na in my power director nice video friend 😊
    salamat Kik me my friends

  24. Hey, just purchased LumaFusion. Your recommendation is spot on. Being a bit of a ‘Road Warrior’ I find iMovie just not quite up to it on the iPad. LumaFusion looks the Biz. Your link took me right to it. Nice. I have never yet found a replacement. This looks like it might just do it, thanks. The Affinity apps, plus this… good to go. Off to Spain again soon. Thanks again.

  25. Hey bro i hv small issue with video selection. So bro i hv some of videos in my iphone tv app library and how to select these videos from here to one of video editor app . If u help me with this i will be very greatful for act.

  26. Looking for a simple one to put my own overlays on. I currently use Fuse but it limits videos to a certain amount of time.

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