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BETTER Phone WiFi in 30 Seconds!

BETTER Phone WiFi in 30 Seconds!

Cloud Flare launched their New (we’re going to just call it “One Dot” from now on) DNS Server last year which promised to make your Internet connection faster and more private for free Now, we already did a video talking about its benefits and why you might want to switch to it, which you can check out here. But, since we released that video, Cloud Flare has launched an app that allows you to enable One Dot on IOS and Android with a single button Easy, right? Everyone should just switch to it, right? Well, it might not be quite that simple… So as a quick refresher, the Domain Name System, or DNS is kind of like a phonebook for the internet So just like when you tell your phone to call JZ and it looks up and dials JZ’s number… Hello? Hey Hey! Is this JZ? I told you not to call me at this number! *Inhales* Um… So, so yea… Its Basically like that.. When you enter a website name in your browser, the DNS Resolver looks up the IP Address and connects you to the server. Now, it’s a touch more complicated, but that’s all we really need to know for now. Now by default, most devices use your internet service provider’s DNS resolver But ISPs have been known to collect and sell data on their users to advertisers and in some cases, block certain IP addresses from being accessed Thankfully, there are many DNS services available that can help you avoid those issues with 1. Better Privacy
2. Better Security
And, 3. even Better Speed *inhales* Including Google’s public DNS, Open DNS, and of course, Cloud Flare’s offering, One Dot Now, usually, in order to change your DNS resolver, you have to go into your phones network settings and change it manually AND! While on Android 9.0 Pie, you can just change it on a system wide level and forget about it, on all previous versions of Android, and on IOS, you have to change it for each and WiFi network that you connect to! AWW THATS THE WORST!! So thats the problem that Cloud Flare is trying to solve with the One Dot App, on both Android and IOS, it uses a VPN Profile to automagically direct all DNS Queries from your phone to, regardless of which WiFi, or even Cellular Network that you’re connected to I n N o V a T i O n ! [email protected]!!11121 Weaa ai Wa well, I mean, actually there have been apps to do the same thing for quite a while. Like the Paid DNS Override app on IOS, and DNS Changer on Android However, using a VPN profile to change your DNS resolver creates another problem particularly for people who use an actual VPN like Private Internet Access *inhales* So, you can’t have two VPNs Enabled at once, that is unless you want to create like a self destructive VPN loop that could potentially collapse the very structure of the space time continuum *inhales* Which means that you’ll have to switch between using the One Dot VPN and your Actual VPN, Depending on whether you’re prioritizing speed or privacy *inhales* Now, as I mentioned if your phone is running Android 9.0 Pi, this isn’t an issue and you can follow the steps on screen to enable One Dot as you default DNS resolver in you network settings So, no app, or VPN profile is required, then you can simply toggle your VPN on and off as you normally would But then, I mean, hold on a second, why would you even need a VPN then, if One Dot makes the internet faster and protects you privacy? *inhales* Well, about that, it does protect you privacy compared to other DNS resolvers But One Dot is not as private, or secure as a real VPN, like Private Internet Access Wasn’t sure if I mentioned our sponsor PIA in this video already, making sure I get that in there. *inhales* Rather, One Dot is kind of like a DNS server delivered in a VPN wrapper *inhales* So when you use it, your DNS Queries go through a VPN tunnel between your PC or Phone, and Cloud Flare’s Servers so no one except Cloud Flare can see those queries And then Cloud Flare has committed to only keeping data logs for 24 hours after which they’re purged. *inhales* Unfortunately, though using One Dot, your ISP, your cellphone provider and the WiFi network you’re connected to can still see the site you visit With a true VPN, both your DNS queries and your actual internet activity are hidden from everyone That is, except the VPN company. OHKAY so, a VPN is more private and secure than One Dot, but using a VPN usually has a negative impact on your internet speed. As it takes a bit longer for all that data to get routed through an extra loop. And that’s how One Dot makes its case, Cloud Flare says that their service is faster and more private than other DNS services across the board. Because they had already built this worldwide network of servers to provide their other web services like DDOS protection *inhales* And while DNSperf shows that Cloud Flare IS the fastest DNS resolver on average worldwide, just remember, Your milage may vary depending on your location And, another reminder, speeding up DNS resolution does make loading webpages feel snappier but it won’t speed up Actually downloading the data of the page, so if your internet plan is just slow or there’s a lot of network congestion, Or like, if Cthulu broke an underwater fiber line again, then there’s nothing One Dot can do to help Now, let’s look at our results: So, here in Vancouver BC, One Dot, traded the top spot with OpenDNS, Quad9, and the AdGuards DNS Service with those four usually resolving in under 10 milliseconds On a Google Pixel 3 That is an order of magnitude faster than some other DNS providers, and this would result in a noticeable improvement in page load times One One Hundredth of a second (0.01 Seconds) is a lot faster than than a tenth (0.1 Seconds) Then, in our head to head test, with two Pixel 3s running on the ??? network, one with One Dot, and one without, Our One Dot phone in particular when we loaded up a site, that we hadn’t accessed recently, or ever before, Almost always came out ahead As for our ishould’vegottenanotherPhone Xs Max, this one was consistently faster with Cloud Flares App enabled as well Compared to just of a vanilla Xs Max So, There you have it! Again, your milage may vary, but in our testing, OneDot WAS able to improve a our website loading responsiveness and for FREE, both on WiFi, and when we were on the go. So, should you use Cloud Flare’s app on your phone? Sure. Most of the time, you’ll get a snappier browsing experience, whether you’re on WiFi or mobile internet And, you’ll gain a little bit more privacy while you’re at it. The only thing that we’d really like to see improved here is on Apple’s side with IOS adding System-wide Private DNS Capability, So that we could use it in conjunction with a VPN, but until then, having to press this one button, really uhh, it doesn’t seem that hard.

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  1. In IOS 12.2 on iPhone you can run AND a true VPN at the same time. It's in Settings/General/VPN. Use in 'VPN Configurations' and Your Main VPN (Nord etc') in Personal VPN – both on the same screen. Easy 🙂

  2. Will have any effect on online game latency / ping? Does a dns only look up ips from domain names or does it also give its preferred route? Could one dns suggest a route with less hops than another? Do games bypass the dns completely since you generally already have the server ip?

  3. Your application sucks,,it does nothing good in my internet connection,using cloudflare vpn wont help your wifi connection faster..

  4. You can set a DNS in the settings of PIA VPN app… So you do NOT have to swap or even install Cloudflares app.

  5. what will happen if the dns of the mobile user is different from the dns of the router? I Just want to ask. Thanks



  7. This app is good and all but it takes a lot of my battery 🔋 rapidly if you wanna take the risk of good internet and slow battery charging I wish you good luck 👍

  8. Does this function as a VPN because if it does is there a way to disable the VPN function of it since I use my perfectly good VPN anywhere even on my home wifi

  9. Could someone help me with my problem. I have slow internet speed on my phone, and when I contacted my data/internet provider, it said that I should switch from 80 herc( it's the best translation I could come up) to 2600. How do I do that?

  10. Some of them says like 3 sec when they do the vid for 3 sec
    *some youtuber*hello guys bye thx for whatching

  11. Thanks for posting Mr genius it's very informative & handy. I wonder do have any solution for WiFi keeps on disconnecting on my tablet Rharesh medical student from Malaysia.✌….….

  12. So pity that you don't even test before claiming something.. You can't use DoH simultaneously with another VPN provider, be it the android pie's default private dns feature. It is needed that the VPN provider implements DoH on their side..

  13. I think you can encrypt it by going to settings (inside the app) and advanced then Send over TLS cuz it says its encrypted

  14. My ISP DNS resolves between 6 and 8ms typically. That’s probably cached sites, but frankly, I very rarely visit sites that are niche enough to not be caches. It’s mostly YT and Wiki really. It’s really quite a good DNS, and we’ve got solid privacy laws anyway. Though that was loosened up a bit under the last government sadly.

  15. why not tell people to update their DHCP settings on their routers/DHCP servers? Granted that doesnt help for when you are on networks outside your home but at least fixes ALL devices in your home in one swing.

  16. Okay, so here is my problem with 1. , I love it and it's great and actually works. It's just with 1. address (I don't use the app because of android 9) some ISP's and networks actually DON'T allow you to connect at them at all. Now it would be fine if this was like 5-10% of networks but this is like half. It's quite disappointing that ISP's don't allow custom DNS's at all.

  17. 04:54 If everyone can still see the sites you visit, as said here, doesn't that mean there is absolutely no benefit to your privacy?

  18. just put on my cell phone. Had problems for years where it would not load any pages over cell service. Yes, I said years. Now it loads pages again.

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