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Black Screen, Blinking Red Light Part 3 | Get Fixed

Black Screen, Blinking Red Light Part 3 | Get Fixed

What’s up guys Bendji D. here from Get
Fixed so in today’s video we’re actually gonna be going through a process of
troubleshooting an Android device that is not powering on now I do have some
Universal methods for you there are gonna be a variety of techniques that
will work for some whereas it will not work for others so be patient follow the
processes and they should work let’s get it now the very first thing you want to
check is to see whether or not the device is damaged whether it’s water
damage or physically damage there is a way to figure out whether or not your
device is physically damaged and that is to power it on now here’s what should
happen when you power on the device you are gonna notice the LED indicator
blinking or lighting solid red solid blue solid green and one of those
solids you should be able to see it at the top here while your device is powering
on I want you to pay attention so do you hear the device actually powering on for
example the chimes the sound it makes when it’s powering on could you hear
that if you can hear everything working as intended but you can’t see anything
that means you have a broken LCD maybe there’s a hairline crack somewhere over
here maybe it’s going across the screen and you’re not gonna be able to tell
whether or not is physically broken unless you shine a light on there
now water damage phones if not treated as soon as possible there’s a chance
that they’re gonna short-circuit and it’ll stop working on you I am gonna
recommend that you click the I card at the top right if you in fact know for a
fact that your phone is in fact water damaged I have a technique there that’s
gonna show you how to revive it if you do it within two or three days of the
water damage device now once you have determined that your device is neither
water damaged or physically damaged here’s what I want you to do and it’s a
technique using the charger and the buttons on the actual device I want you
to hold the power button for about 10 seconds so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
now take the charger and plug it right in oh that’s not even the charger for it
okay let’s move on to step 2 try holding the power button volume up
simultaneously and holding for about 10 to 15 seconds and it should power on if
that’s the issue it’s gonna hard reset it no it will not erase any of your
data but it is gonna hard reset the device meaning it’ll reboot it so
nothing and the device should power on after about the 10 to 15 seconds if it
does it this is a technique I was gonna show you to do so hold the power button
for about 10-15 seconds it won’t power on take your charger stick it right in
there and it should boot right up now that method didn’t work for you the
very last option I recommend you do is to simply replace the battery a lot of
you guys are gonna be like oh the back doesn’t come off yes it does uh I have a
ztz bu I have a ZTE zmax the backs not made to come off you can take it off
once again you want to figure out a way to take the back panel off your phone
and replace the battery if that doesn’t work that your phone’s pretty much effed
up there may be a component on the motherboard that’s fried or you’re
fucked there you have it guys that pretty much wraps it up for a series
black screen blinking red light if you have any questions be sure to let me
know what it is down in the comments below
Bendji D. here from Get Fixed I’m signing out peace

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  1. how to fix asus zenfone v flashing yellow light (on whole screen) and turns off phone (all in 2 seconds)?

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