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BlackBerry KEY2 Review: 3 Reasons It’s My Next Phone

BlackBerry KEY2 Review: 3 Reasons It’s My Next Phone

– [Narrator] This is BlackBerry in 2018. Sleek, slab sided, and super
modern with 35 tiny exceptions. If we’re being honest, the BlackBerry KEY2 probably won’t be your next smart phone, but it will be mine. And I’m gonna do this
review a little differently by telling you three reasons why. (upbeat music) Now before you go thinking
this is a puff piece folks, I’ll encourage you to stay
tuned for the whole video. This is a review, not a commercial and some of my reasons
to buy will no doubt be reasons for you to stay home. Reason number three, you knew
it was coming, the keyboard. It’s modeled after the one
on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and that’s worth more than just a ticket on a nostalgia trip. The physical keyboard is why
you buy a BlackBerry in 2018 and for me, it’s all about the tactility. See, no matter how good
a phone’s haptics are, typing a piece of glass still always feels like typing on glass. Autocorrect sucks, you can’t
really do it without looking. It’s just not as satisfying. I did have a pretty
steep re-learning curve. It took me more than a full week to get used to real buttons again. That’s partly because the
KEY2 is lighter than it looks so it bounces around a
bit more in the hand. But once I adapted, I was almost as fast and substantially more
accurate on the KEY2 than my Pixel 2 XL. And you do get a consolation prize for all the screen real
estate that keyboard consumes. Just like on the KEY1,
it doubles as a track pad for scrolling and if you
want, swipe style typing. That’s pretty much the only way to use this keyboard
one handed, by the way. One thumb typing is much slower when you actually have to click your keys and if you’re gonna use the new speed key, you still need two fingers,
one to click the toggle, one to press the app shortcut you want. So the KEY2 is less
suited to a run and gun, one-handed lifestyle, more
something you pull out when you’ve got both hands free to get down with some emails. Reason number two, it
doesn’t have a notch. JK, LOL, but that is true, though. The real reason number
two, BlackBerry fixed my biggest complaint about the KEY1. See, a BlackBerry was
my first smart phone, so I’ll always have an
affinity for the trappings of that experience, the logo, the red LED, the convenience key you can
do anything you want with, but that wasn’t enough for me to get past just how slow the KEY1’s software was. Well not KEY2. I pushed this phone
hard, even going so far as to watch a YouTube
video, picture-in-picture, while navigating a route in Google Maps and keeping a podcast
loaded in the background. The KEY2 kept up. I will say that I have
disabled some of the features that ship with the phone, such as the Hub, and I don’t even use BlackBerry’s
own home screen anymore, preferring Nova Launcher. So depending on how much of
that stuff you keep online, your mileage may vary. I haven’t kicked all the custom
features to the curb though. I kinda dig the privacy shade. Swipe down with three
fingers to give yourself a little peephole so you
can read sensitive documents in public without your neighbors peeking. I love Redactor, a tool for
blanking out secret agent names in all your nefarious documents. It’s cool to have a protected
enclave on the device for your secret stuff called the Locker. Also cool, the fingerprint sensor that lets you into that safe
is still on the space bar, a genius use of space. And the coolest ever, tap
on that fingerprint sensor when you’re in the camera,
and the phone will take a secret photo that goes
right into the secret locker. If you’re wondering whether
BlackBerry sacrificed some of the KEY1’s legendary battery life to get the speedy performance, my answer is not that I can tell. Only on my heaviest day did
I manage to kill the phone before 11 p.m. and that
day started at six a.m. and included 3 1/2 hours of mobile hotspot and three hours of streaming
podcasts over Bluetooth. On a lighter day, I
manage to hit seven hours of screen on time before power down. And finally, reason number
one I’m gonna carry the KEY2, well, I have the luxury
of carrying two phones. With a device like the Pixel
2 XL in my second pocket, I can more easily overlook
the ways the KEY2 disappoints. The dim display that’s kinda
tough to read in the sun, the slow platform updates, the weird way you have to hold it when
you’re playing a game. Then, there’s the inconsistent way those BlackBerry features
play with Android, that fancy scrolling
keyboard doesn’t always work, like in some PDF readers
or on Instagram TV. And in some apps, like Netflix, it actually scrolls backwards. And the biggest reason
I’m glad I still live the captain two phones
lifestyle, the camera. In a vacuum, the KEY2’s
dual camera array is fine. You can get good photos
from it if the stars align. You can get nice 4K video
if you have a steady hand that compensates for the
lack of stabilization, which, by the way, you do not. The slow motion video
is good to have on hand for rocket launches,
low res, though it is. The scanner mode is useful for
capturing text on documents. The selfie shooter gets the job done. Even the portrait mode works
better than I expected. Yeah, there’s good stuff here. But the second you put the KEY2’s pictures up against the Google Pixel 2’s, even during the day, you’re
just not in the same ballpark. And at night, well, you’re not
even playing the same sport. And this is all using
the KEY2’s primary lens. Switch over to the telephoto,
and I can’t even come up with a witty way to say
it, it’s just not good. Is it unfair to compare
the BlackBerry KEY2 to the best smartphone
camera on the market? If the KEY2 was priced
like its predecessor, or brought it some more goodies like a brighter, better display, sure. But BlackBerry wants a whole
nother Benjamin for this thing then it asked for the
KEY1 and that puts it right at parody with the Pixel 2. Maybe BlackBerry is banking on the fact that this is effectively the
only good phone you can buy with the physical keyboard. Or maybe it’s hoping its
enhanced security promises will help it get traction
among the privacy conscience. Maybe it’s hoping some folks buy it based on call quality alone,
which by the way, is very good. But for my part, I’ll be carrying the KEY2 because it’s different,
because I’m a little fanatical about the QWERTY keyboard,
and because I can carry a second phone to do the
things the KEY2 can’t. I hate to say it, but at
649, that’s a lot of asks for folks with more pragmatic
priorities than mine. Is the BlackBerry KEY2
your next smart phone? Let me know why or why not in the comments and be sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss the next video. I have a feeling this won’t be my last BlackBerry video of 2018. Til next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile, my friends.

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  1. hi , i used blackberry for around 10 years, and my best ever phones where bold 2 & passport SE … now, with Andoid, i tried, the Key 1 , and DTEK 60 ,but honestly, iw was not a pleasant experience… i feel it's loose somewhere, in addition to veray late updates on Andriud versions.. it's my dream if BB make again their own software ..

  2. Dived into a BB Key2 about a month ago. Getting back into a physical keyboard is definitely a challenge after my last full time keyboard phone was a BB Bold 9800. Physical keyboards, if they're well designed, are superior to glass / virtual keyboards because of muscle memory. After a while you don't have to look at the keyboard to type because you learnt the location of each key through the tactile feel. Writting long emails becomes a breeze and far less tiresome.

  3. Hi, Mr. Mobile. I really love your video! Can I translate this BlackBerry video into Chinese and upload it to Chinese websites where more people can see it? And I will also post your original info there. Looking forward to your reply! 😀

  4. BB Key2 will be my next phone. Never like virtual keyboard. Somehow it slowdown the phone. Specially when vkeyboard pops out from screen accidentally when I don't need it. Moreover it shortens screen size and change the layout. It quite bothering for me. Well,thx to your review. I have no doubt anymore to buy it. Because what stopped me to buy Key1 was afraid Key1 wouldn't be able to support my needs. Since, I use smartphone more for my work.

  5. What do you guys think? I need an advice. Im sick and tired of IPhone, i was thinking about this phone. Any suggestion? Privacy is my main concern.

  6. I have experimented a lot – iOS/wp/androids, hp/o2/htc/samsung/nokia/iphone6+/xiaomi…..
    Been using key1 for over an year now. Want to change to something else. But there is none to replace that fits my bill.
    52 shortcut
    Strong build (considering my handling)
    Long battery life
    Business phone
    Frankly, I have no reason to change except that I want a change.

  7. I love blackberry because I really do not like touch screen typing, but the price is too expensive.  I have a KeyOne that works very well for my needs.  I stream video and listen to audio books and it takes the whole day before I'm down to 20%.  I use it a lot to cast to my Blu-ray player to Stream DC Universe and YouTube which the player dose not support anymore in YouTube's case and never supported in DC's case.

  8. @mrmobile What email app are you using? I see the icon in the movie the blue envelope (not the gmail one 😉 ) ..What's the name of it? Thanks 🙂

  9. yup- will be my next smartphone replacing my daily drive passport with unsupported BB10- 5 years that phone was rock solid. Now i await my Key2 which is arriving tomorrow- can't wait!! keyboard was draw- but mostly it is regarded as the most secure android phone not quite hopefully not as bad as a data mine as other android devices out there. Stop spying google!!!

  10. I 'll go blackberry when they give us a Passport again… *sigh* Square and ultra thin (it was never peeking out of my back pocket), lightweight, Awesome screen with perfect viewing angles and crystal clear under direct sunlight.

  11. IT was my next phone and im happy , I cant type on a screen , I just cant it bothers me . Im not an instagram photo guy and I dont game .. I use the internet ,whats app , and text family + friends but wanted a good battery. I dont notice any difference with the speed compared to my dads S9 when surfing the web or using apps , this phone is perfect for me. But I can see for people who's main use of a phone is the camera than this isnt the phone for you.

  12. Though I've used near 10 blackberry smartphones Inc bb7, bb10 and now android. Used the curve, bold, then Z3, classic then to keyone all 3 variants first silver then bronze lastly black which I liked the most to keyone silver n now on black. Key2 is a true successor to keyone in every aspect,, the thing blackberry was missing in bb10 devices struggling and confused between different form factors cause nothing was working,, but TCL did an awesome job and found a perfect form factor for a pkb device although I wouldn't mind 5'display on the key3.

  13. Trust me I will have it because of the battery. Really the battery cause so far the iPhone using right now the battery already so dead

  14. Mr. Mobile, I use my phone for camera, calnder, email, TEXTING(instead of calling), alarms, reminders and music. I would like to have a phone that also has android so I can use some popular apps. Here is the kicker, I have Sprint as a carrier which limits me. can you suggest a good mid range phone, that is not super fancy with a physical keyboard that wont break the bank above 700, screen size about midish, not a big user of the screen for anything other than retrieving information. the Glaxy Note 8, I use is great but I just can not justify having such a high end phone when I could get by with a mid range one, and the Note 10, does not seem to my fancy, with its extra features I won't use or need.

  15. Maybe a dumb question, but say I wanted to go from iPhone to bbry… would I have to manually enter in each contact I’ve built up for awhile and stored in iCloud?

  16. I love my keyone, and I know I want a key2, but what I really really want is a passport 2.0 that can do the android – I loved that little tank. Please, Blackberry bring us a new passport !!

  17. I have just got a berry Key2, and this video has freaked me out, I got it for EXACTLY the same reasons. I love the Keyboard, am a "fan" of Blackberry build quality and none image image and, yes I have another phone with a better camera (Note 9 about to be replaced by Huawei P30 Pro)

  18. It's definitely going to be my next smartphone, mainly because I currently have the passport and I loved having it more than 90% of the time.

  19. The real keyboard is a big advantage. I know because I own the Passport SE which I still use today. Not so good is the fact that BlackBerry updates the systems only for two years. That's too short.

  20. I prefer Blackberry for the same reason. The KEYBOARD 😊 Although I would prefer a more compact size like BlackBerry Bold 9900.
    Speaking of which, did you know that BlackBerry CEO proposed an idea of reviving BB Bold 9900? 😍

  21. It's April 2019 and I sure took my time to make my mind up, but I just took the plunge, and I had to rewatch this wonderful (as always) review. Looking forward to getting my thumbs over that keyboard any day now :^)

  22. Is the Blackberry Key2 really good when it comes to taking pictures and doing videos on it? And how is the sound on the phone? What is gaming like on the Blackberry Key2?

  23. This is a business phone. However, I think there is no more reason to carry 2 phones along with you. Adicionaly, the price is to high for a phone which seems not to be fully integrated to the android system.

  24. I tried this phone after Ur review and reasons as my need for email device is my top priority but they keyboard is really small for my medium fingers and I wish you talk to blackberry to come up with a smartphone with a 20% bigger keyboard with bigger keys with space in between and call it probably key 3 PRO. not everyone uses one sized keyboards and blackberry shud really address this.

  25. I'm still seriously disappointed by BB. where's the 18MP camera (like on the priv) or the excellent screen real-estate (Priv & Passport)?
    I have both the Priv and the Passport, and if I could, I'd rip out their guts and just put faster SoC's inside.

  26. How is Key2 a year later? Any noticeable slowdowns? My Priv wen't from Hero to Zero in one year.

  27. I feel sorry for blackberry that company used to be a top notch now taking steps up too slowly even LG is doin better job

  28. Love this phone , got mine a week ago and i should tell you that it is fantastic and i really loving it

  29. A very good review video which I enjoyed watching.

    The reasons why I won't be buying a Blackberry KEY2 are the exact reasons stated in the video (camera, screen etc, etc, etc…..).

    I do like the idea of a physical keyboard. But I would still want a large high-quality screen, regular software updates and a good quality camera.

    If Blackberry were to ensure more regular software updates, a greatly improved camera, a larger and higher-quality screen plus the form/design of the Blackberry Private's, then they could be onto a winner. !!

  30. Love this review, it may actually make me change my dailydealingduodevices from Note 9/Passport to Note 9/Key2? thanks my G.

  31. I had no idea blackberry still existed. I've never had a problem typing on the Moto G keyboard, its pretty Spacey. Though my Samsung Galaxy isn't.

  32. Just bought the dual SIM, my two big disappointments are the poor brightness on the display , as you can hardly see it outside , and the camera , get them both sorted on next version and that would be perfect for me

  33. I think BlackBerry need to move away from Android, and start working with KaiOS, they are the better alternative.

    If there would be a BlackBerry KEY 3 in the future, I hope it will run KaiOS. And if BlackBerry would revive the Curve, Pearl and Bold series, they will also run KaiOS as well.

    We need to tell BlackBerry about that.

  34. Phone : 10% for calls / 90% for writing / and weather forecast… when it's strangely hot.
    Max heavy price payed for a Black : 80€ and a slap.

  35. In my opinion, this phone does satisfy some 'elders' 100% whose primary usage has to do with just making calls mainly. Again, not all phones even the best is made for everybody, and not even the users of the 'best' and most modern use all the so-called good features of the phones.

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