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Blocking Incoming Calls with Phone Power

Blocking Incoming Calls with Phone Power

how to set up your call block list do you ever grow tired of those telemarketing
calls that just wont stop try phone powers call block list and stop
those calls permanently once you enter the blocked number they wont be able to contact you again let me show you how to set it up once youre in your account
click the call forwarding tab on the call forwarding page click the block
list tab now by default this feature is disabled so
you will need to enable it then add the number you would like to block
and then click add the number is now added to your block list
click save options and you are done but remember you are only allowed 50 entries
in your call block list now the import and export tab allows you to
import or export numbers to and from your block list

1 thought on “Blocking Incoming Calls with Phone Power”

  1. Call block doesn't work for overseas telemarketers. Phonepower said this to me. It should though. And why only 50 numbers?

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