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BOE 12.3″ Rollable Phone, 7.7″ Foldable Phone, BD Cell, Printed OLED, 8K VR, Automotive, mini-LED

BOE 12.3″ Rollable Phone, 7.7″ Foldable Phone, BD Cell, Printed OLED, 8K VR, Automotive, mini-LED

– [Charbax] So what is
this you’re holding, there? – Hi, I bring the new phone this year. It’s very special, okay. – [Charbax] Whoa. – [Woman] Whoa. – [Charbax] So that’s a really big phone. – Yes, that’s the rollable display. – [Charbax] How big is it, how many inch? – 12.3-inch for that. Okay, just look– – [Charbax] Oh, is it
secret, how it works? – [Woman] Yes! – [Charbax] So this will be touch? – Not yet. – Not yet?
– But we can do that. – [Charbax] And then
you can close it again? – [Woman] Okay. – Whoa.
– Whoa. – [Charbax] That’s cool,
that’s really cool. And then do you also have a new design for a flexible phone, also? – Sure, of course. – So let’s check it out.
– And I will take to my colleague. – Hi.
– Hey. – Hi, how are you?
– Do you have another phone– you can show?
– This is my colleague. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is our foldable 7.7-inch phone. – [Charbax] Is it powered on? – [Quin] Yeah, you can open it. You can see the touch very smooth. – [Charbax] And it’s really impressive. It’s like, in the middle it’s just flat. – [Quin] Yeah, when you totally unfold it it will be totally flat. – [Charbax] How does it look like behind? – [Quin] Want to see the behind? – [Charbax] So you make
the hinge, special hinge? – [Quin] Yeah, we make
the special hinge ourself. – [Charbax] And it’s very thin How do you close it again? – [Quin] Let me try to close it. Totally close it, like this. – [Charbax] All right, so
there’s a space, potentially, over here for a camera? There can be camera here? – [Quin] Yeah, you can use the camera. – [Charbax] So we’re here at Display Week, where you have lots of cool prototypes. But some are pretty much, like some companies are
talking about shipping soon. – [Quin] Yeah, yeah. – [Charbax] This display,
this is the 7.7-inch, right? – [Quin] Yeah, correct. When you fold it, it will
become a 6-inch screen Like this, this is a–
– Nice. – 6-inch, when you unfold
it it will become 7.7. – [Charbax] That’s cool. And you have some other cool demos
around here? – Do you looking forward for that? – Yeah.
– Do you look forward for that?
– Yeah, I want one! But I want for less than 500
RNB, no, dollars, not RNB. (laughing) So what is this one here? Is this also a– – Also a rollable display.
– Rolling out, like this? – Yeah, yeah. This is the Scroll, actually. Used for smart home
product or for notebook. Also can be– – [Charbax] So in theory it
will just, “Zip!” open up? – Yeah, it can– – [Charbax] And behind is your toothbrush? – (laughs) Yeah, yeah–
– Something like that. – Maybe something like that, yeah. – [Charbax] What is this? This is a smart lamp, it’s just like this. You can come over here. They are the same thing,
they use the same screen. The 5.99-inch Smart Lamp, it integrates a lamp, a
loudspeaker, and a central control. You can use it to control every electronic products in your home. – [Charbax] Nice, so and
I see that you also have a special car, right? – Yes, this year I drive car to the booth. – Yeah?
– Okay, let’s go. – [Charbax] So let’s go in the car. – [Woman] Wow, so many people there. – [Charbax] Yeah. – [Woman] Sit down, you’ll see– – [Charbax] Is it one long
display, or what’s going on? – Yes, we provide, this year we provide the total
solution for the automotive – Yeah.
– Automotive display. Okay.
– What displays here? – First though, we can see the
transparent A-pillar, yeah? We can gather information outside. It’s in real-time. Actually we have the human eye… – [Quin] Tracking. – Human eye tracking. You can have a seat. – [Charbax] So it checks the eye? What does it do with the eye? – Yes, yes, of course. Okay, come.
– You can see the camera inside. – Yeah.
– And if you move, yes– – [Charbax] If I move? – You can see the imagination
will follow with you. – [Charbax] Follow you? – We know there are many invisible corner around the car, so you can– – [Charbax] So it’s filming behind? – For the safety is very useful – [Charbax] And what are
the displays you have here? – In the front we have
the full-range display. All four are AMOLED, all
four flexible displays We use single, just a single and a single glass for that. One piece of– – [Charbax] One piece? – Yes, and they’re separate
for the three parts, the instrument panel, and navigation, and we can do entertainment, like listen to the music
and watch the video. – What is this one? – [Woman] This is the
intelligent controller. Okay, it’s the rollable display. You can see that, whoa. – [Charbax] Nice, this is
another flexible right here. – [Woman] Mm-hmm, it’s rollable, yeah. – [Charbax] And it will be touch? – [Woman] How about this? – [Charbax] That’s cool. – Is it a multi-layer
or something like that? Or it’s transparent? – [Woman] Transparent. – [Charbax] What’s going on here? – [Woman] We focus on
the flexible display. The transparent just to show for this. – [Charbax] That’s a cool car. So you’ve got–
– Yeah, and the side mirror like that. – [Charbax] Side mirror? – [Woman] Yes, side mirror. – [Charbax] And the main,
what do you call that? – Yes?
– This one? – This one–
– Is it still the same display?
– Yes, the same display. – [Charbax] So very long display. – Yes, the whole thing. – [Charbax] Nice, should we come out? – Okay!
– And to explain– – You can see the whole car. – [Charbax] So is the BOE
car already on the road? – [Charbax] Is it available? Your cars, like this? – Will be as soon as possible, okay. – Soon as possible, cool. – Okay, let’s go back to, do you want to introduce
your friend, your colleague? – Okay, hi. – Let me introduce the other products for you.
– Hi. So who are you? – I am Quin, Quin Lee from BOE R&D team. – [Charbax] R&D team,
you work with the CTO? – CTO team – [Charbax] So what’s the
most in-demand product also here, at the booth? That you have–
– Let me introduce. So the first section
is our TFT LCD section. – [Charbax] So like this? – It’s our important technology– – This in front, yeah?
– This year. This is a, we call it BD Cell. – [Charbax] BD Cell. – We use a dual-cell technology. This is a definitely
brand new breakthrough of LCD technology. – [Charbax] So you’re using a dual-layer how does it work? It’s two layers– – Yeah, two layers. So one colorful layer for the display, and another white and black layer to achieve local dimming function. – [Charbax] So you have pixel
dimming at 2K resolution? – Yeah, yeah.
– 1080p. – Yeah, it’s at pixel-level. Like more than two million blocks. – [Charbax] So that means,
instead of having local dimming with the LED backlight local dimming– – We don’t use the local
dimming for backlight. We use the white and black
cell to divide the backlight. – [Charbax] Just white and black cells? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Charbax] And how is the contrast compared to previous LCD? – It’s much, much higher
compared with normal LCD. – [Charbax] It’s like
100 times more, right? – [Charbax] And you worked
together with Hisense to do it? – [Quin] Yeah, we worked with Hisense and we pushed out this product together. – [Charbax] That’s cool, and
it’s available very soon? – Yeah, it’s available very soon, yeah. – [Charbax] Not this year. – Not, now, but I cannot– – Christmas, no.
– Yeah, I don’t know the exact time. – [Charbax] So how does
this compare with OLED? – You can see yourself. The display– Yeah, the display– – Yup.
– Yeah, the black is, the brightness of black
is less than 0.003 nit. And the contrast ratio
can theoretically be over two millions to one. And the price is lower than OLED. So there are so many advantages, and it– – [Charbax] Is it really lower? Because it’s two layers, is more expensive than normal LCD, no? – It’s a little bit more
expensive than normal LCD, but– – [Charbax] A little bit. – Yeah, yeah, but much cheaper than OLED. And you can see it’s
also very slim, it also– – [Charbax] It’s too thin, I think– – Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s also keep the slim
features of our LCD products. – [Charbax] Nice, you have
an 8K here, 75-inch, 75″ 8K. – Yeah, and the point of
it is that it’s 120Hz. We use a oxide backlight
to achieve the 120Hz. And also we used our BOE technology to achieve three-side border-less. There’s almost no side, you can see. And the thickness is
less than 10 millimeters. And this 8K video, made by ourselves, too. – [Charbax] You have an 8K camera? – Yeah, we borrowed some 8K equipment and made our own video, yeah.
– Maybe a red– With 8K drone? We not only produce 8K
panels and displays, we also make some 8K videos– – [Charbax] You don’t
have an 8K BOE camera? – We don’t use our own camera. We use other equipment and make the video. And we also make the 8K players Like video players– – [Charbax] Inside the TV? – Outside the TV. – [Charbax] You cannot put it inside? – It’s a little bit large and maybe the next generation
we can put it inside the TV. – [Charbax] So how soon I
can buy this one, 75-inch 8K? And what’s the price, 2K? – I can just say very soon. And compared with others,
it will be cheaper. But I cannot tell the exact price.
– So less than 2K? – 3K, 4K, 5K?
– Less than 2K, no! – [Charbax] No, cannot say. – Yeah, cannot say, yeah. Our strategy is promote 8K
technology and popularize 4K. – [Charbax] You should
popularize 8K and promote 16K. – 16K, yeah, I think so, yeah, maybe. Maybe next year, yeah,
I will propose this. – [Charbax] You have a bigger one? – Yeah, we have a bigger one. We have a 98-inch 8K.
– 8K? – Actually, in Rio Olympic Games, they used our 98-inch 8K
to show the olympic games. – [Charbax] In Rio Olympics– – Rio Olympics, yeah. – [Charbax] That was three years ago. – Yeah, three years ago we
already have 8K technology. And in the bigger size–
– So in Tokyo you’ll be (laughing) number one for 8K? – (laughs) I’m not sure about that, so maybe.
– Maybe. All right, and how many company partner with you to make displays Or brands, many? – Many, so many– – Many?
– I cannot count, yeah. These are our HDR products. This one also uses BD
Cell, but for monitor-size. – [Charbax] 27-inch BD Cell? – Yeah, the same technology
compare with that TV-size. – Nice.
– Yeah, but for monitor, yeah. – [Charbax] So it’s gonna be
like less than $500, maybe? – Maybe, yeah, okay. – Maybe, and this is the–
– I don’t like that game. – Sorry, I ask for prices. – Yeah, yeah. – And this is a 15.6-inch– – [Quin] Yeah, it’s a
Mini-LED, so we use a– – [Charbax] Not BD. – [Quin] Not BD, it’s a Mini-LED. Like a really small LED. – [Charbax] Not Micro-LED? – [Quin] Not Micro, Micro used as a pixel. But this one just use the
Mini-LED as the backlight unit. – [Charbax] Ah, so it’s a local dimming– – Yeah, it’s local dimming.
– Like high-resolution local dimming. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Charbax] How high? – It can, we used over 10,000 LEDs. – [Charbax] 10,000! – [Quin] Yeah, near the 300 blocks. – [Charbax] Whoa. – [Quin] Yeah. – [Charbax] That’s a lot, and
it’s in a thin laptop display. – [Quin] Yeah, it’s really
thin because it’s for a laptop. And this is one for the
gaming laptop, it has 240 Hz. Yeah, if you like to play video games, or watch some olympic games, this one is suitable for you. – [Charbax] My camera can’t keep up. ‘Cause I’m changing the shutter
speed, it doesn’t keep up. – [Quin] Yeah, yeah, you
can see how fast it is– – [Charbax] It’s going at 200– – [Quin] 240Hz. – [Charbax] Cool. – [Quin] And this is the Full Screen– – 6.4?
– Technology, yeah. We use the blind-hole technology. This camera is integrated
under the screen. So we don’t need to cut the panel. – [Charbax] But the
camera is in a hole, here. – Yeah, the hole is on the backlight unit. – What?
– But the panel is– – The panel?
– Yeah, yeah, the panel, we don’t need to cut the back panel. – What? – [Quin] We don’t need
to cut the panel, yeah. The panel is like, the fully– – But, if I go out of camera, can I touch? – [Quin] Yeah, yeah, you can touch. – [Charbax] So there’s a hole here. – [Quin] The hole is under
the screen, you know? Under the screen. So it will improve the
efficiency, lower the cost, and it will not influence
the strength of the panel. – [Charbax] Can you just put the camera like in corner, maybe. – [Quin] Yeah, this is
already in the corner, yeah. – [Charbax] Okay, yeah, cool. All right, so BOE, are you number one? – I cannot say that,
something like that, sorry. – [Charbax] In biggest shipping quantity? – Shipping, I mean, some products ships– – [Charbax] Many millions. – Yeah, many millions, yeah. But I cannot tell the
rank, something like that. – [Charbax] BOE is very big. – Yeah, yeah, so we’re pretty
big, it’s a huge company. – [Charbax] How may factories? How many fabs? – Lots, we have more than
10 cities in our country, and we have several
companies in other countries. – [Charbax] Okay. – Yeah, you’ve already seen this. After the LCD, yeah, this is the AMOLED. I think you already see
the foldable and rollable– – [Charbax] Do you do microLED? – We are trying to do that, but cannot tell in more details, sorry. But we are trying to develop
the Mini-LED technology, now. – [Charbax] Okay. – And after this AMOLED,
this is our printed OLED. We used a printing process here, to– – [Charbax] So this is a
printed display, no way? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s
a Ink Jet process, yeah. – [Charbax] No, I don’t believe you. (laughing)
Really? – Really, yeah, yeah, yeah. You can see the display
performance is better. – [Charbax] So it’s a 55-inch 4K– – [Quin] Yeah, it’s 55-inch 4K, yeah. – [Charbax] 100 nits? – [Quin] Now it’s 100
nits, but next generation, we’ll improve to 400 and 500 nits, yeah. – [Charbax] This looks good. – It’s looks pretty good – [Charbax] Is there any
broken pixels, something bad? Or every pixel is okay? – Yeah every pixel is okay. We’re still trying to improve. – But how do you do that?
– We want to do better. – [Charbax] How can it look so good? It’s just coming out of a printer? – But is it a special printer? (laughing) It’s not just my printer, right? – It’s definitely not – [Charbax] No, so how does it look, the printer to make this? – You want more details? – [Charbax] Yeah. (laughing) How does it work, this Ink Jet– – [Quin] Yeah, they print the– – Do you want to jump in?
– The Ink Jet process. – [Charbax] How does it look
like, the machine to make this? – [Quin] Sorry, we cannot tell more– – It’s a secret.
– It’s a secret. – Too secret, okay. – [Charbax] I don’t see any dead pixels. All right.
– Yeah, let’s move on, yeah. – [Charbax] Yep. – After the AMOLED, this
is our Micro Display. We have the VR product first,
this is 8K resolution VR. – [Charbax] Oh yeah, of course. – [Quin] And it’s also have
eye-tracking technology. It can track your eyes to
cut the focus, you know. – [Charbax] So you have an 8K VR. – [Quin] Yeah, 8K VR. We have full-size 8K products, the small size, medium
size, and large size. – [Charbax] I need to
try to focus on this. Come on, Panasonic, focus! It’s not gonna find it. ‘Cause there’s too much resolution. – [Quin] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Should be real close. – [Charbax] Yep. – [Quin] But that is our displays inside. – [Charbax] Okay, I can’t catch it, but there’s an 8K display right here. – [Quin] Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is what it looks like inside– – [Charbax] Is that 8K also? – Yeah, no, this is a 4K. – [Charbax] So in big
you can only make 4K, but in small you can do 8K no problem. – [Quin] For big we can also make 4K, but this is just show what
is it look like inside. So we didn’t, we don’t need
to put 8K display here. This is a HDR solution. – [Charbax] HDR VR. – [Quin] Yeah, HDR VR. So the dark is more dark
than the normal product. – [Quin] The contrast ratio is very high. – [Charbax] Vision Training VR? – [Quin] Yeah, it can train your vision. – [Charbax] Everybody needs
to train their vision, no? – [Quin] Yeah, yeah, yeah, imperial. – [Charbax] So what do you do on these? – [Quin] This is a Micro-OLED
AR product, this is AR. – [Charbax] Micro-OLED? – [Quin] Yeah, Micro-OLED. – [Charbax] Where is the display? Can you hold this? – [Quin] Yeah, yeah. – [Charbax] So where? – [Quin] See the inside,
they’re really, really small. You may not take a picture, but– – [Charbax] Is that the
one, is that the 1080p? – Yeah, it’s a–
– 0.39″ 1080p, 5644 DPI? Pretty high PPI, there. – [Charbax] 5644 DPI. – [Quin] The highest PPI. – [Charbax] In the world. – [Charbax] 0.39-inch. – [Charbax] Nice, all right,
so that’s pretty cool. – You want more products? – This is our third part, Micro, and smart car that you already saw. – And the last part is our… This is our Segmentation. – [Charbax] Yeah, can you jump in, there? – [Charbax] Jump through here. – First our automotive products. – This is a gesture recognization. It recognizes through the two cameras, it will recognize so
many gestures, it can– – You can just roll to another– – Go over there? – [Charbax] So what is this one? – [Quin] This one is an LCD. But we combined two LCD screens together, and there is a curve here. So it can customize what
people want, the shape. And we also used the Mini-LED technology to improve the display. – [Charbax] Whoa. – [Quin] And this is
the transparent display. – [Charbax] Can you show something? – [Quin] You can see
there’s the real something, there, the sofa, after the screen. That is real, and this is colorful– – Real sofa.
– Transparent. Yeah, yeah, real sofa. (laughing) – Right.
– And this is a, these two are Reflective products. This is the 8-inch,
with a front-light unit. – [Charbax] So it’s a
very low-powered LCD? – [Quin] Very, very low-power. – [Charbax] How’s the visibility? – [Quin] Its reflective at over 27%, for a colorful reflective. And for this white and black reflective, the reflective product, the
reflective can also go over 27%. – Cool, all right.
– This all the stuffs we have.
– Nice. – We have more technology,
but we didn’t bring it here. – [Charbax] So what do you
have that you didn’t bring? What you didn’t bring? – Maybe it’s in the secret VIP room? – (laughs) No, no, no,
the have meeting here. – [Charbax] Can we go inside here? – No. (laughs) – [Charbax] Do you know the code? Let’s go in. – Yeah, no, no, no.
– Check the secret. Sorry, there’s so many– – [Charbax] Secret things there? – Yeah, so many people,
they have meetings here, we cannot break through. – [Charbax] I’m sure you have
some secret display, right? Only for VIP, and– – Maybe, maybe.
– Maybe. Maybe we can try–
– I cannot tell, sorry. No, don’t do that. (laughs)
– No, I’m joking, I’m joking. I’m joking. – Yeah. – [Charbax] All right,
cool, that was awesome. Thanks a lot for the show–
– Thank you. Thank you, yeah.
– For this tour. – [Charbax] And see you at the next SID Display Week.
– Yeah, next year, yeah.

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