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BOE Flexible Phone, 8K, 5644PPI micro-display (17x Retina), Printed OLED, QLED and more

BOE Flexible Phone, 8K, 5644PPI micro-display (17x Retina), Printed OLED, QLED and more

– [Charbax] So we’re here at the BOE here, at the SID Display Week, and who are you? – Hi, hi, hello everyone,
my name’s Lee Hong. I’m from BOE I’m a flexible display engineer. And last year I did the same
thing with you, time flies – [Charbax] This is your
phone, this is your phone, this is a special phone, right? Can we look around?
– Yes, yes, okay. – [Charbax] So what is
special about this phone, can you show?
– Yes, okay. I will open it. – [Charbax] Whoa, that’s cool. So you basically have the coolest
phone in the world, right? – Yes, okay. You can have a try. – [Charbax] And the Android UI is big, you can even play videos if
you have any videos on it. – [Lee] Like this. – You can show the video.
– It’s our video. – [Charbax] It’s battery powered. – Mmhm, you can look around. – [Charbax] So how soon can I buy this? – Maybe one or two years? – [Charbax] One or two
years, can you hurry up? Make faster maybe? – Okay, we’ll try my best, okay? – [Charbax] You’ll try
your best okay, cool. Let’s look around a little at your booth. – Do need me to fold it? – [Charbax] Yeah, you
can fold it down again. – Yes, I can fold it, look around, okay? – [Charbax] This is so cool, so how big is the screen, 7.56 inch yeah? And when it’s closed
it’s like a normal phone, when you open it, it’s like a tablet. – [Lee] Yes, when we
open it, it’s a tablet. – [Charbax] And everything work, the touch is working
everywhere on the screen. – [Lee] Mmhm, of course. – [Charbax] Nice, I hope you find a way to make the material so it
doesn’t scratch, you know? It goes in the pocket with no scratching, it’s good quality, it
never breaking, I hope so. I hope you find a way.
– We also hope so, yeah. – [Charbax] You also hope so, because everybody need to buy this, right? – Yeah, it’s very cool yeah?
– Very cool, yeah. Okay, so let’s walk around
here, you have some different, you’re showing some different things the round displays that you have. – [Charbax] And– – [Lee] This one is our
flexible display loud speaker. – [Charbax] It’s also touch, huh? – [Lee] Yes, also touch, I
can show you, let’s begin. And we can touch to adjust the volume. – [Charbax] Nice, so it’s
for the speaker market so it could have a built-in
speaker in the middle? – [Lee] Mmhm. – [Charbax] And it’s also can close? – [Lee] Yes, I can show you. Turn it, yeah, the appearance
of this loudspeaker, we cooperate with the Chinese
traditional cuture Tai chi. You know that?
– Tai chi? – [Lee] Thai chi – [Charbax] Kung-fu, why kung-fu? – Yeah, yeah yeah, just like. Because we are from China.
– The style, just the style? – Yeah.
– Okay. Okay, this is another cool phone. This is the paper phone, what is this? – [Lee] It’s thinner,
it’s ultra-thin and light. It’s thinner than the
paper, okay, I can show you. – [Charbax] The UI’s okay? – [Lee] Yes. – [Charbax] So is this kinda like magic, or how can you make this? – It’s float. – [Charbax] And you can even
touch the screen, it’s okay? It’s a little bit fragile, right? You don’t wanna touch too much. So how soon can I have a paper phone? – [Lee] Paper phone? – [Charbax] How soon
can I have one like this in my pocket? – You can buy it now. – You can buy it now?
– Yes. – [Charbax] You have a prototype for sale? – Yes, we have the product. – [Charbax] So, this is– – [Lee] Do you want one? – [Charbax] Yeah, of course I want one. So this is 5.99 inch? This is flexible AMOLED? This is the standard of flexible
AMOLED that you’re selling. You’re selling this right
now in the smartphone market? But usually there’s a glass, right? Like this one. Is this the display
inside, is this flexible? – [Lee] Yes, the display part is the same. – [Charbax] But it’s hard, you know? It’s not a piece of
paper, it’s not flexible. – [Lee] Mmhm, because of
the cover glass, yeah. – [Charbax] ‘Cause you need to protect it. – Yes, we use the cover glass. – [Charbax] But they
will be possible to do, like plastic will be like this, right? So when you do the flexible, this is plastic, no glass, no? – [Lee] Yeah, this is
the cover film, plastic. – [Charbax] Nice, this is so cool. And here are some other flexible. – [Lee] Yeah, this is another sample. – [Charbax] What is
F-OTTA, what does it mean? – It is our.
– Yeah? – It means foldable on TFT touch, AMOLED. – [Lee] Yeah. – [Charbax] So it’s
foldable and touch AMOLED? – [Male Speaker] Yes. – [Charbax] You can show it flex? Is there to be closed, open? Powered off? okay. – [Male Speaker] I think that’s the one, only one thing on here. – [Charbax] Yeah, only one,
okay let’s take it easy. No problem. And around here you have
another 5.5 inch banana phone? A moon phone. – [Lee] Yeah, this use
the different process, inkjet, ink jet, print, print. – Printed OLED?
– Yeah, it’s very cool. – [Charbax] So there is a back light? – [Lee] Mmhm, of course, yeah, yeah. – [Charbax] No no, it’s OLED, right? But it’s printed OLED.
– Yes. – [Charbax] So how far
is this in the future? – [Lee] Maybe longer than that. – [Charbax] Longer than one or two years. Does it mean the printed OLED
like this will be cheaper, maybe, in the future?
– Mmhm. Cheaper, and the process will
be very easier than that. – [Charbax] Nice, and around
here you have some more. Some other demonstration, you
can put it in a robot face. – [Lee] Yes, it’s cute, yeah? – The cute robot, yeah. – We have a touch function, okay. That’s the very flexible display. – [Charbax] Nice, and you will also be able to do big ones, the automotive. – Yes, this is just one screen, yeah. The size of the screen is 20.3 inch, yeah? We use this as the automotive. – [Charbax] So how is it to
work as an engineer in BOE? On this display, how does it feel? – How it’s feel, it’s very cool. – [Charbax] For you. Every day you go to
the office, you say oh, let’s make a flexible
display and you work on this? – Yes, yes, we work on this
for about six or five years. – [Charbax] Five years, yourself? – Mmhm.
– You work so long? – No, no, no, no, no,
no, our team, our team. Our research team. – [Charbax] How many people in your team? – Maybe. – Secret?
– No, no, no, yeah, yes. – [Charbax] A little bit secret, but many. And the best engineer in China, right? – Of course. – Yeah, and this is like the BOE iGallery, is this 8k, 4k, what is this? High resolution? Okay, let’s go see if you have
some colleagues over there talking about the other displays. Let’s go in the back over here. – See you.
– Okay thank you, thank you. I’m gonna jump over here, this is a 13.3 inch 8K. – Yeah yeah, 8K, oh sorry. Just wait a minute. – The video is finished?
– It’s finished. – [Charbax] Does it loop? I’m looking forward to have
8K camera on my YouTube, does it work, the keyboard? – Oh no, it’s just a sample. – [Charbax] Try to click on
the other place in the video. – [Female Speaker] Okay,
okay, okay, okay, oh yeah. – [Charbax] Oh, there it
is, this is an 8K video on a 13.3 inch, so do you have
a laptop like this yourself? You have one like this?
– No. Because it’s just a sample, so. But I really want this one, yeah. – [Charbax] So you can have more detail even though it’s just a 13.3 inch? – No, not as the world’s first
Oxide product, 8K product. And the border is very narrow,
it’s just 2.5 millimeter. 2.5, and the power is just a 2.8 watt. – [Charbax] Just 2.8 for an 8K display. – Yeah, yeah, yeah,
just about, 8K display. – [Charbax] For laptop
market, the laptop market. Here’s a 8K 65 inch glasses-free 3D. That’s also cool, 65 inch, glasses-free. So is this parallax
barrier, how does it work? – Because we add a film on this panel so it can change a 2D image to a 3D image. – In 8K.
– Yeah. – [Charbax] This is a 75 inch
8K display, that’s amazing. You have this at home?
– No. I haven’t so big a house, yeah. – [Charbax] No, you need to
upgrade the house, right? You can ask your boss. – Ah, maybe. – [Charbax] Maybe, okay,
but I think, you know, 75 inch 8K is kinda like
the best size for 8K, right? You want at least 70 inch
and you get an 8K display. This is KSF.
– Yeah, KSF LED, yeah. – [Charbax] So what is
special about the KSF LED? – So with the KSF LED you can see the color gamma rates are very high. Color gamma you can see
is more than 90% NTSC. So the picture is vivid
and the color sample is very similar with the real world, and get a better
experience, real experience. – [Charbax] How soon
is this on the market? (nervous laughter) – Now the panel, you know
that BOE only manufacture the panel, not the whole TV. And the panel 60 hertz will
soon be be put into the market, maybe after a few months?
– Few months? – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– And the price will be good? – Yeah, price is very– – [Charbax] Less than 8K dollars? – So I don’t know the
precise cost of the panel, but not expensive, not very expensive. – [Charbax] And BOE displays are available all over the world, not
only in China, right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Charbax] And here you
have another huge display. – And this is the
biggest LCD in the world. You can see it’s 110 inch. – [Charbax] Nice, that’s cool. Do you have one of these at home? I always ask this. – Yeah, you want to take it home we must have a big house,
but you know in China we don’t have a big house
for the normal people. Only rich people. So it can be used in the outdoors
or the shopping malls or– – [Charbax] Why is it not 8K? – Just because the 8K
we didn’t take it here, it goes to other places. – [Charbax] Oh, you have also? – Yeah, we have 8K.
– 110 inch 8K? – Yeah, 110 8K, and 8K is
very simple to make the 3D or like field to another technology that needs a higher resolution. – [Charbax] Nice, that’s cool. If I upgrade my TV I will consider it. (nervous laughter) So BOE is, what does
it mean, BOE, Best Of? – Yeah, yeah, Best on the Earth, yeah. – Best on the Earth.
– Yeah, Best on the Earth. – [Charbax] Not just best in China? – No not just best in China,
that’s our goal, yeah. – [Charbax] This is the special fingerprint reader technology. – This is a, you can see an
under display fingerprint, based on TFT technology. So it is based on glass, not a silicon. You can see that then I can, when I write my fingerprint, oh. So I need to plug it, it’s not plugged in – [Charbax] Okay, it’s
not ready right now maybe. – [Male Floor Attendant]
Okay okay, so I need. – Too many people use it.
– Yeah, okay, and then you see my fingerprint, and then my
fingerprint is not clear. Oh, you can see it very far then. I put every part of my finger
and then enrollment done. Then I open the verification page and I put the finger on that,
so this is the wrong finger. And when I put the right
finger, so, oh sorry. I must clean it.
– No problem. – [Male Floor Attendant]
Yeah, so finger accepted. – [Charbax] But what’s special
about this is based on TFT. – Yeah, it’s based on TFT.
– Nobody else have this. – Yes, this is our first
sample we have, my yeah. – [Charbax] For OLED display, right? – Yes, this is original
OLED display, yeah. – [Charbax] Alright, let’s
walk around over here. Here you have some other of the phones that you have space for
phones, what is MPC? – MPC means the multiple
primary colors, okay? There are six primary colors,
uh-huh, in the color filter. Not only the red, blue and green, also has cyan, magenta and yellow. So it has six primary colors. Then the color gammut will be higher, you can see it can reach 113% NTSC. – [Charbax] Is this LCD? – Yeah, this is LCD, all these– – [Charbax] All this around here? And this is another one, Oxide? – Oxide, the Oxide has
better mobility electron than amorphous silicon, so. But Oxide is only used in the large style, but we can also put it in the small style. And this one we also
use the marks, uh-huh. We use triple gate lines
in the horizontal direction and one less of the data side to introduce the cost of the IC, uh-huh. So this product with the better
performance and lower cost. – [Charbax] Better
performance, lower cost, amazing full view bezel-less smartphones. Better color but lower brightness? Is this lower brightness or no? – [Male Floor Attendant] No, this one’s
brightness is brighter than that one. – [Charbax] For some reason. – [Male Floor Attendant]
Because we wanted design, and this one is, you know
that because of this– – [Charbax] Emphasis on the color. – [Male Floor Attendant]
Yeah, for the color filter, allows a color filter so the transmittance is
lower than this one, yeah? – [Charbax] Just many color filters. – [Male Floor Attendant] And this one you can see is a mini-LED. You can see that from
the top and the bottom, the same different, because
in the top the HDR function is on and the bottom
the HDR function is off. So you can see that with the mini-LED every part of the backlight
unit is controlled separately. So you can see in the dark place, uh-huh, the mini-LED will be off. So the picture will seem darker. And then it can get a
higher contrast ratio. The contrast ratio can reach 180,000. – [Charbax] So it’s local dimming? – [Male Floor Attendant]
Yeah, local dimming this one. – [Charbax] Smartphone local dimming. There’s not many people do this? – Other company may also do this. – [Charbax] Mostly local
dimming is for TV, right? – Yeah, TV, monitor and mobile phone, they can all use this technology, even VR. – [Charbax] And this is? – This is similar with that one, but this is bigger you can
see, this is a 27 inch monitor. When you play games or working with charts in the mechanical erea it’s very suitable. – [Charbax] Here’s a
notch, the dreaded notch. I thought BOE don’t do
notch, you do notch? – [Male Floor Attendant]
No no no, we do Notch, there is a notch in BOE. – [Charbax] Too bad,
I’m joking, it’s good. Okay, so there’s a notch? – Yeah, notch and this one is a 4K UHD. And it is also made of Oxide TFT, so it can support very
high refreshing rate from 10 hertz to 60 hertz,
and now it is 15 hertz. And at 15 hertz the power consumption will be reduced significantly. – [Charbax] So BOE has
really cool engineers and R&D to do all this, Oxide,
how do you do the Oxide? – We have a very large R&D team, and I know the Oxide in Hefei,
Chongqing, a lot of places, a lot of people are working on this thing. And we have this process and
factory in those places, mmhm. – [Charbax] So let’s
check the reflective LCD. – [Male Floor Attendant]
Yeah, this is reflective. It’s different from that one and that one, that one’s transmissive
and this is reflective. You can see the reflective
with the e-paper effect. This one, the color gammut can reach 50% so we compare with
Kindle or other devices. And luminance and color
gammut will be higher, you can see it reach 50% NTSC, uh-huh. And it is only supported
by the asmbient light. When you turn off the light
you can still see the picture. But I adjust the light and
you see different colors. So it use the ambient light
and the power consumption is very low, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Charbax] Is it possible to improve the reflective qualities of
the display, can you have more? Can it look like E Ink,
like this paper here? How can you do it? – So compare with this one
it’s LCD, compared with E Ink. The advantage of this
product is that it can reach a higher color gammut,
you can see the color will be more ample. – [Charbax] So maybe this could be for digital signage outdoors? – Yeah, yeah, this is for
the outdoors application. – [Charbax] Very low
power consumption, right? – Yeah, very lower
power, you can see less, about 1/2 watt, yeah.
– Half a watt. – Yeah, a half watt.
– Nice. Is this a waveguide? – [Male Floor Attendant]
Waveguide display, yeah. You can see that the
transmittance is higher than 80%. And the light emits from the bottom, and we use the polymer liquid
crystal between the glass. – [Charbax] Polymer liquid crystal. How old is BOE, the company? How old? – How old, yeah, our BOE
company is founded in 1993, so we have more than two
years history, uh-huh. – [Charbax] More than 25 years. – Yeah, 25 years, 25 years. So we have a long history and experience in the display area. – [Charbax] But in the last
two, three, last five years it has accelerated very much, right? BOE has a big growth.
– Big progress, yeah yeah. – [Charbax] Big progress,
many new employees? – Yeah, you can see that
we have a lot of products, all kinds of product. VR, automotive, not only the traditional notebook, monitor, TV. And we have OLED, so we
have all kinds of products. – [Charbax] So what kind of VR displays are you showing here, high PPI, 16? – Yeah, the PPI is 16–
– 615. – Go and see, so sorry.
– And how about the? – [Male Floor Attendant]
You can see this one, this is micro OLED. So this is based on the
micro OLED silicon substrate. So it is light and it can
reach a very high PPI. So you can see, uh-huh, through
the amplifier. Through the lens you can see the picture
and in full HD, 2K by 1K. – [Charbax] This is 5,644 PPI? – Yeah, the highest PPI.
– In the world. – [Male Floor Attendant] Yeah. – [Charbax] So this will allow
for what kind of product? – [Male Floor Attendant]
So this you can use in the VR headset, so very small size. And again, if I take it
out you can see it smaller than a one cent coin. – [Charbax] That’s really small. – [Male Floor Attendant] Yeah,
one dime coin, it’s smaller. – [Charbax] Is it expensive? It’s the most expensive per
inch in the world maybe. It’d be so cool, I’d like to have those in my glasses, right?
– Okay. – [Charbax] On the glass
they should be, right? – Yeah, yes, you can put it
in the glasses, so everything. – [Charbax] And this was
here, AR applications maybe? – Yeah, you see he’s
experiencing our AR device. – [Charbax] So what
kind of display in here? – You can see.
– The same displays as the other one? – [Male Floor Attendant] Yeah, I dunno whether a camera
can catch the picture but it can see it from the
center of buildings and street. Can see that there are
lines through the glasses. – Nice.
– Mmhm. – [Charbax] So AR is coming. – Yeah, so the display of that screen. – [Charbax] And here’s
more micro displays. – Yeah, a lot of micro
displays, a VR headset. – [Charbax] VR with a 4K 5.7 inch in here. – Yeah, you can see through the lens. You’ll see the sea and a lot of fish. – [Charbax] And you also have
4K at 3.5 inch right here. – [Male Floor Attendant] Yeah,
and this a very high PPI, you can see that it can reach near 2,000. Yeah, appriximately 2,000 PPI. – [Charbax] 2,000 PPI, that’s cool for– – [Male Floor Attendant]
Yeah, less than 1,900. – That’s cool for VR.
– Mmhm, yeah. And this area is the automotive area. You can see they’re all made of LCD, and this one you can
see the lack of weight, it have a curvature and three parts, it can display a lot of information. This one for the driver,
and then the middle control navigation or the recreation system, and the right part is for the
passenger’s entertainment– – [Charbax] What’s going on here? – This is a dual-layer display. You can see this is an LCD display but it’s very similar
with our traditional, mechanical structure. You can see the depths, uh-huh, so there’s the two layers. And this one is 3D, maybe
the camera cannot get it. – [Charbax] Yeah, you need two eyes. – [Male Floor Attendant] Yeah, so you can two eyes you can see– – [Charbax] It’s parallax barrier maybe. Okay, maybe.
– Okay, so, and this is also mini LED. So mini LED is used in
every kind of product. From automotive, micro displays, monitors, TVs, mobile phone. A lot of areas you can use it. – [Charbax] And these,
are these 8K or not? – And that is something
for the art market. You can see we call it iGallery You can see this one, this one is plastic, it’s a real painting. And this one is our product,
it’s the LCD display. And with our special design from the rear, the experience and the
effect is very similar with a real painting. And not only the hardware, we can also supply the numerous solutions. – Is it 4K?
– No. – 8K?
– 2K, this is 2K. – 2K.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we can also supply
the numerous content, numerous paintings that are lifelike. So you can take paintings, classical artworks back to your home. And if you are interested
in your own pictures, you can send your pictures of your family, or the photos you take
outside to the device, to the iGallery by the
application on your mobile phone. – [Charbax] So is there already
a lot of sales for this? – Yeah, you can buy it in China. So you can see the 32
inch is less than $500. – $500 for 32 inch?
– Yeah. But in America you cannot buy it because we have not got
the license for America. (light laughter)

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