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Boyfriend Swaps Phone With GIRLFRIEND For Day!

Boyfriend Swaps Phone With GIRLFRIEND For Day!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Macho. I have spy glasses. Wake up! Give me your phone. Here, put these on. Why? They’re spy glasses. All right. Can you see me? ISAAC: Yeah, I can
totally see you. We’re filming a boyfriend swaps
phone with girlfriend video, so you’re going to
take my phone today, and I’m going to take
your phone today, and then I paid
two of my friends 20 bucks to film us
throughout the day. So that’s what’s happening. OK, so that’s cute and all,
but I have school today, and I might need my phone. No, no, you’re using my phone. [STATIC] RACHEL: Isaac. ISAAC: I’m not interested. RACHEL: Isaac. ISAAC: I didn’t agree to this. RACHEL: It’s for a video. It’s for a video. ISAAC: OK. But I understand that it’s for
a video and it’s important. I don’t feel comfortable. RACHEL: Do you have
something to hide? ISAAC: No, I don’t
have anything to hide, but you know– it’s just like. Fine, I’ll do it, just OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] So, like, are you going to
follow me around school? CAMERAWOMAN: Mm-hmm. Uh-huh. Hey guys, so Rachel and I
swapped phones for the day. It’s really convenient. Give this video a thumbs up. If we hit 200,000 likes,
I guess she’s going to upload her using my phone. All right. Let’s go. Ready? [INAUDIBLE] Selfies. I’m getting a lot of texts. Oh, she’s in a group chat. It’s from her group chat. Man, I should have
switched cases at least. Wow, she has really
bad music in her phone. This is already not good
OK, so no music today. You don’t have to record this. I don’t use my
phone while I drive. She gets a lot of texts. I’m not dealing with this. Who is this? Yeah, I did my homework. I’m going to lunch
now, so I’m hungry. So can you, like, not
come to class with me? It’s kind of weird. Is that all right? Isaac Takeover. I’m starting a hashtag. Where is the fire symbol? Where? Where are you? It’s because she
has the old IOS. IsaacTakeoverHotSauce. I’m going to like my own photos. This is horrible. Oh look. [? Cloe ?]
Snapchatted me. Real [INAUDIBLE]. What’s she doing? Oh no. What is she doing? Did she seriously do this? She posted about herself. She did Woman Crush Wednesday,
and it’s not even Wednesday. It’s Friday. Rachel just texted
me that my mom wants me to go home for dinner. Thanks Rachel, for telling me
since I don’t have my phone. Hey, Macho. So many group messages. Why does it matter,
Lohanthony, why? [PHONE RINGING] I’m mid-play. Hold on. Hello? Yeah, I’m Rachel. All right, bye. They seriously believe
that I was Rachel? Oh, she made me look so stupid. Is that too mean? [INAUDIBLE] sorry, not sorry. No. [LAUGHTER] Nah. [LAUGHTER] Yo, did you see this? So, now, she’s in
a fight with Cloe. At least, she
doesn’t know it’s me. So I’m trying to order
food from GrubHub, and it doesn’t seem
like she has the app. So I’m going on their website. How you doing? Hi. Hi, I’m Amy. [INAUDIBLE] the acidity. ISAAC’S MOM: Isaac, why is your
phone ringing on the table? OK. OK, it’s not me. It’s Rachel’s phone. It’s the stupid group chat. And they won’t stop
texting me, OK? OK, I know. I just had to leave
the group chat. It was really annoying. She can deal with it later. Twitter’s stupid. ITO– Isaac TakeOver. Everyone’s going to go crazy. Yeah. They’re going to unfollow her. What should I write? Now, Rachel’s fighting with
like, eight other people. Birthgiver. I washed your clothing and
straightened out your room. She has no idea. What’s a nice picture of me? She loves Instagram themes. Who needs I.G. themes
when you got this guy? Go follow him. [LAUGHTER] This is amazing. Look, I have a
million followers. [LAUGHTER] This does not match her theme. Screenshot this if you
heart Issac takeover. Look at that. 58 screenshots 32 seconds. So I’ve texted a
lot of her friends, and nobody’s caught on yet. It’s hilarious. I’ve had a good time today. [KNOCKING] Give me my phone. I have yours. I don’t need it anymore. Wait, but, what if I don’t
want to give it back? You changed my Instagram
profile picture, Isaac. Give me my phone back. [MUSIC PLAYING] How was it? It was kind of fun. I did fun things on there. Texted some people. Got you in drama. Are you joking? You’re phone’s not
too bad itself. You have some
explaining to do though. Honestly, I don’t really care. You should probably
call your mom. I’m going to call my mom. What did you text them? Hello? OK, well if you guys want to
see what I did on Isaac’s phone and what I found– ISAAC: Thumbs up. –on Isaac’s phone, give
this video a thumbs up. I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. If you didn’t see my
previous two videos, click those down
below and subscribe right over there if you’re
not subscribed already. OK. I love you guys so much. Bye.

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