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BT 1200 Digital Cordless Telephone Review By Telephones Online

BT 1200 Digital Cordless Telephone Review By Telephones Online

welcome to the telephones online studio and welcome to the latest in our series of video reviews my name is Darren and today we’re going to be having a look at another new product from BT this is the bt 1200 I’ve got the twin out on show show but this is available as a a single twin trio now this is what i would call an entry-level digital cordless phone from BT but is digital so it’s going to provide you with great sound quality whether you’re standing still or on the move is going to give you a range of up to 50 meters indoors or up to 300 meters outdoors so when I say entry-level mean probably the features are not what you get off a lot of the higher end phones from BT but having said that it does have some very useful features indeed it has caller display so you need to get their service activated on your line so then you will see names numbers appear names if you’ve stored them in your directory you can store up to 50 names numbers in the BT 1200 and also has nuisance call blocking on this on the 1200 you’re able to block up to 20 calls so or 20 specific numbers no answer machine on the 1200 but you could use 1571 service from BT which would be your voicemail taken care of it’s got a nice size handset nice clear on illuminated display as well very easy to set up that comes with the rechargeable batteries in the back of the handset while it’s sitting on the base on the charging port is charging the base would plug into telephone socket mains power the pod is only mains power over two handsets running off the one base and then that would give you the ability to answer the call and one handset press a couple of buttons transfer the call to the other handset upstairs for instance in the same way you can use it as an intercom as well so you wouldn’t be charged for the internal calls good battery life on the BT 1200 going to give you about five days standby 10-12 hours continuous talk time so the 1200 is great digital cordless phone and it’s available at some really low prices from our website which is thanks for watching bye

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