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BT 2000 Digital Cordless Telephone Review By Telephones Online

BT 2000 Digital Cordless Telephone Review By Telephones Online

Welcome to the Telephones Online studio and welcome to the latest in our series of video reviews. My name is Darren and today we are going to be having a look at the BT 2000 Trio .Now the great thing about the BT 2000 is that it has no answer machine on this digital cordless phone, and so many of them nowadays do with an answer machine so that be better for you if you are specifically looking for a digital cordless that does not have an answer the machine . It has some other great features as well , it has a really nice 1.6 inch blue backlight display which can come in handy for dialling out at night or when it is dark. You can store up to 50 contacts names and numbers into the handset and to take full advantage of that i would recommend that you set up caller display , because then you will be able to see whose calling you before you decide to pick up the call or not. Another good thing about this phone is that you can redial any of the last seventy calls that you have either made, received or missed and you can easily scroll through them and pick the one that you need You can easily as well adjust the volume whilst on a call just by using the central up and down key to select he correct level of volume for you, it has the eco button there as well one touch eco mode which obviously will make it more energy efficient. The other good thing about the BT 2000 is that is geared up for the BT calling features such as call waiting,call divert and three way calling ,but you will need to check with your service provider and there may be a charges incurred for that. Also with the BT 2000 obviously this is a trio set so the great thing is that you only need the one telephone socket its only this base station here that plugs into your telephone socket All three handsets are already pre registered to this base so there all working off one base station, which makes easy to answer a call on one handset and by simply pressing two buttons your able to transfer the call to the other handset either handset 2 or handset 3 and then in the same way you can use it as an intercom system so you can make internal calls that you do not pay for. There are many advantages of the BT 2000 trio and it s available as a single twin or trio from our website thanks for watching goodbye

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  1. My twin cordless BT phones keeps saying check line conections but I can't find nothing wrong could you help as I can't ring out and no one can ring me thank you

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