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BT 3950 Digital Cordless Answerphone Review By Telephones Online

BT 3950 Digital Cordless Answerphone Review By Telephones Online

welcome to the telephones online studio and welcome to the latest in our series of video reviews my name is Darren and today we’re going to look at another new model for BT this is the BT 3950 so we’ve got the trio featured here so essentially this is what i described as a really good entry-level digital cordless phone being digital you’re going to get very good battery life you going excellent sound quality and a range of up to 300 meters so this is your base station here just two connections to be made telephone socket and mains power and then the additional handsets this is just a charging pod only one connection that’s going into a power socket so anywhere around your home the ideal in a bedroom a kitchen or even a conservatory or summer house they are crystal clear over that range each battery comes with them, they are rechargeable and this is how you change the batteries the whole back cover comes off of the handset which is slightly different design your point of entry is here the charging port use a bit of force that comes off so that’s just a handy little tip that great battery life by the way it’s going to be 12 hours continuous talk time or a hundred and twenty hours in standby other great features are nice blue LCD display a backlit keypad the blue button that’s handy that’s do not disturb mode so if you wanted to silence the ringers on the handsets and the base as well and then you would press that and ensure a good night’s sleep very good hands-free speakerphone which can be used a number of ways obviously for hands-free conversation use for playing out the messages as well from the handset answering machine controls are on the base very very easy to use and there’s a speaker in the base so you can hear your messages that way as well caller the display so you can see who’s calling and because you can store up to 50 contacts your scene names as well as numbers you can actually do nuisance call blocking on the BT 3950 and you can block up to 50 species specific numbers so that is very handy so this is a great phone is available at really great prices that’s our website which is thanks for watching bye

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