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BT 6510 Cordless Digital Telephone Review By Telephones Online

BT 6510 Cordless Digital Telephone Review By Telephones Online

Welcome to Telephones Online my Darren and today we’re going to be having a
look at the BT 6510 and this is the
latest in our series is video demonstrations. The BT 6510 has a whole host of features and I am going to be going over a few of the key ones on this phone. When you get the BT 6510 out of the box it’s very important that you use the
setup wizard which is all icon prompted through the menu it makes light work of setting up the phone like your time and date settings.With
answer machine you can record your own message or use the pre-recorded ones that are on there. You will need the Caller Display feature activated on your line, it very important toe get the best out of this phone like the BT 6510. Its has a Nuisance
Call Blocker which is very handy, you will be able block out calls from international numbers, from
withheld numbers and also you can enter up to ten
specific numbers should you wish to block those calls that can be really useful. The sound quality on the BT 6510 is excellent, the ear piece has been shaped specifically to deliver excellent
sound and it works really well especially when using on the hands-free the sound quality is excellent. The other feature on here
that is very good is the Visual Voicemail your able to store 200 name and numbers on here so anyone you have assigned a name to you can come in and look at the screen of the handset, your see by the tape icon you’ve been left a message and you can see a name of someone if your have stored in the directory and you’re able to scroll
through using this up and down arrow on the navigational key here and you can choose which message that you’d like to listen to first which is very good. the other feature on here is the Do Not Disturb mode, you can set this so that only selected calls can know wake you up
at night you can block out all other calls, but you might want family members to be able to ring you so your always available. This also has a ECO mode button so when using the ECO mode this cuts the transmission power between the handset and the base in half so its Energy-Saving. The BT6510’s design is very nice slimline base station and small charging pods. its only the base station that plugs in to the telephone socket and power with the charging pods they only plug in to mains power. All handsets are registered to the one base so it works works very well. You can
answer a call on one handset by pressing two buttons you can transfer
that call and in the same way you can use is an
intercom system which can be quite useful. All in all I think the BT 6510 is a great design and a great digital cordless phone. Don’t forget that its available as a Single, Twin, Trio or Quad at hugely discounted prices from
a website Thanks for watching.

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