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BT Decor 2600 Corded Telephone Review By Telephones Online

BT Decor 2600 Corded Telephone Review By Telephones Online

welcome to the telephones online studio
and welcome to the latest in our series of video reviews my name is darren and
today we’re going to be having a look at a new product out from BT now it’s a
corded phone the Decor or BT Decor 2600 but it has some great features and
one of them is nuisance call blocking so if you have call display her hooked up
to your line at home and nuisance call blocking will work if you don’t have
that just simply contact your line provider to get it up and running
because you will need that very easy to insall two connections one into
telephone socket the other one into power and it comes with all the leads
accessories that you need the deck or 2600 has a really nice large LCD display
it’s very easy to use through the menu saying up the it’s got a setup wizard
and we urge to make full use of that because you’re going to want to be able
to store your contacts if you want them to be able to get through any numbers
that are not recognized in your directory of which you can store up to
200 on the bt deck or 2600 they will basically go to what they call announced
mode so they leave a message you can then decide to accept the call or you
can block that call as well you’ve got a this button here the large one with the
the red symbol so this is for blocking calls directly and sending them to your
block calls list is very handy indeed it’s got an answering machine just under
the LCD of the controls for that like I said speakerphone as well so you
play messages out through the speakerphone and you can have a really
good hands-free conversation as well the sound quality on the BT Decor 2600 is
excellent as well it’s hearing aid compatible and it would be suitable for
home office I would have thought with these with the amount of features it has
30 minutes recording is enough to handle stacks and messages it’s a very nice piece of kit and we’ve got phones to suit everyone at
telephones online come and visit our website .
thanks for watching good bye

3 thoughts on “BT Decor 2600 Corded Telephone Review By Telephones Online”

  1. All calls from ex-directory callers (inc. my in-laws) are blocked or challenged to provide their name each time they call – making both blocking features useless! Unfortunately it does not have a simple blocking mode to simply block specific numbers – which is all that is required really. Package doe not include an ADSL filter (fortunately I have spares). The menu system is ok but could be clearer/simpler and should be better documented (esp. "BT Services" options). By default, the answer phone plays the incoming call as it is recorded – and it can be heard on other phone if they are lifted to answer the call – but the phone does not allow you to "break into the call" – which proved to be very confusing and frustrating. This phone was always the last phone in the house to ring yet very quickly transferred calls to answering — consequently it was rare that we could answer a call on this phone. Button response when dialling was interminably slow by default, enabling button tones improved response time but then we got 2 response tones, staggered in time, for each key press, which is also confusing & unnecessary.

    Requires and includes yet another "wall wart", albeit a fairly small, white one. This could have been a lovely phone but it was very annoying and frustrating. Wife insisted that it be returned.

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