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BT YouView Plus Set Top Box Review By Telephones Online

BT YouView Plus Set Top Box Review By Telephones Online

Welcome to the Telephones Online studio and welcome to the latest in our series of video reviews my name is Darren and today we are going to be having a look at the BT You View Plus Box Now this is a free view box with a few added benefits. You will notice that it is small and compact with added features such as it is a personal video recorder and also has access to internet enabled TV. The setup is very simple, it is plug and play straight out of the box. I will show you the connections on the back of the unit here we have the aerial connection also an HDMI lead which it comes with so HDMI straight into the box and then into there back of your TV if you do not have HDMI then there is also a scart socket for a scart lead. It also comes with an ethernet cable which plugs into the back of this box which would then go into a router or extender. And once you have connected that it will allow to watch on demand TV or listen to the radio channels. You also have the power supply here which it comes with When you turn it on you will se a start up screen which will be an auto scan for channels, and once complete it will give you all the free to air channels that are available in your area. Most of the UK has good coverage but you can do a check online to see availability of free view in your area. The on demand TV is amazing you can see from the screen here that it will show all of your favourite players BBC Iplayer,ITV player,4 On Demand Channel 5 and Now TV There is lots on here to choose from. It has a 14 day TV guide on here one week previous and one week in advance. You can also do a series record on here and pause and rewind live TV. You have 500GB of storage which equates to 300 hours of TV that you can watch. Lovely small design and there is no fan inside making it ultra quiet and they have made it extremely fast with the processor inside. The remote control has a very good layout the central navigation key here for getting around and a direct You View button on there as well. There is also an app available wether you have an apple or android phone so once downloaded you can be away from home and it will then enable you to remotely record programmes. The recorder is very sophisticated it will allow you to record two different channels and at the same time you could be watching a recording that you made earlier. It is surround sound compatible which is great. Please visit our website to find the BT You View Plus Box at discounted prices. Thank you for watching goodbye.

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  1. Jesus I honestly couldn't stop watching. This was like a bloody car crash. So boring unenthusiastic and monotone.

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