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Building a Phone-Activated Pie Flinger!

Building a Phone-Activated Pie Flinger!

welcome back to kids invent stuff the
channel where we bring to life inventions designed by kids and this
month will bring to life nine-year-old Taylor’s pie firing invention
that’s activated by a text or a call if you like seeing kids inventions brought
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every single month kids invent stuff so Taylor’s idea is a
machine that drops pies on to people whenever they receive a message on their
phone so we’re going to build an automatic pie dispenser with a conveyor
belt that dumps pies onto people’s heads so for our pies we’re going to use
squirty cream pies like clowns use that slop everywhere and are very messy and
we’re going to make some kind of mechanism where the pies can slide so we
can load in multiple Pie’s that will be able to slide along somehow be released and
then each pie will fall onto a conveyor belt and we’ll be able to move along the
conveyor and then flip them over so they land on somebody’s head it’s a conveyer belt our pies are going
to slide along here onto the conveyor down to the end flip over and then splat
onto the person’s head hello and welcome to Ready Steady PIE! where today we’re
going to show you how to make the most delicious incredible pies
Oh appetizing you ready we just go absolutely mental Ruth’s gone for more of
a technique I like to go for a more organic kind of pie the next step when
you have got your pie base and you’ve all of the sprinkles I’ve prefer a gentle
dusting of sprinkles that’s very very carefully there we go and and then to
finish off the pie to finish off the pie a beautiful artisan glace cherry would
you care to finish it off lovely and let’s just show the number people at
home that’s the perfect cream pie actually looks like I hate you okay pies Tiggy are you trying to eat the pies
these are not cat pies these are person pies person head falling pies please don’t
eat the pies so we’ve created this little mechanism
which uses a motor and something called an offset cam and that’s connected this little poking stick here and what happens is usually a motor goes round
and round but using an offset cam what that does is it
allows the little poking stick to go up and down and that’s going to poke up
high along our aluminium slide and our little pie is gonna have a little
journey along a conveyor belt before it flips and splats on someones head let’s see if it all works
Test 1 it’s on the conveyor belt Oh cream on the conveyor so the question
is will it flip the pie is it gonna flip it over like it should lands of
someone’s head I’m excited so Taylor’s pie dropping invention is
going to be triggered whenever a phone gets a notification and the way we’re
going to do that is we’ve got this thing which is called
a light dependent resistor connected to our little circuit we’ve built here now
this allows our little Arduino circuit board to detect when there’s light and
we’re going to use the light emitted from the screen of our phone so every
time you get a message or a notification the screen lights up on your phone and
we’re gonna detect that using a light dependent resistor to turn on and off
these little relays here so these will allow us to control the electricity
powering the motor or our little pokey proddy stick that pushes our pies and
that controls our conver belt that moves our pies along and drops them over the edge
flipping them onto somebody’s head screen on light detected screen off
no light detected screen on light detected screen off no light detected
you get the idea so inside our box we have a phone, the circuit that we
showed you earlier and oure battery so if I just connect this all we need to do is to
wire this into our two motors and we’re ready to drop some pies did you eat the pie Tiggy I want you to be
honest with me did you eat the pie so we finished building Taylor’s pie invention
and we’ve made a whole load of pies a massive thank you to the ERA foundation
and mayes creative for supporting this challenge thank you guys and if you want
to see us test out Taylor’s invention make sure you subscribe to our channel
like this video and stick around to see what happens when we test the pie
invention every single one of these pies is gonna end up on one of our heads it
is going to be messy see you next week to like and subscribe

7 thoughts on “Building a Phone-Activated Pie Flinger!”

  1. Can we do one, that drops a pie in someones head when they look at their phone at the dinner table? That would probably sell a lot.

  2. People will do anything to have a YouTube channel. Waste of time. This Channel Will Never Make it. This stuff has already been done.

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